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The Petition of the Inhabitants of the North parish in

Chester, June 14, 1763. To His Excellency Benning Wintworth Esq" Governor and

Commander in Chief in and over his Majesties Province of New hampshire The Honle his Majesties Councill and the Honourable House of Representatives in Generall Assembly Conven'd; The Petition of us The Subscribers Inhabitants of that part of Chester Call" The North parish or freetown, Humbly Sheweth

That your Petitioners Living at such a great Distance from the Town, That they have no advantage of the Ministry nor Schools notwithstanding they have for many years Paid There proportion, To the Support of Boath and the Town being sensable That It would be Just for us To be freed from that Charge have at a meeting held at Chester Jan 26; 1763,

Voted That, that Part of the Town of Chester callid The North parrish or freetown, as much as was Laid out in parrish form, shall be Sett of as a Town or Parrish the bounds of sa North Parrish so call'd are as fols beginning at the north East Corner of Chester upon the head line of Exeter at a beach or maple Tree being the bounds between Chester and Nottingham, So Running South ab. 29 Degrees west bounding on Exeter head line five miles to the South East Corner of the Lott N° 30. then west north west five miles or so far as to contain all the old hundred acre Lotts then North 29 Degrees East Five Miles To Notting Line then on s4 Line to the first bound

We therefore Pray That all the Land Included in so Bound, with all the poles & Estates therein Containd may be Incorporated into a distink Parrish from the Town of Chester and be Invested with Same powers and Priveledges That Towns in This Province are by Law Intitled To and That we may have Liberty to bring in a bill accordingly and your Petitioners as in Duty bound shall ever Pray March 1st 1763 Daniel Gordin

Daniel Clay
Daniel Holman

Stephen Marden
Elisha Towle

Obidiah Grifen
Jonathan Brown

Moses Sanborn
Simeon Bery

Caleb Row?
Noah Moulton

Robart Page
Wadligh Cram

John Sweet
Joseph Giles

Daniel Robie
Daniel Lane

Jonas Clay
Ezekiel Lane

Stephen Wesson
David Lane

Jethro Bachelder
Nathan Moulton

Benj“ Whittier
Josiah Fogg

Clemant Dollof

Daniel Gordan Jr.

Paul Smith Marston
John Cram

Benjamin Prscut
Alex' Melvin

John Fullonton
Stephen Fogg

John Wells
Benjamin Smith

John Prscot Jun
James Fullenton

William Todd
Samuel Cram

Timothy Clough
John Stevens

Ezekiel Smith
Jonathan Dearborn

David Bean
Benia Bean

Alexander Smith
- ? Moody

Barten Pollard
Benjamin Brown

David Been Jun
Miles Bean

Nathaniel Ethridge
Isaac Clifford

Enoch Fogg.
In Council June 14th 1763
Read & Sent down to the Honble assembly

T. Atkinson Jun. Secy.
Province of In the house of Representatives Dec' 1* 1763
New Hamp } This petition being read

Voted That the petitioners be heard thereon the second Day of the Sitting of the Gen. Assembly Next after the 25th Inst & that they Cause the Substance of this petition & order of Court thereon to be advertised In the New Hamps« Gazzette two weeks successively that any person concerned may appear & Shew cause if any they have why the prayer thereof should not be Granted

A. Clarkson Clerk. In Council Eodem Die read & concurred

Theo Atkinson Secy. Province of In the House of Representatives Apr. 12, 1764, New Hamps ) This Petition & order of the Court thereon being read

Voted That the prayer thereof be granted & that, the petitioners have liberty to bring in a Bill accordingly.

A. Clarkson Clerk

Petition for a Parish. Neolampshire To his Excellency Benning Wentworth Esq' Captain General

Governor and Commander in Chief in and over his Majesties province of New Hampshire in New England and to the Honourable his Majesties Council and house of Representatives in general Assembly convened

The Humble Petition of us the Subscribers Inhabitants of the Northwesterly part of Chester in the province afores! Most humbly Sheweth that the Situation of the place where we live is such that we cannot without Much Difficulty attend the publick worship of God with our familys in good Weather and at many times in the year not at all. And the Town of Chester being Sensible of our Difficulties have pass’d a Vote

in their Annual Meeting the 25th of March 1752 that we should
be set off from them as a Distinct parish about five miles and
a half in Length and about four miles in Breadth as followeth,
viz) Bounding Northerly upon Nottingham line Easterly on
the old Hundred acre lotts so called, Southerly on the Long
Meadow parish as that is voted off already, and westerly on
the forty acre lotts. Wherefore we pray that we may be In
corporated into a parish agreeable to the above mentioned
Bounds and be Invested with all those privelidges that other
parishes have within this province The granting of which we
Humbly Concieve will be a great benefitt too your Humble
petitioners and our familys And your petitioners as in Duty
Bound shail ever pray
Chester March 224 Anno Dominie 1763
Benja" Batchelder

James M'Clure
Sam Mooers

Nicklus Smith
William Putned?

Jonathan Towle Winthrop Wells

Phineas Towle Jonathan Hills

Stephen Palmer
Samuel Towle

Nath' Ingalls
John Clay

Abraham Fitts
Moses Baker

Jacob Sergant
Thomas Sargent

Theophilus Clough
Stephen Webster

Sherburne Rowe
Joseph Smith

Ichabod Robie
Jeremiah Bean

John Karr
Zebed Barey

Asel Quimbey
Enoch Coleby

Elisha Been
Moses Sweet?

Thomas Chretchet
Nathal Emerson

Gilman Dudley John Sargent

David Hills Jonathan Been

Samuel Eastman
Benja Smith

Zachariah Clefford
In Council June 24 1763
Read & Ordered to be sent down to the Honble House

T. Atkinson Jun. Sec.
Province of In the house of Representatives June 21 1763
New Hamps i This petition being read

Ordered That the petitioners be heard thereon the second Day of the Sitting of the General Assembly after the first Day of Aug. next & that they cause the substance of this petition & order of Court thereon to be advertized In the New Hampshire Gazette three weeks successively, that any persons concerned may appear & Shew Cause if Any they have why the prayer thereof should not be Granted

A. Clarkson Clerk In Council Eodem Die Read & Concurred

T. Atkinson Jun. Sec. Province of In the house of Representatives Dec 21 1763 New Hamp i This Petition being Read

Voted that the prayer thereof be granted & that the petitioners have liberty to bring in a Bill accordingly

A. Clarkson Clerk Eodem Die in Council read & Concurred

Theod Atkinson J' Sec.

Petition to confirm bounds, &c. Province of New Hampshear

Chester Dec1771 To His Exelency John Wintworth Esq" Captain Generall & Governor in & over His Majesties Province of New Hampshear &c To the Honourable his Majesties Councill & House of Representatives Now assembled

The Petition of us the Subscribers Being in Number the Greatest Part of a Destrict or Parish Commonly Called the Long Meadows Humbly Sheweth that being by a Vote of this Town in the Anuel Meting in the month of March A D. 1753 Voted of for a Parish By Certain Limited Bounds More Clearly set forth in said Vote the Coppy of Which Being Ready to Be Produced, Humbly Prayeth that Your Exelency & Honours would be pleased to Confirm & Establish said Vote & Bounds, and Grant Unto Us all Parish Privelidges with full Power to Hier a Gospell Minister to Preach Unto us, or to Settle & Ordain one Over us for the Better Conveniency of our attending the Publick Worship of God, and your Petitioners as in Duty Bound will Ever Pray John Patten

Thomas Fowler Nathaniel Linn

Thomas Fowler Junr. John Orr

Hugh McAffee Robert Craig

Nathaniel Presbury Samuel Dinsmor

Mark Wells Chase

James Horn Barnard Brickett

His Stephen Derbon

Benj Peirce Nathaniel Wood?

Samuel Peirce Joseph Calfe

Robert McKinley Samuel Blunt

Stephen Merrill Mansfield McDoffy

William McMaster Daniel Weatherspoon

Moses Underhill Sam! Aiken

Hugh Crombie Robi Calfe

Robert Patton Anthony Stickney

Thomas Sharlay Robert Witherspoon

James Sharla y David White

Samuel Sharlay Willm Litch

Robert Gilcrest Joseph Linn

Joseph Dearben Caleb Hall

Moses McFarland Moody Chase

William Grimes Moses Hills

John Grimes David Wetherspoon

Adam Willson Peter Aiken

James Grimes James Weatherspoon

Wm Brown Junr. In Council Dec 19th 1771

The foregoing Petition was read and ordered to be sent down to the Honble Assembly.

Geo. King Dep. Sec.
In the House of Representatives Decr 19, 1771

Voted that the Petition" at their own cost Serve the Selectien of Chester with a Copy of this Petition & order of Court thereon that they may be heard & Shew Cause if any they have why the Prayer thereof shoud not be granted on the third day of the sitting of the Gen' assembly after the roth day of February next

Attest Wm Parker Clr. In Council Dec 19th 1771 Read & Concurrd Geo. King D. Sec.

Chester Dec. the 24. 1771 We the Selectmen of Chester Have this Day rec'd this Petition

LATUROWEBSTER } Selechtester [The following is a copy of the Vote above referred to:] At a meeting of the free holders and inhabitants of the Town of Chester, the 29th day of March 1753, last. Capt. Abel Morss being moderator for said meeting ;-amongst other things.

Voted, That the after mentioned tract of land may be in corporated into a Parrish, Beginning at Londonderry Line at a Stake and stones being the South West bound of Land sold to Thomas Cochran by the Proprietors of said Chester, and run straight to a pitch-pine tree being the south west bound of Nathaniel Halls Land by Penicook path, then north north-east by said Halls Land as far as that goes, and then straight to the south-east corner of the 39th Lot in the second part of the second Division; then North 29 Degrees east to the North-east bound of the 43° Lot in the aforesaid division, then west norwest to Tower Hill pond, and then streight to the north-east corner of Derifield, then south by Derrifield to Londonderry Line and so by Londonderry Line to the first bound mentioned. A true copy taken from Chester Town Book of Record, as Attests

SAM' EMERSON, Town Clerk. [The following names appear to be connected with the foregoing. Ed.] Nath' Linn

Hugh Crumbie one son
Capt. Anth Stickney

John Patten
Robt Calfe

Thos McMaster one
Joseph Linn

David Dickey
James Wetherspun

Wm Gillcrest
Alex Sawyer

Wm McMaster Thomas Fowler 1 son

Rob Patten Archd McDuffee

Stephen Mori
Dan' Wetherspoon

Alex Kinecom
Hugh McDuffee 2 sons

Andw McFarlin one
James Harne

Moses McFarlin Nath' Presbey one son

Wm Grimes & one son Benj Parce & one Son

John Grimes Wm Brown

James Grimes Jer Coner

Joseph Calfe Sam! Akin one son

Moses Hills
Peter Akin

Wm Litch

Jesse Harriman
Robi Craig

John Macfarlin Math Tempelton

Thor Sharlow 4 sons
Rob Mekinly

Dea Adam Willson 2 sons
David Dinesmoor & 3 sons John Crafford
William Miller

Moses Underhill

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