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His Majestys Dominions in so well situated a Barrier and so ancient and well regulated a Settlem' as well as to secure their own Lives and Fortunes agst the Ravage and Devastation of a blood-thirsty and Merciless Enemy. And ye Memorialists as in Duty bound will Ever pray

Petition for aid, by Benjamin Rolfe, Esq. To His Excellency Benning Wentworth Esq' Capt. General

and Governour in Chief in and over His Majesty's Province of New Hampshire in New England the Hon'le the Council and House of Representatives in General Court convened

The Memorial and Petition of Benjamin Rolfe in the Name and Behalf of the Inhabitants of the Town of Rumford in said Province Humbly Sheweth That the said Town has been Settled by His Majesty's Subjects about Eighteen Years and a Gospel Minister ordained there upwards of Fourteen

That the Settlers had an eye at enlarging His Majesty's Dominions by going into the Wilderness as well as at their own Interest That Many Thousand Pounds have been spent in clearing and cultivating the Lands there and many more in erecting Mansion Houses Fortifications, Out Houses, Barns and Fences. That the Buildings are mostly compact and properly form’d for Defence and well situated for a Barrier, being on Merrimack River about a Days march below the Confluence of Winipishoky and Pemissawasset Rivers both which are main gang Ways of the Canadians to the Frontiers of this Province and within a Weeks march at farthest from a very strong Fort built within these few years by the French at Crown Point which will be a Place of constant Retreat and Resort for the French and Indians in all their Expeditions against the English Settlements. That the breaking up of the Settlement will not only ruin the Memorialists but in their humble Opinion greatly disserve His Majesty's Interest by encouragin His Enemies to encroach on His derelict Dominions and be also hurtful to the Province by contracting its Borders and drawing the War nearer to the Capital. That it was by a long and importunate Intercession of the Province (and not of the Memorialists seeking) that they are cast under the immediate Care of this Government, which they apprehend gives them so much the better Right to its Protection That as War has been declared against France for some Time and a Rupture with the Indians has been hourly expected, many of the Inhabitants of said Town, by Reason of their being so exposed to imminent Danger from their Enemies have already moved from said Town and the Season of the Year being such as to give the

Indians an opportunity of disturbing the Frontiers and the Dutch Mohawks having lately given occasion to fear that they would Joyn in a Warr against His Majestys settlements as mentioned in some late News Papers your Memorialists unless they have speedy help will be soon oblidged to Evacuate said Town how disserviceable soever it may be to the Crown dishonorable to the Government, hurtful to the Province and ruinous to themselves—Wherefore your memorialists most humbly supplicate your Excellency, the Honourable Council and House of Representatives to take the Premises into your wise and mature Consideration and to grant them such constant and seasonable aids both with Respect to men and Military Stores as may enable them to maintain His Majesty's Dominions in so well situated a Barrier, and so ancient and well regulated a Settlement as well as to secure their own Lives and Fortunes against the Ravage and Devastations of a Blood thirsty and Merciless Enemy and your Memorialists as in Duty bound will ever pray

BENJAMIN ROLFE. Portsmouth April ye 30th 1745.

Petition of Inhabitants of Rumford, 1747. To His Excellency Benning Wentworth Esqr Capt. General

& Governour of His Majesties Province of New Hampshire in New England To the Honourable the Council & House of Representatives of s Province.

The Petition of ye Subscribers Inhabitants of Rumford in s“ Province Humbly sheweth That we have great Reason to fear a Speedy attack from the Enemy with a force too great to be match' by us with what Assistance we att present (thro your Excellencys & Honours great Goodness) have from ye Province—That the plain and Evident tracks of a Considerable Number was discovered by our Scout ye last week. That Guns have been heard both here and att Čontoocook upon ye Sabbath & other Times & Places where it is certain no English were. That ye News of a Formidable Armament sent from Canada to Crown Point obtained such credit with the Government of ye Massachusetts Bay as Induced them to provide a prodigious Reinforcement to strengthen their Western Barrier—That such is our Situation that as ye Rivers Hudson & Connecticut lie most exposed to Incursions from Crown Point so ours is yo next, and the experience of this whole war has Taught us that whenever any Smart attack has been made upon any of ye Settlements on Connecticut River the Enemy have never failed of sending a considerable Number to vlet bur

River-That while our ordinary business was Hoeing we could work in such large companies as not be in Such Imminent Danger of being massacred by ye enemy, which now Haying and English Harvest comes on will be Impracticable with out vast Detriment to ye whole & utter Ruin to some. We therefore beg of your Excellency & Honours to take our deplorable case into Consideration & extend your compassion towards & grant us such a further Reinforcement as you may think in your great wisdom our case requires & your Petitioners shall as in Duty Bound Ever


&c Rumford July 13, 1747. Ebenezer Hall

Nath: Abbott
Jeremiah Stickney

Joseph Easman
John Chandler

Samwill Easteman
Abiel Chandler

Abraham Kimball
George Hull

Samuel Grey
Edward Abbott

George Abbott
Benjamin Abbott

John Merrill
Joseph Ordway

Joseph Hall
Samson Colbe

David Foster
Aaron Stevens

Obediah Foster
Timothy Bradley

Hanery Pudney
Joseph Farnum

Patrick Garving
Isaac Walker Jun.

James Peters
James Abbott

Zebdiah Farnem
Amos Abbott

James Farnum
Ephrnam Faram

James Osgood
Joseph Pudney

Lot Colbe
Ebenezer Eastman

Moses Merrill
Henry Lovejoy

William Pudney
Joseph Eastman

Isaac Wakler
Jeremiah Eastman

Timothy Walker
Nathaniel Eastman

David Ěvens
Amos Eastman

Richard Haselton
Ebenezer Eastman Jr.

Jacob Shut
Samuel Shepherd

Samuel Putney
Joseph Simonds

Nathaniel West
Ebenezer Virgin

Abraham Colby
Philip Eastman

Matthew Standly
Ephraim Carter

John Putney
Ezra Carter

Daniel Chase
Stephen Farington

Daniel Chase Junr.
In Council July 15th 1747.
read & ordered to be sent Down to The Honble House

Theodore Atkinson Sec.

Petition of Capt. Eben' Eastman. To His Excellency Benning Wentworth Esq" Governor and

Commander in Chief and Captain General in and over the Province of New Hamp' The Honle his majestys Council & House of Representatives in General Assembly conven'd The memorial and Petition of Ebenezer Eastman for him

self and in behalf of the Inhabitants of Rumford So called most humbly Shews—That your Memorialist in a most gratefull manner owns and acknowledges the Goodness and Kindness of your Excellency and Honours in the late allowance of thirty men in Guarding and Defending the Inhabitants of sd Rumford and other places thereabouts. That the time for which sa thirty men were allowed is expired and they have been dismiss'd some days—That your Memorialist humbly conceives that the time of Indian Harvest drawing nigh will be a time of considerable Danger from the Indian Enemy (if not from the French also) wherefore he prays if it may be tho't necessary by your Excellency and Honours that there may be a further allowance of a number of men for the Safe Guard of the s' Inhabitants and such a number and for such time as to your Excellency and Honours shall seem meet and your Petitioner as in duty bound Shall ever pray &c.


Joseph Pudney's Petition. Prov. of New viamp} To His Excellency Benning Wentworth Esqr. Gov' &c. The

Honle His Majestys Council & House of Repres in Genal Assembly conven'd at Ports May 1748. The Petition of Joseph Pudney of Rumford most Humbly Sheweth That your Petit' the Last Summer at Rumford aforesd While in his Majesty's Service was Wounded by the Indians, who by their shot Broak his arm & the bones much Shattered. That altho the Wound is healed up yet he is unable to do any Work to Earn his Livelyhood, & his arm so weak, that he's unfit for scouting &c. That he is able to do the duty of a Garrison Souldier, and as such are wanted in the sa Town of Rumford he humbly Conceives in that way he might be so far serviceable as to earn his living.

Wherefore your Pet' most humbly prays that he may be held in his Majesty's service and posted at the sd town as a Garrison Souldier And y? Pet' as in Duty Bound Shall ever pray


in Behalf of yo Pet In Council May 17, 1748 read recommended & ordered to be sent Down to the Honble House

Theo. Atkinson Secy.

New Hampshir} In the House of Representatives 28th May 1748.

Voted That in Answer to ye within Petition mentioned Joseph Pudney be posted as a Soldier at ye garrison at sa Rumford 'til yo last of September next

D. Peirce Cik In Council Eodem Die read & concurred

Theo. Atkinson Secy.
Eodem die
Consented to


Rev. Timo Walker's letter to Archibald Stark. Sr. Yours without Date I received last Night Nine oth clock, Informing me that you had a visit from a committee of ye Honourable Assembly of ye Province respecting yo Road thro Mr. McNeals Field desiring that our People would sign a Petion for yo sd Road to the so Assembly as they had already to ye General Sessions and send it to Portsmouth by next Monday Ten of yo clock, now altho I am fully of opinion that ye want of yt Road will in a few years Time be of vastly more Damage to y Publick than the whole of McNeals Field & that every Person up

this way who is at all acquainted therewith will readily sign such a Petition representing ye same in yo strongest light possible yet the Notice is so short that no such thing can be prosecuted to any effect therefore yo only way left you is to pray for Longer Time weh is so reasonable that I cant think one word can be objected agst it & if that be granted I shall be ready to doe any thing within

my power not only to serve you & yo Publick but my self also in ye affair I remain your hearty Friend & Oblidged Servi

TIMOTHY WALKER Rumford July 7th 1753. Mr. Archibald Stark.

Petition of Ezra Carter in behalf of Rumford. To His Excellency Benning Wentworth Esqk Captain Gen

eral Governor and Commander in Chief in & over His Majesty's Province of New Hampshire, The Honble His Majesty's Council and House of Representatives in General Assembly Convened July 14th 1756

The Petition of Ezra Carter on behalf of himself & the Inhabitants of the Late District of Rumford so called in said Province Humbly sheweth. That the said Inhabitants apprehend that since the expiration of said District Act, they have not had the Priviledges which other Towns in this Province enjoy. That they could not Raise money for the Support of their minister, their Poor, the Repairing of High Ways, or maintaining a School (which the youth there much need) or to act in any Political manner whatsoever for want of which

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