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Hampshire }

Prove of New In the House of Representatives 15th May 1747.

Voted That in answer to ye two annexed Petitions Viz: that of Souhegan West & that of Monson, His Excellency be desired to give orders for inlisting or impressing fifteen good executive men to Scout & guard under proper oficer or oficers sa Souhegan West & Monson 'til ye twentyeth of octo' next if need be & that samen be shifted once a month.

D. Peirce Clk. Eod. Die In Coun” read and Concurred

Theodore Atkinson Secy. Eodm Die Assented to


Petition of Monson, for annexation, &c. Province of New To His Excellency Benning Wentworth Hampshire Esq Gov' &c & To the Honke His Majestys Council the

day o:

1754 The Petition of us the Subscribers Inhabitants of the town of Monson Humbly Shews

That there is a tract of Land of about the Contents of seven Thousand acres Lying on the North of Monson and adjoyning Included by the following Bounds, viz i, to begin at Monson Northeast Corner and to Run North by the Town of Merrymac Two miles and the next Station to begin at the North west Corner of Monson & to Extend north two miles and from thence a Strait line to the end of the aforementioned Two mile, and to Bound Southerly on Monson afores". On Which Sundry Familys are Settled & would be of accomodation & Convenience to Monson to have them annexed and Incorporated with Monson and would with that addition make it but about five miles and an half in Breadth one place with the other that Sundry of the Inhabitants of the s Tract hath together with this Petitioned your Excellency & Honors to be annexed and Incorporated with us. (And as we apprehend would be of Great Convenience to them, & help to us.)

Wherefore we most Humbly Pray that your Excellency and Hon" would be pleased to annex and Incorporate the su Tract with the Inhabitants Thereon to the town of Monson & your Pet" as in Duty Bound Shall ever Pray


Elisha Towne

William Colborn Jun
William Neuens

Ebenezer Ball
Benjamin Kenrick

William Colborn
Secur Farwell

John Burns
Thomas Neuens

Josiah Crosby
James Wheler

Nathan Hutchinson
Thomas Powers

Benjamin Hopkins Junr.
Thomas Woolley

few more that has not sin'd

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Petition of Monson to be cxempt from taxes. Province of New To His Excellency Benning Wentworth

Hampshire | Esqr Gov? &c. the Honle his Majestys Councill & House of Represves Convened In Gen' Assembly

Humbly Shews The Pet” of the Inhabitants of Monson That Whereas they Have Recd a late Order to render into the Secretarys Office an Invoice of their poles & estates in order for apportioning the taxes Which we have done, and Woud Further beg leave to Remonstrate Our Infancy & Inability to bear

any part of the publick Charge at present. That there is but thirty six poles in the Whole, Severall of them transiently hired for a short space to Labour or otherways there without any Estate : but twenty one Houses Cheifly Small Cottages only for a present Shelter the Charge of Building yet to Come on.

That they are all plain men Dwelling in these tents, Husbandry their Employment their Improvements very small, their Lands yet to Subdue. The Progress much Retarded by their Necessity to work out of town the prime of the year or at Other Business to procure provision Tho the town is part of Old Dunstable it has always till now bin a frontier and Remained a totall Wilderness till within a few years the Owners under no Injunction of Settlement the Land very antiontly Granted to Gent' in farms, & part of the Divisions of Dunstable Comon who still hold the Greatest part and Continue unimproved by Which means the few setlers are scattered all abt the town much Labour has & must be spent in Opening and making Roads & Bridges Causes &c that are of Present Necessity, a burthen of it self too Heavy for the Strength of the small weak nomber that is there, in the late war at the expence of Garisoning Scouting & Defending themselves Besides many Other charges they have & must go thro so therefore apprehend themselves utterly unable to Bear any part of the publick taxes as yet, but hope their Small Begining in time may become usefull if they may be nurssd & favoured now In their Infancy

Wherefore your Pet" Humbly pray that they may be Considered in this their Infant & Chargable State & that they may not be taxed, till they are of ability to go thro their own necessary charge and when that shall be they will Chearfully Contribute according to their Power & shall ever pray &c In behalf of ye Inhabitants

Benji" Hopkins Selectmen

ROBERT COLBURN of Monson. Provo N Hamp? April 25 1753.

The within Petition read & ordered to be Sent Down to the Honblo House of representatives.

Theodore Atkinson Secy.

Petition for annexation. Province of ? To His Excellency Benning Wentworth Esqr New Hamps Governour &c the Honorable his Majestys Coun

cil The Petition of us the Subscribers Inhabitants of a tract of Land north of and adjoining to Monson Lying with no Incorporation of any town or District Humbly Shews

That the Town of Monson in this Province is situated in Length East & West near eight miles & in Breth but about four miles & is Bounded on the Northerly Side by Souhegan River Both Sides of Which River is in the General Fruitfull & Profitable Land for Corn and Grass

That if the Limits of the Town of Monson afores! Were Inlarged on the North so as to add & Include the Following tract viz. to begin at the Northeast Corner of Monson on Sowhegan River & extend North by the line of Merrymac Two Miles, & to begin the next Station at the Northwest corner of Monson aforst & to Run thence North two miles and strait line from thence to the two mil's end first menshioned and to Bound to the old Bounds of Monson Which will be an addition of about seven thousand acres and will Make the Said town of Monson In the Genereal about five miles & an half In Bredth.

That the said River is Small and many Bridges are New and must Continue to be kept in Repair so that the Said River is of no Ill convenience to the uniting the Incorporation as afors' & will be for the Accomodation of Monson ; Severall of us has for many years ben Settled there & at Heavy Expence made Our Improvements

That we have not had the benefit of any Incorporation in any Town, nor see any Present Prospect unless wee are anexed to Monson

That Monson then will be upwards of seven Miles the North Line and Lands to the North of them not Incorporated, so that it Can be no Predjiduce to any Incorporation of any number of people for the Future the Land Generealy alike and Chiefly Good.

Wherefore your Petition" most Humbly Pray That your Excellency & Hon" woud take ye premises into Consideration and be pleased to annex & Incorporate the tract aforesd with the Inhabitants to Monson as one Corporate Town & your Petitioners as in duty Bound shall ever pray. John Shepard

William Peabody
Andrew Bradford

Israel Towne

Thomas Williams
Achelaus Wilkins

Richard Gould

John Edmonds
John Eversden

Edward Beming?
John Hutchinson
Edward Beming (?) junr

Petition of Amherst for an extension of its Charter 1761. To His Exelency Bening Wentworth Esq" Governor in chief in and over His Majesties Province of New Hampshire and to the Honorable the Counsell.

The Memorial of us the Subscribers the Select Men of the Town of Amherst in the Province aforesaid. Humbly sheweth that we with the Lowest Submission Sollicitously pray that your Exelency and Honours would lengihen out the life of the Charter of our Town and we doubt not but your Exelency and Honours in your Great wisdom & Clemency will do it during the Kings pleasure and so your Memorial.sts as in Duty bound will ever pray:

REUBEN Mussex Selectmen
Thos WAKEFIELD in behalf of

Amherst Deck yo}

N. B. We the Subscribers Select men of the Town of Amherst Nominate and appoint Col. John Goss Esqr to represent to his Exelency the Governor and the Honorable Counsil our Memorial above specified to prolong our Town Charier.

Province of To the Gentlemen of the House of Representatives for New Hampt said Province

There was a vote in the House of Representatives January 28th 1761 That the Selectmen of the Oldest adjoining Town to any Town Parish or District where no Seleci men were should take Inventory of such Town &c and be paid by the Province Pursuant thereto We took Inventory of Lyndeborough and sent the same to the Secry as Directed by the aforesaid vote—The taking of which Inventory took us Two Days of hard Service (there being Considerable of Snow on the Ground at the time when we were obliged to do it) And there is Justly Due to Each of us New Ten' one Pound Ten Shillings per day To£9:0:0 which we doubt not but you will Immediately Grant & allow. Decem' 30th 1762.


JN" SHEPARD junr Amherst.
Province of In the house of Representatives Jan'y 20:h 1763.
New Hamps } This Ac'ct being Read

Voted that there be allowed nine pound new Tenor, and paid to Selectmen of Amherst or their order Out of money in the Treasury for Contingances.

A Clarkson Clerk In Council Eodem Die Read & Concur'd T Atkinson junr Secry

Consented to B WENTWORTH.

Memorandum of some proposals for an Accommodation Between the Selectmen of Monson & Amherst Viz. the Town of Amherst to take or have Annexed the following extent or part of Monson Namely begining at the Northeast Corner of Monson & Running Southerly on the East Line of said Monson Two miles then Running a Line paralell with the North Line of Amherst to the west line of Monson Then northerly on the westerly line of said Monson to the northwest corner thereof Provided the Town of Holles will take or have annexed the residue of said Monson.

April ye 20th 1763. We the subscribers consent to the above proposal


Holles April 28th 1763
Samuel Cumings Selectmen

Robert Reed Selectmen Francis Worcester of

Samuel Stenard Stephen Webster Holles

Thos Wakefield

of Daniel Campbell Jno Shepard jun? Amherst

Letter of Rev. Daniel Wilkins of Amherst relating to a

Shire town in the proposed division of the Province into Counties.

1 Oct. 1767. To the Honble GEORGE JAFFERY Esq' in Portsmouth Hond & Dea' Sr

After due salutation, I beg leave to inform your Hon' that the proposal of the General Court that Merrimack be the Shire Town of the County on the West side of Merrimac River has raised a general uneasiness throughout the whole County evin many thinking men in Merrimac itself (as I have been credibly informed) are well satisfied that if the Proposal be established it will be greatly to the Town Damage in general, as they are small in Number, consisting of seventy odd Families no more and them exceeding much scattered and many of the number on New Places and no ways

accommodated to entertain a Court especially with Hay & Pastoring, neither do they ever expect to be well accommodated with the Primeses as great Part of their Land is poor and clothed with shrubs the uneasiness of the People arises from the said Proposals not being for Amherst rather than Merrimack Not only as Amherst has been talked of for a Shire Town evin from Its Infancy thereby fixing the minds of the People upon it, but for its situation Nearer the Hart of the County so that many Towns can come from Home in the Morning and return Home in the

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