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Priviledges the said Inhabitants think they have been great Suffers.

Wherefore your Petitioner humbly prays your Excellency & Honours would Compassionate our Case and Incorporate said Plantation by its Boundaries or grant such other Relief as in your wisdom you may see meet & your Petitioner Shall as in duty bound ever pray

EZRA CARTER. In Council July 15th 1756 read & ordered to be sent Down to the Honble House

Theod. Atkinson Secy.

Letter from Jeremiah Stickney, Esq., relating to difficul

ties with Bow.

Rumford March 19th 1761. SIR.

I have received the Order from his Excellency & General Assembly Appointing An Inventory to be taken of the Poles & Rateable Estate in the Province endorsed to the Select men of Bow by the hand of Mr Carr together with a verbal Order to deliver it to me in Case he could find no Such Select men & have conferred with those of my Neighbors that I could handily come at upon the purport & design thereof & I find them all concurring with me in a deep sense of manifold difficulties we labour under for want of Power to regulate Society according to manner of other Towns & Districts, which it was offered us we should readily Embrace as well for our own Sakes as an Inclination to pay all dutifuil regard to the Orders of the Government-we never understood that we had power to Act to Ordinary Purposes of Regulating society under the Incorporation of Bow in which if we were mistaken twas our unhappiness which admit to be the Case we apprehend ourselves at present utterly destitute of any such Power for want of a Legal Meeting which we know no possible way of obtaining without an Express Order of the Honourable Court which if they should see meet to issue we shall pay all ready obedience & proceed to Carry into Execution the Design of this Order if time be allowed for it, which if should be the Case would humbly suggest a necessity of ascertaining the Limits by which we are to be Circumscribed if we might Choose we should much incline to be bounded as the district of Rumford was whilst it subsisted -but if that be not Granted & it is the Pleasure of the Court that we Should act as the Town of Bow we apprehend that the same necessity Occurs not only because Pembrook is Lately taken Partly out of Bow but also for that their Line as we have been informed, has been Run very differently by their own Committees & I believe that no one of us Knows either of the Lines in all the parts of it & however we may dispute any or all these Lines whilst we are defending our Properties in the Civil Courts of Judicature (which we mean still to reserve to ourselves the right of Doing) Yet we never did or shall dispute the Power of the Government to make Bow Lie where they please to whose Resolution we shall pay ready Obedience when we know it. Without which we know of no way in our Power at present wherein we can contribute to carrying into Execution this order Unless the Honourable Court should see Cause to appoint some Person or Persons to take the proposed Inventory amongst us or the Select men of Canterbury shall ap


doint some Persons to said Business which is in their power as we Construe the Order in either of which Cases we shall all suitable Compli

S please to Communicate this Letter if you see fit to the Honourable Assembly not only as my private sentiments by so far as I know the united sense of all our people. I am with all due regards

Yr. Obedt Hum. Servt

JEREMIAH STICKNEY. P. S. if the Hon. Court should see Cause to put us in a way of Regulation, among the Reasons against any of the Lines of Bow being Our limits, this is the Principal that etheir of the Said Lines would leave some few of our Inhabitants without our Incorporation which we would be glad to have & who would Choose to belong to us & which no other Society wants, but would take a much larger Number of the Inhabitants of New Hopkinton which they Can very ill spare & which we don't want & would be against the inclination of the People

Sr. Yrs.

J. S.

Capt. Thomas Parker, Litchfield.

Timothy Walker's Petition in behalf of Rumford. To his Excellency Benning Wentworth Esq" Capt General

Governour & Commander in Chief in & over his Majesty's Province of New Hampshire. The Hon'ble his Majestys Council & house of Representatives in General Assembly Convened, April 11th 1764 The humble Petition of Timothy Walker on behalf of himself and the Inhabitants of Rumford (so called) in said Province.

Sheweth, That the Affairs of the said Inhabitants (so far as relates to Town matters have been in great confusion Ever since the year 1749 for want of the Power which they had till then enjoyed ever since the year 1741 by the District act (so called) which this Hon'ble Court say in July 1746 when it was reviewed had been found Convenient both for the Government of this Province in General and also the Inhabitants incorporated thereby in particular.

That altho' it has been pretended that they might still have Enjoyed the same priviledges (as Inhabitants of Bow) yet they never understood matters) in that light. And for this their opinion and Practice consequential thereupon they humbly conceive they would give reasons which would be satisfactory to this Court were they permitted—But to pass over all this—This Power or the Exercise of it has been lost to them (if ever they had it) ever since March 1756 for want of a first meeting.

That by the year 1760 they were so heartily tired of such an unsettled state that they would have been glad to have acted Even under the Incorporation of Bow, if they could altho

highly inconvenient for them as it blended part of three towns togetner whose interests had always been separate & would Consequently be apt to create strife and contention That this Court was apprized of their utter Incapacity of doing Corporate act (even as Bow) by a Letter signed Jeremiah Stickney in behalf of himself and others now on file togeather with their dutiful & ready disposition to Comply with every motion of this Court to the utmost of their Power.

That the said Inhabitants conceive themselves greatly aggrieved by a late act of this Government imposing a heavy Tax on the Inhabitants of Bow as arrears &c a Tax which Nobody had Power to assess and collect at y“ time when yo s'd arrearages became due and which if now done must be laid in many Instances on wrong Persons; That what they suffered for want of the Powers (they] had enjoyed by the first mentioned District act was unspeakably more to their Damage than to have paid their Proportion of the Province Expence.

That the incapacity complained of all along still continues and yet the People are subjected to pay their part of the Current Charge but no body has power to assess or Collect it. They therefore most humbly Pray that your Excellency and Honors will take the matters complained of under Consideration and either revive the said District Act so far as relates to Rumford or (which wo'd be much more satisfactory to the said Inhabitants) Incorporate them by a standing act and by their former Known Boundaries that the said Inhabitants may be abated at least one half part of said arrearages.

And that with respect to their part of the Current Charge of the Province they may be subjected to pay no more than their just proportion with the other Towns in this Province & Grant them such other Relief as in your great wisdom and goodness you shall see meet. And your Petitioners as in Duty bound shall ever

pray &c.


In Council April 13th 1764
Read & ordered to be sent down to the Hon'ble Assembly

T. Atkinson Jun. Sec. Province of In the house of Representatives May 3', 1764. New Hampshire ) This Petition being read,

Voted That what the said town of Bow is now in arrears for the Province tax be collected agreeable to an act passed the second of June 1763 that the Inhabitants settled on the lands between said Bow, Canterbury & New Hopkinton (except such as are already polled off to Pembroke & New Hopkinton) be taxed & pay their proportion thereof & that the inhabitants of Bow with the inhabitants on all the lands between said Bow, Canterbury Boscawen & New Hopkinton except such as are already Polled off to Pembroke & New Hopkinton meet together some time in the month of June next at Bow & (choose all necessary officers for assessing & Collecting the annual province Tax & for trans

acting all other town affairs & afterwards some time in the Month of March annually untill further orders of the Gen’ Assembly & that he have liberty to bring in a bill accordingly

A. Clarkson Clerk.

Petition relating to taxation, &c., 1764. To His Excellency Benning Wentworth Esqr. Governor &

Commander in Chief of His Majesties Province of New Hampshire, To the Hon. His Majesties Council of said Province, & General Court Convened October the second day Anno Dom. 1764

Whereas Edward Russel & others have petitioned your Excellency & Honours to be freed from paying any part of those arrearages of Taxes ordered to be assessed upon Bow & whereas so much Notice was taken of said Petition as that the Petitioners were ordered to serve us the Subscribers with a Copy thereof, in order that we may shew Cause, if any we have why the prayer thereof should not be granted

These are therefore to inform your Excellency & Honours that there are Forty one Poles with the Estates which they possess within the Limits of Bow as described in the Act of Taxation referred to in the said Petition which are exactly similar to these Petitioners, and also Sixty or more Poles with the Estate which they now possess which were Minors & so not liable to be Taxed when the Rates were supposed to be due for which this Tax is Ordered, but have since come of age & so Rated as fri the List appears.

To Ballance which increase there has been a yearly drain of Inhabitants from us it is out of our Power to ascertain the Number but we are well persuaded from what we Know of the affair that if it could be done it would bear some near proportion to the advance—These have all left the Town, & many of them the Province in each of which Cases they are equally exempt from our power of Taxing them. And we humbly submit it to your wise determination whether there is not the same reason that these other persons should be freed as that the petitioners should Which if the Case, we are well assured that it will be absolutely impossible for the small remainder to pay the whole of said Tax.

We are Your Excellencys & Honours most Humble Servants.


| Assessors Joun CHANDLER ) of Bow EPHRAIM BLUNT Selectmen William Moor of ISAAC WHITE Pembroke

Petition of Concord to be annexed to Hillsborough County. To His Excellency John Wentworth Esq' Capt General Gov

ernor and Commander in chief in and over his Majestys Province of New Hampshire the Honole his Majesty's Council & House of Representatives in General Assembly convened the 18th day of Jan' Anno Domini 1774

The Petition of Andrew McMillan Esqr. Agent For the Inhabitants of the Town of Concord in the County of Rockingham and Province aforesaid, Humbly sheweth

That said Town of Concord is Forty miles from Exeter and Fifty five miles from Portsmouth where the Courts of Justice are held for said County of Rockingham, and the Inhabitants of said Concord very little if any thing benefited by the late Division of this Province into Five Counties.

Secondly that many of the Inhabitants of the Towns in the north part of the County of Hillsborough have applied to your Petitioner's Constituents and earnestly desired that the inconveniences they labour under may be represented to your Excellency and Honours by a Petition which they say are

First as there is but one Superior Court of Judicature in a year held in said County of Hillsborough and Prisoners committed for capital Crimes must lay in Goal sometimes Eleven nine or six months according to the time they are committed before it can be known whether they are or are not guilty ; and in case they should be acquitted your Petitioners constituents, humbly apprehend it a great Pity that they have suffered so long and if found guilty they thing it a grievous burthen to maintain such bad Subjects so long at the expense of poor, honest industrious beginners in the Wilderness.

Secondly Creditors in General in said County of Hillsborough who incline to sue at any time except July term in said County are obliged to indorse their notes &c over to Persons who live in the County of Rockingham or other Counties & some to the Massachusetts and the expense is great

before they were a County. Thirdly the place where the Courts are held in said County of Hillsborough is at such a Distance from them that they are of opinion that the Inhabitants of the south part of said County will not oppose their having Justice done in that respect.

Fourthly that the situation of the Town of Concord is such that it will accommodate all the Inhabitants of the upper or Northerly part of the said County of Hillsborough and give them general satisfaction

Therefore the said Inhabitants of the Town of Concord by their said Agents humbly pray your Excellency & Honours that said Town of Concord may be annexed to the County of Hillsborough and that there may be annually held there one

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