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James Hiden one son
Barnard Bricket
Alex Beery
Alex Sevey
Joseph Dearborn
Caleb Hall
Cap. Stephen Dearbon
Modey Chase
Welles Chase
Nath! Woods
Wm Underhill
David Underhill
Wm Craig
Robt Cran
John Craig
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John Orr
Robi Wetherspone
Sam' Desmoer
David White
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James Akin
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Wm Miller
Hugh & James Miller
James Litch

Memorandum. Agreed upon by the Subscribers Chosen as a Comitee for the Presbetrain Parish in Chester part from yLower End of yo town and part from ye Long Meadow so call’d viz: that y« Long Meadow part so callid is to have have ye one half of yo Preching for Nine months from y first of March to ye first of December During yo time that the Revd John Wilson is able to Preach and ye Remainder to the Lower End of ye town, and that ye Long Meadow party is to pay ye Sum of twenty pounds Lawful money yearly During the Revd John Wilsons minestry and Colect y part of ye money them selves and y* Lower End of yo town to pay twenty five pounds, and Colect there one money them selves.

Chester April y® 20th 1772.

N. B.-Each party Bound in Bonds to proform ye above agreement or apply to the Geners Cort to Establish the agreement according to yo above themselves.



for the ROB WILSON




Answer to the Petition for a Parish being set off. Province of New Hamps're Rockingham Ss) To his Excellency John Wentworth Esqr. Capt. Genl Gov

ernor & Comm' in chief in & over sa Province. The Honble his Majesty's Council, & House of Representatives in Gen' Assembly Conven'd May 9th 1772

The Answer of Andrew Jack, Henry Morse, & Robert Wilson Gentlemen, a Committee in behalf of the Presbyterian

Parish in Chester in said County to the Petition of John Patten & others, petitioners for a Parish to be set off in said Chester as by their Petition dated Dec 11th 1771, will more fully appear Humbly Sheweth, That whereas the Parishioners of said Presbyterian Parish have been cited to Shew cause why the prayer of said Petition should not be granted—We, in behalf of said Parish appear, and beg leave to suggest to your Excellency & Honors that sa Petitioners Join'd with the rest of said Parish in the Choice of the Revd John Wilson for their Minister and voted him a certain Yearly Salary and have been, and still are well satisfied with his life and Doctrines, but for other Reasons they desire to be set off as a distinct Parish, altho' they are convinced it is their duty to perform their contract with said Minister, & in Consequence thereof did, at a legal meeting held at sa Chester, mutually agree with the rest of said Parishioners in the lower End of the Parish to have one half the Preaching for nine months yearly from the first day of March, to the first day of December during the time that the said Minister was able to preach, and the remainder of his Preaching should be to the People of the lower end of said Parish and that the said Petitioners pay the sum of Twenty pounds lawful money yearly during the ministry of the said John Wilson, and collect that part of the money themselves, and the Parishioners at the lower End of said Parish Then agreed with said Petitioners to pay to sa Minister Twenty five pounds like money Yearly during said Term, and to collect the same themselves. Now we in behalf of the lower End of said Parish have no objection to the prayer of said Petition being granted so far as it respects their being set off as a distinct parish, provided they continue to fulfil their agreement before mentioned by paying to sa Minister duly the said sum by them agreed to pay him. But inasmuch as the lower end of the Parish are utterly incapable of maintaining a Minister themselves they pray that said Petitioners may not be freed from paying the sum aforesaid agreeable to their before mentd contract

Committee in

behalf of the May 21 1772.

HENRY MOORE Presbyterean

Parish in Chester


The Long medow Parrish ought to be Bounded thus: Beginning at Londonderry Line at a Stake and Stones Being the South West Bound of Land sold to Thomas Cochran by the Proprietors of Chester and Run Streight to a pich pine tree being the

South west bound of Nathaniel Halls Land by Penicook path then north north east by said Halls' Land as far as that goes and then streight to the South East Corner of the 39th Lot in the second part of the second Diviseon, then north 29 degrees East to the North east bound of the 434 lot in the afforesaid Division and then west nor west bounding on Candia Crossing Tower Hill pond, to a Stake and stones being the South West Corner of Candia then north 29 Degrees East Bounding on Candia to Nottingham Line, and then west nor west upon the Northerly Line of the Town to Merrimack River, then South upon the Westerly Line of the Town to Derrifield So Bounding on Derrifield to Londonderry Line and so on that to the first bounds mentioned We the Subscribers the Present Select men for the town of Chester have no objection to make as a town a Ganst a parish being set of agreeable to the aBove Bounds or so as to Enclude all the Land Belonging to Said town Laying above what was voted of as a parish So that the town may not be obliged to Cross Said parish in order to transact bisness as a town so Remote and Ilconveniant

SAM' Robie Selectmen

Joseph TRUE / of Chester Chester May ye 20 1772

Further Petition.

Chester Jan. 7 1773 To John Wintworth Esqr. Capt. Generall and Govenor in and

over his Majesties Province of New Hampshere &c To the Honourable his Majesties Counsell and House of Represen. tatives now Assembled The Petition of us the Subscribers Humbly Sheweth that whereas we the Last year Petioned your Exelency and Honours to be Incorporated Into a Parish by a Line Voted by this Town at their Anuel Meeting in March A. D. 1753 or by any other Line or Destrict your Exelency & Honours Shall think Best for the Better Inabling us to attend and Provide for the Publick Worship of God but still finding Ourselves Labouring Under Greate Dificultys in that Respect by Reason of the Distance we are at from the Lower Meting House where our Revu Teacher Mr. Wilson Officiates his age and Infermity of Body being such that for three months in the year we are wholey without a Teacher the other part of time having but about half the Teaching which occasions us to Repeate this our Humble Petition Praying that your Exelency and Honours would be pleased to here us and Releve us out of our said

Dificueltys and your Petitioners will as in Deuty Bound Ever
Anthony Stickney

Sam! Aken
Timothy Lunt

W Brown
Edmund Stickney

Nathaniel Presby
Peter Akin

James Horne
David Wetherspoon

his xmark
Joseph Linn
Nathaniel Linn

James Wetherspoon
Hugh McDuffee

Sam! Aken Junr.
Joseph Blanchard

Mansfield McAffee
Moses Underhill

Robert Gilcrest
Caleb Hall

William Litch
James Hidder

Joseph Calfe
John Patten

Hugh Miller
Robert Patten

Daniel Wetherspoon
Robert Calfe

Archibald Mackafee
Benj. Peirce *

Moses McFarland

Peovinamp} In the House of Representitives Jan: 23 1773

New Hamps

Voted that the Petitions Serve the Select men of Chester with a Copy of the Petition & order of Court thereon & that they may be heard thereon the third day of the setting of the Gen' Assembly after the first day of April

William Parker Cler Assm
In Council eodein die
Rea d & concurd

Geo King D. Sec
In the house of Representatives May 13 1773.

the Petitioners were heard to Enforce this Petition and a part of the
Inhabitants heard in Answer and considering the circumstances of the
Voted that the Petition be Dismiss'd

William Parker Cler

Chester March ye 23 1773 This day serv'd with ye within Petition greeable to order of Cort

Sam' Robie Selectmen

Joseph Trice } Se letterste

Province of

A Humble Petition to the Great & General Court New Hampshire 11 Mar. 1773

Humbly Sheweth That whereas, a petition has formerly been presented unto the great and General Court of this province by a number of the inhabitants of that part of Chester commonly called the Long meadow, and that the said petition setteth forth the great inconveniency the inhabitants labour under by being at such a distance, from the two several meeting Houses belonging to the said town of Chester, and that they the said inhabitants are thereby often prevented from hearing the word of God preached & therefore they have presumed to Pray the Great &

General Court to Incorporate them into a separate parish by themselves. At a late public meeting of said inhabitants of said part of the town of Chester, they convened and almost voted unanimously a positive resolve, that the former said petition should be dormant; for they the inhabitants maturely considered the great hardships they already laboured under (tho' considered as part joined with the whole Town) and that if such a plan was put in execution, they would be rendered uncapable of answering the intention of said former petition, and at the same time lay themselves under many more difficulties not only of being deprived of hearing the word of God preached amongst them (which is at present faithfully done twice every Month by the Revi Mr. Wilson) but the small probability of being unanimous in their choice which at present they are happily united And further as the said former Petition was clandestingly propagated amongst the inhabitants by designing men whose aim was only self interest, consequently enemies to the body politic, when they consider themselves if seperated from the rest of the Town of the aforesaid Chester not to exceed above fifty or sixty famelys, and those (most of them at least) in circumstances very uncapable of bearing such taxes as they must necessary undergo under such a scheme.

Therefor, the Several Inhabitants, deliberating upon the many circumstances there anent Hereby Humbly sublicates that the Great and General Court, will be pleased to view the former presented Petition as propagated by a few persons dissenting from the community purely to gratify their own humour and that the above said Great and General Court, will deliver us from being imposed upon by such who are enemies to our happy constitution and Your Petitioners as in duty bound shall ever pray Chester Mar. 11, 1773 James Sharley

Samuel Blunt
John McFarland

William Craig
James Litch

John Craig
Mansfield McAffee

Thomas Sharley
John Craford

Jerimia Coner
Moses Underhill

David Dinsmoor
John Orr

Arthur Dinsmore
William Vance

Robert Dinsmore
Mathew Templeton

Thomas McMaster
Robert Craige

Thomas McMaster Jr.
Robert McKinley

William McMaster
Stephen Merrill

David Dickey
Stephen Derben

Aron Rollings
Moody Chase

William Gilcrest
Nathanael Wood

William Miller
Joseph Dearben

James Miller
Moses Hills

Michael Gordon
David Underhill

Andrew MacFarland
David Cunningham

James McFarland

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