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Evining that cant possibly do the like if the Court be at Merrimac, and thereby save a great deal of Charge to poor People and now S I beg leave to give a Discription of Amherst in a few Words: It is Situate about Eight Miles from Mr Lutwytche’s Ferry on Merrimac River the contents of which is about six miles Square containing about one Hundred and sixty Famelies and accommodated according to men of the best Judgment to settle an Hundred Families at least, more than is already settled, and near an Hundred of them good Country Farms Well accommodated with fields and Pastures and chiefly all good Husbands the Middle of the Town pleasantly situated, a good coach Road to it from the Eastward and Southern Parts of the Province and all Roads centering there The People in general knowing the situation and accommodations of Amherst to entertain the Court suppose that the General Courts proposal for Merrimack sprung from a mis-Representation.

The occasion of these lines to your Hon' was the cries of the People and to beg leave to subscribe your humble servt.

DANIEL WILKINS. Amherst Oct yo 1st 1767.

P:S: SI must beg leave to tell your Hon' that Mr. Willard a son of Coll Willard of Winchester and one Mr. Hall was at my House the Last Evening as agent for Keen and other towns towards the great River to desire that the Shire Town might be Amherst and likewise that there is a general uneasiness of its being at Merrimack and also Walepole as that every town save two would be greatly Discommoded if the Court was had at Walepole and not at Keen and also beg the favour of its being established at Keen as Keen will much best commode the People in General or at least that his Exelency with your Hon" would grant them Liberty to bring Down the minds of the People.

D. : W

Vote of Monson for a Division, &c. Province of New Hampshire. At a Legal meeting of the inhabitants of the Town of Monson

in said Province held on monday the ninth day of april 1770

Voted that Nathan Hutchinson and Will Nevins be a Committee to petition the Governor and Counsil of said Province for the following Division of the Town of Monson viz. Begining att the northeast Corner of Monson then extending South by the Town of merrimac two miles then dew West to the West line of said monson then North to Souhegan River then down Said River to the Bounds first mentioned to be an

nexed to Amherst and the Remainder of said Town to Hollis.

BENJ' KENRICK Town Clark Copy Attest Benj· Kenrick Town Clark Petition for a Division and Annexation.

To his Excellency John Wentworth Esq' Cap General and

Comander in Chief in & over his Majestys Province of New Hampshire and To the Honorable his Majestys Council of said Province

The Subscribers being a Committee duly appointed by the Inhabitants of the Town of Monson in said Province to Petition your Excellency and Honors to divide said Town of Monson as hereinafterwards Expressed viz: Begining att the North East Corner of Monson then Extending South by the Town of Merrimac two miles then dew West to the West line of said Monson then North to Souhegan River then down said River to the bounds first mentioned to be annexed to Amherst and the Remainder of said Town to Hollis Humbly beg leave to suggest that the Lands in and about the Center of said Monson is so very poor Baron Brooken and uneaven as cannot admit of many Settlers so that those Families that are in Town are almost all planted in the Extreem parts of it We therefore conceive that if a Division were made as above mentioned the Interest and good of the people in it would be much promoted thereby Especially as we have no prospect of ever Building a Meeting House in the Center or else where any ways to accomodate us by which difficulties we think the Gosple will not be settled among us while in the present Situation we therefore

pray that the above Division may be made and we as in Duty bound will pray


Petition to be disannexed from Amherst. To His Excellency John Wentworth Esq" Captain General

Governor and Commander in chief in & over his Majestys Province of New Hampshire, And the Honorable his Majestys Councill.

The Petition of the Subscribers, being Inhabitants of the Southwardly part of Amherst in said Province most Humbly sheweth.

That the town of Amherst is about nine miles in length (by reason that about half the Town of Monson was of late annexed to it) and is capable of being Divided into two Towns or Parishes, without Prejudice to or Spoiling the same; That many of the Subscribers live in that part of Amherst, which

was lately Monson, & our being annexed to said Amherst was contrary to our desire & Interest; that we are so remote from the Center of Amherst, that it is (& ever will be) with great Expence inconvenience & difficulty to us and our Families, to attend publick worship, by reason of the distance. That many of our Estates are not so valuable by reason of our being annexed to Amherst, for before that, our Situation was nigh the Centre of Monson, & on that account purchased our Land, at a dear rate, & Monson being Annihilated, our Situation (many of them) is now more inconvenient than before, unless we can obtain your Excellency's, & Honors Interposition.

Wherefore we humbly Pray, that your Excellency and Honors would set us off from said Amherst, and Invest us with Town Priviledges, by the following Bounds & lines, viz, beginning at the Southwest Corner of what was formerly Amherst, thence Northwardly by the west line of Amherst one mile and an half, Thence East untill it comes to the East line of the Town of Amherst. Thence Southwardly by said East line of Amherst untill it comes to the North line of the Town of Holles, Thence Westwardly by the North line of the Town of Holles, untill it comes to the North west corner thereof. Thence Northwardly, by the West line of said Amherst untill it comes to the Bound first mentioned, or Grant us any other Relief, that your Excellency & Honors, in your Wisdom & Goodness shall Judge most convenient, & your Petitioners as in Duty Bound shall ever pray. Amherst Jan'y 26th 1771. Benjamin Hopkins

James Hopkins William Wallace

Stephen Williams Benjamin Hopkins jun'

Gardner Gowen Joseph Gould

William Jones Jr John Burns junr

Nathan Tuttle Ebenezer Hopkins

Benjamin Jones George Burns

Joseph Farnum Richard Gould

John Burns Caleb Jons

Jonathan Towne Thomas Towne

Amos Whittemore Abner Hutchinson

David Duncklee Robert Parker

Josiah Burroughs Jun William Taylor

Isaac How jun Jonathan Button

Jonathan Grimes Isaac Powers

Bartholomew Towne

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Petition of Amherst against the division of the town.

Filed Feb 4th 1771
1771 To His Excellency John Wentworth Esq" Captain

General Governor &c. of the Province of New Hamp-
shire-And to the Honorable His Majesty's Council of

said Province
The Subscribers Inhabitants of Amherst in said Province.

Humbly Shew that for more than twenty years last past a Number of persons living on those Lands lately known by the Name of Monson, but more lately Joined to said Amherst not having a Minister settled among them, nor accommodations sufficient for that purpose (as they said) very constantly attended the worship of God with us in said Amherst not Doing anything with us towards our Meeting House nor towards the Support of our minister except some Small private Donations made to our minister. However they Repeatedly Requested our Town to Consent to Receive them. Promising to meet at any place that the majt part of the People should fix to Build a House on, whereupon our Town after Repeated Sollicitashons to Receive them gave their Consent-And your Exellency & Honors some time in July last saw fit to Aggregate about one half of said Monson To said Amherst, soon after our Town Saw it necessary to Build a Meeting House and voted to Do it (our Present Meeting House being Small and insufficient for the old Town & said new Addition) the most of the People of the New Addition were present some voted in the Affermative some in the Negative, but they began to think that the Charter Subjected them to the same Duties with us of the old Town, that they must Defrey some part of the Charge in Building and so forth and not only so but must Do something towards supporting our minister, these Reflections affected some of them very Sensibly; they had not been acquainted with anything of the kind, they were Ready to Construe it as a Degree of Persecution & the like, And to Remedy this evil they are about Petitioning to have our Town as it now lyes Divided into two Parishes which we think cannot be Done without a manifest Injury to more than three Quarters of the Town, a very considerable Quantity of Land in our Town is barron and Poor and will not admit of two Parishes; besides it lyes in Such a Situation by reason of a River & Hills that the whole of the People may more conveniently meet at one Place, the place Pitched upon than at any two Places in the Town (of which the Gentlemen that Exhibit this will inform,) we would only add that if the Town is made into two Parishes it will tend very much to the Ruin of our minis" Therefore pray that if such their Petition should be prefered the prayer thereof may not be granted And y? Petitioners as in Duty bound will Pray. Benj" Taylor

Daniel Wilkins ye 3d
John Davis

Jacob Hildreth
John Smith

Isaac Weston
Willm Walton

David Hildreth
Jonathan Lamson

Nathan Kendal
Ephraim Hildreth

James Clark
Jacob Curtice

John Secombe
Daniel Campbel

Hezh Lovejoy
Benja Shepard

Amos Flint

John Burns John Wilkins Ino Shepard jun" Israel Towne Enos Upton Enos Bradford Sam Stuart Ezel Holt Jeb Cumings Benjá Ellinwood Reuben D Mussey Benjamin Clark Stephen Peabody Thomas Avarel Thomas Avarel Junr Jedediah Ellinwood John Hartshorn Jacob Standly Isaac How Eben? Holt Jun? Reuben Mussey Francis Lovejoy Nathan Fuller Amos Green John Washer Stephen Washer Bray Wilsen Amos Truel David Truel John Shepard Hezekiah Duncklee Joseph Duncklee Robert Read Moses Nichols Jonathan Wilkins Joseph Lovejoy Jn' Àveril Timothy Mackintire James Woodbury Peter Woodbury Joshua Abbott Achad Towne Wm Bradford James Seetowne Hugh Ross Joseph Small John Michell Sam Wilkins Sam Lamson Asa Farnum Moses Towne Eben Ellinwood Ji Rolandson Ellinwood Wa Small

Josiah Kidder
Ebenezer Weston
Sam! Dodge
Kendal Boutwell
David Williams
John Steward
James Gage
Samuel Lamson Junr.
John m'Clenche?
Benj. Wilkins
Nathan Phelps
Francis Eliot
Thos. Carlton
James Hartshorn
George Wiley
Ebenezer Holt
Reuben Holt
Willm Steward
Willm Melendy
Thos Wakefield
Joseph Bouttell
Benjá Davis
Tho® Clark
Jonathan Small
Andrew Bixebe
Samuel McKeen
Nahum Baldwing
Andrew Davis
Elisha Felton
Joseph Ellinwood
James Cochren
Joseph Bouttel
Reuben Bouttel
Thomas Bouttel
Amos Bouttel
Jonathan Lund
Simson Steward
Sam' Stearns
Timothy Smith
Wm Odell
John Dunckle
Joseph Prince
Moses Walton
John Seetown
Josiah (?) Petingill
Benj« Kenrick
Eben' Ellinwood 3d
Eben? Ellinwood
Barth Dodge
Thomson Maxwell
Timothy Nichols
Peter Goss
David Hartshorn
William Hogg

John Hartshorn 127 Signers

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