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Chester April ye 24th 1773 To the Wardens of the presbeterian parish in Chester, Gentlemen the Request of your humble Subscribers is that you Would be pleased as soon as posible to call a parish meeting that the Disputes Concerning the Sitting off of the long meadow May be laid before the parish in General for to see If the Lower part of the parish will assist anything in Keeping the parish Conected as It now is pray Gentlemen' Dont Neglect and in so Doing you Will oblidge your humble Servants David Dickey

William Miller
Thomas Sherly

Hugh Miller
Mathew Templeton

William Gilcrest
Robert McKinley

Thomas McMaster
David Dinsmore

Willam McMaster

To His Exelancy John Wintworth Esqr. Capt. generall and

governor and Comander in Cheaff of His Majesties Province of New Hampshire &c

Thee Humball Pertion of Daniel Foster of Chester, in New Hampshior Sheweth that your Humball Pertioner Doath Pray That your Exelancy would Be Pleased to Grant me your Humball Pertioner The Privoledge of a Ferry over Merrimack River aGainst my Dwelling Howes in Chester and against the upper end of Goffstown there Being No Ferry Below Their while we cum to Amasquage Falls which is Six Mills Below and their is no Ferry Above their for above four Mills which is against Pembrock Town and This Place is Citewate where it will greatly acomidate the People That Travill to or from gofstown Dunbarton Bowtown and HopKingtown and many other Towns above Their

I should be glad to serve the Publick in this Thing as your Humball Pevtioner in Duty Bound Shall Ever Pray


CHESTERFIELD. [Chesterfield was granted February 11, 1752; the first settlement was made Nov. 15, 1761. ED.) To His Excellency John Wentworth Esqr. Cap Gen' and

Govern" in chief &c and to the Honblc His Majestys Coun

cil of said Province By this Memorial

Humbly shews Joseph Warren of Boston in the Province of the Massachusetts Bay Physician Administrator of Nathaniel

Wheelwright late of said Boston merchant dec" and which said Nathaniel was sole Executor of the Testament of the Hon John Wheelwright late of Boston aforesaid Esq' decl

Your Memorialist humbly begs leave to make mention to your Excellency and Hons that very lately he by the greatest accident was informed that one Mr. Willard had petitioned your Excellency & Hon' to Grant him a certain large Quantity of Land heretofore Granted to John Wheelwright and others, and for reasons in said petition mentioned which your Memo conceives of to be more specious than real, y' Memorialist after mentioning a fact or two, will without saying a word more submit it to your Excellency's & Hon Just determination. In the first place it is since this Mr. Willard's prefering his Petitions that your Memorialist knew that his Intestate or his Testator ever had any Land, in your Excellencys Government (lying if your memorialist is rightly informed at place calla Chesterfield or else where) be that as it may, your Excellency & Hon's will view him as the administrator of an Executor. And how the affairs of M' Nathaniel Wheelwright the Intestate were circumstanced at his puting off and death, is not a thing unknown to almost every body in the five? provinces—and that there are many heavy demands made upon your Memo as administrator of the said Nathaniel Wheelwright to the amount of a Great Many Thousand pounds sterling is too obvious to be disputed even by Mr. Willard himselfAnd your Memo begs leave to assure y? Excellency & Honours, that he will make a point of it, and most punctually comply with the Conditions of the Grant of said Lands or the charter as it is otherwise called with all convenient speed (or as your Excellency & Honours shall direct) in order to make payment of the vast sums (as far as these Lands will go to the multitude of the said Nathaniels creditors in proportion, for which reasons, if the said Mr. Willard has not the native modesty to pray that his most extraordinary misconceived pt" may be by him withdrawn, your Memo has the Modest assurance to hope that your Excellency & Hon's will dismiss the same as groundless & unreasonable

Your Memo is also attorney to Mr. Joseph Wheelwright one of the sons & heirs of the aforesa Jno Wheelwright dec'd and which s4 Joseph has amply paid a person in New Hampshire Governm' to do the needful and to which your Mem' will have a peculiar regard & care &c which said Joseph Wheelwright is now in London

All which is submitted by SAMUEL Swift attorney to s? Jos Warren Adm"

Boston July 34 1771.

Col. Josiah Willard's Petition for sundry rights in Ches

terfield Nepravampshire } To his Excellency John Wentworth Esq* Captain General

Governor and Commander in chief in & over his Majesty's Province aforesaid and vice Admiral of the same In Council

The petition of Josiah Willard of Winchester Esqi Humbly shews

That there are sundry Grantees (viz) John Wheelwright, Joseph Wheelwright, Jeremiah Wheelwright, Nathaniel Wheelwright, Thomas Paine John Annes & Oliver Butler of a Tract of Land, charter'd and granted by the Governor of the province aforesaid with advice of his Majesty's Council and Incorporated into a Township by the name of Chesterfield and which said Tract was by Charter to be held and enjoyed in severalty and divided to and amongst the Grantees in equal shares and upon their separate performance of sundry conditions and reservations particularly mentioned and stipulated in the said Grant, and tho' the Time prefixed in the said Grant for the performance of the said Conditions has been elapsed, yet so it is that at this Time neither the residence of the Grantees above mentioned nor the cultivation of the Lands, have been as yet performed but only such part as hath been done at the expence of your petition' Wherefore he humbly Prays that the forfeiture of the said Lands may be exacted and the said Shares regranted to him or that he may be reimbursed the charge he hath been at in paying the rates and Taxes & clearing some parts of the said Land. And your Petitioners as in Duty Bound shall ever pray &c

JOSIAH WILLARD. Portsmo 26th March 1771.

CHESWICK—now LITTLETON. [This town was first granted by the name of Cheswick, Nov. 17, 1766; regranted by the name of Apthorp, Jan. 18, 1770; the territory was divided, Nov. 4, 1784, into the towns of Littleton and Dalton. Ed.]

Petition of Moses Little and Associates. Province of New Hampshire ) To his Excellency John Wentworth Esq" Captain General,

Governor & Commander in Chief of the Province aforesaid & to the Honorable his Majestys Council for said Province

The Memorial of Moses Little of Newbury in the Province of the Massachusetts Bay and his Associates humbly Sheweth that your Memorrialists having for a valuable consideration purchased a Certain Tract of Land by the Name of Cheswick being in said Province of New Hampshire, and formally Granted to a Number of Persons by the Honorable Benning Wentworth Esq" late Governor of said Province of New Hampshire by Charter under the Great Seal of said Province, which Charter has very lately Expired, And that Your Memorialists have already at a very Great Expence begun a Settlement on said Tract of Land, which they were Determined to Prosecute, but apprehending it necessary for their future security, that said Charter be extended which your Memorialists are willing to Surrender would most humbly pray that said Charter may be extended and that the Bounds of said Cheswick, which in said Charter are not fully Ascertained, may be now made Certain, and may be the Same as are mentioned in the Plan of Survey herewith Exhibited which include a much less Quantity of Land, than was by your Memorialists, aty Time of their said Purchase, Suppos'd to be Contained within said Township of Cheswick, your Memorialists therefore Relying on the wonted Goodness of your Excellency and Honors most humbly pray that s'd Charter may be Extended the usual Time and that the Bounds as pray'd for may be Established, and as in Duty bound shall ever pray

Moses LITTLE. Portsmouth Jany 15th 1770


[This town was incorporated 20 May 1727. A Copy of the Charter is the first paper under this head. ED.)

CHARTER. Georg by the Grace of God of Great Britaine France and Ireland Kinge

Defender of the faith &c.

To all People to whom these Presents shall Come Greetting Know yee that wee of our Speciall Knowledge and meer motion, for the Due Encouragement of Settling a new Plantation By and with the advice and Consentof our Councill have given and granted and by these Presents as far as in us lies do give and Grant in Equall Shares unto Sundry of our beloved Subjects whose names are Enter'd in a Schedule hereunto annexed that Inhabitor shall Inhabit within the said grant within our Provence of Newhampshire all that Tract of land within the following bounds viz:

[blocks in formation]

to begin on the South West side of the Town of Barnstead and from thence Running South Westerly on the head of the Town Nottingham untill Eight miles be accomplished and then Northwest Eight miles then North East Eight miles. Then South East by the said Town of Barnstead to the Place where it first begun and that the same be a Town Corporate by the name of CHICHESTER to the Persons affore said for Ever To Have and To hold the s' land to the su Grantees and their heirs and assigns for Ever and to such associates as thay shall admitt upon the following Conditions (1) That the Proprietors within three years Buld or cause to be built Sixty Dwelling houses and settle famillies in the same and Cleane three acres of Ground fitt for Planting or Mowing and that Each Proprietor Pay his Proportion of the Town Charges when and so offten as occasion Shall Require the same (2) that a Meetting house be Built for yo Publick Worship of God within the Tearm of fore years

3d that upon Default of any Particular Proprietor in Complying with the Conditions of this Charter upon his Part Such Delinquent Proprietor shall forfeit his share of the sd land to the other Proprietors which shall be Disposed of according to the major Vote of the su Proprietors att a Legall Meetting

4. That a Proprietors Share be Reserved for a Parsonage and another for the first Minister of the Gospell that Shall be their Settled and ordained and another Proprietors share for the Benefitt of a Schoole in the sd Town Provided nevertheless that the Peace with the Indians continue for the Space of three years but if itt Should happen that a Warr with the Indians should Commence before the Expiration of the afforesd Tearın of three years that then the sd Term of three years shall be allowed the Proprietors affter the Expiration of the warr for the Performance of the afforesd Conditions Rendering and Paying therefore to us our heirs and Successors or such officer or officers as shall be appointed to Receve the same the Annuall Quit Renttor acknowleigement of one Pound of Hemp in the sd Town on the Last Wednesday in march yearly for Ever if Demanded Reserving also unto u's our heirs and successors all Mast Trees growing on sų Tract of land according to acts of Parlyment in that Case made and Provided and for the better order Rull and government of the sd Town Wee do by these Presents for our selves our heirs and successors Grant unto the sd Men and Inhabitants or those that shall Inhabit sd. Town that yearly and Every yeare upon the Second Wednesday in March for Ever shall meett to Elect and Chuse by the major Part of the Proprietors then Present Constables Select men and other Town officers according to the laws and usages of our affors'd Provence with Power Preveleidges and authority as other Town officers within our afforesaid Provence have and Injoy and for the Notifiing and calling of the first Town meetting wee do hereby appoint Petter Weare Esqr. John Sanborn and Jacob Freese to be the first Select men and thay to Continue in sd Respective office as Select men untill the second Wednesday in the month of march which will be in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and twenty Eight and untill other Select men shall be Chosen and appointed in their stead in such manner as in these Presents Expressed. In Testimony whereof we have cased the Seale of our said Provence to be hereunto afixed Witness John Wentworth Esq' our Lieutenant Governor and Commander in Chiefe in and over our said Provence att our Town of Portsmouth in said Provence of New hampshire the Twentyeth Day of May in the thirteenth yeare of our Reigne Anno Domine 1727.


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