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Superior Court of Judicature one Inferior Court of common pleas one Court of general Sessions of the peace for said County or otherwise act in the premises as your Excellency & Honours Wisdom for the benefit of his Majesty's Subjects shall direct and your Petitioners by their said Agents as in Duty bound will ever pray &c

And MCMILLAN Portsmo Jan" 18th 1774. In Council Jany. 19, 1774. Read and ordered to be sent down to the Honble Assembly

Geo King D. Secy In the House of Representatives Jany 19th 1774 Upon reading the foregoing Petition

Voted that the Petitioner be heard thereon on the third day of the Sitting of the General Assembly after the first day of March next and that in the meantime the Petitioner cause the Substance of this Petition and order of Court thereon to be printed three weeks successively in the New Hampshire Gazette that any person may have opportunity to appear & Shew cause why the prayer of said Petition Shou'd not be Granted

J. Wentworth Speaker In Council Jan 20, 1774. The within vote was read & concurrd

Geo King, D. Sec.

CONWAY. [Conway began to be settled in 1764; the grant of the township was made, Oct. I, 1765. Ed.]

CONWAY, &c. A list of the original Proprietors of Conway, the Number of the Lots by Whom Claimed, the Lots settled, under whom

they first Improved, the Lots Improved, the Lots not Improved.

Original Proprietors


by whom claim'd

the State of the Rights

Theo Atkinson Esq
Asa Foster
Reuben Kimble
Josiah Johnson
Daniel Foster
George Abbot
Perley Ayre
Joshua Ileath
Ebenezer Burbank
Peter Parker
Late Governor Farm
John Mastin
James Burley
Joseph Eastman Jun'
Moses Foster Jun'


David Page
64 John Osgood
63 Joshua Kelley

Thoo Merril Esq?

Timothy Walker
Enoch Webster

Ebenezer Burbank
50 Joshua Heath

Richard Ayre
48 Richard Ayre
51&52 James & Benja Osgood
32 Thos Russell

Tho: Merrill Esq.
14 Richard Eastman
13 Col. Atkinson Settler

Settled 2 Familys under Col Frye
Do First Improved under Brown
D' First Improved under Brown
Settled under Brown 2 Familys on this lot
Do Brown began the Improvement on this lot
Settled under Conway
Settled under Conway
Settled under Brown
Settled under Brown
Settled under Brown
Two Familys settled under Brown
Settled under Conway
Do about 30 acres improved
Settled under Conway
one Family on his original Right for this

Improved for Pasture some Trees Fell

[blocks in formation]

Improved Largely by Brown
Improved by Hazen Osgood it improvement

under Brown
Considerable Improvement, the
Greatest part was made under Brown
Improvement made under Brown
2 acres of Trees Fell
2 acres of Trees Fell

A list of the original Proprietors of Conway, the Number of the Lots by Whom Claimed, the Lots settled under whom they

first Improved, the Lots Improved, the Lots not Improred.


Original Proprietors


by whom claim'd

the State of the Rights

[blocks in formation]

Improved ist begun under Brown
House Frame up and Boarded Improvement

by Herreman
Improvement ist began By Brown
Improvement under Conway
Improvement under Conway
Improvement under Conway
Improved under Conway
Improved under Conway by cutting some wild


Jeremiah Ferington A
Abiel Lovejoy A
Samuel Johnson
James Cochran A
Jon" Warner Esq A
Col. Atkinson

43 39 38 33

Arthur Bennett
Daniel Ingales
John Ingales
Ephraim Carter
Jon Stephens
David Ayre
Ephraim Foster
John Beverly Watts
Tho Merrili
Clement March Esqr
Thos Bragg
Francis Carr
John Tufton Mason Esq.
Honblo John Temple Esq'
John Lang
Moses Eastman



Thos Merrill Esqr

Improved and three sons as Settlers
Abiather Eastman A

Improvement made
Thos Merril Esqr.

Improvement made
Andrew McMillan Esq'

One house one bann 10 acres of Plow land

Cuts about 5 Load Hay one Tennent
Do .
Clement March Esqr.

Some Improvement by Leanord Herreman
Richard Ayre

2 acres of Trees Fell
Joseph Odle

Exchanged A for Common land first Improved under Brown
John Tufton Mason Esqr.

No Improvement
Honble John Temple Esqr

John Lang

Moses Eastman

Capt. Eastman informs me they cut some hay




Peter Ayre 37 John Knight

No Improvement William Ladd


Do Samuel Merrill 35 Jesse Page

Ꭰ .
Jacob Ayre

34 Jacob Ayre
Nath Perley

20 Jacob Ayre Samuel Ayre

20 Jacob Ayre Richard Ayre

22 Richard Ayre

he Informs me there is hay cut on it. Henry Sherburne Esqr 15

No Improvements M. H. Wentworth Esqr 26 M. II. Wentworth

Nath' Barrel Esq'.
25 Said to be Cap" Moffets

James Osgood

II Samuel White & Joseph Eastman Do
Propigating the Gospel


Samuel Ingales
8 Oliver Peabody

Andrew Bunting

Late Governor

Asa Kimble

Late Governor

John Carr

Dan Foster or Oliver Peabody Do
Elias Heath

there was an addition laid out to this lot, and
4} | Peter Livis Esqr.
Caleb Foster

a Family settled on it
Nath Eastman

No Improvements
David Carr

Andrew McMillin Esg

Gleeb Lot

John Webster one of Col. Frys Proprietors set his house within the line of Conway Col. Frye's Proprietors gave Captas
Walker, Starks, & McMillin 510 Dollars to build a Griss mill and saw mill, and they to have the mills, said mills Fell within
Conway the late Governor Gave Starks and McMillin right for the use of the mills, and they proprietors of Conway gave
Walker 100 acres round said Mills—There was a Family settled before Conway was Granted-Brown had two Familys settled
before Conway was Granted that mov'd away

ܝ ܝ ܝ ܝ ܝ




A List of the Settlers that have Familys in Conway, and

by whome Introduced. 3 Settlers by Col. Frye, John Webster, David Page, Samuel Smith 2 at the mills, Timothy Walker, Ezekiel Walker 9 Settlers by Conway Proprietors, Joshua Kelley Ebenezer Burbank,

Tho* Russell, Tho Merrill Esqr. Richard Eastman, Enoch Webster, John Willson, all own rights, Joseph Kilgore, Tennent to Cap"

Walker, Anthony Emery, Tennent to Andrew McMillin Esq" 7 Familys by Brown, John Osgood, Leonard Harveman, Joshua Heath,

John Dolloff Jun. John Dolloff, James Osgood, Benj. Osgood. i Family Nath' Harriman, settled on a lot with his Father not agreed

with Brown or Conway 22 Total

8 Improvements mark'd with the letter A worked on their land last year went away in the Fall to Return in the Spring. March 21 1771

A True State of Conway according to my best Knowledge


Memorial from Fryeburg, Brownfield and Conway, 1776. To the Hon"le General Court of the Colony of New Hamp


The memorial of the Committees of Conway in the County of Grafton, Fryeburg and Brownfield in the County of York, and Colony of Massachusetts Bay united humbly Sheweth that the above said New Plantations Consist of about one Hundred and Thirty Families are Situated at a Place called Pigwacket Upon Saco River which nearly Unites with a Branch of Androscoggin River, about thirty miles northerly from other Settlements, and lay Greatly Exposed to Excurtions of the Savages ; by the following natural Communications as frequented by the Indians that come to these Places: one from Chaudire River into Umbagog lake, which Empties itself into Androscoggin river; another from St. Francois River into a branch of Connecticut River; and by that into Androscoggin River; another from Kennebunk River by the way of Muselahmecontucook into Androscoggin River that these Several ways are by water, except a few short Carrying Places, which bring them within twenty miles of these Settlements, that the Greatest part of this twenty miles is water Carriage, that Androscoggin River runs Further to the Northward than the head of Connecticut River. That a party the Last year were sent out from Coos to Reconnoiture the woods over to Umbagog Lake, which Empties into St. Francois River; from thence, they set out Eastwardly in Order to Strike Connecticut River but headed it, and struck Androscoggin River ; Come down that River and

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