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Chester Petition in relation to the Ministry. To his Excellency Jonathan Bolcher Esq Governour & In and

Over His Majesties Province of New Hampshire, The Honorable His Majesties Council and House of Representatives in General Court now Assembled at Portsmo The Petition of the Town of Chester Humbly Sheweth That whereas after the Revd Mr Eb Flagg was settled in said Town by Vote according to y directions of the Law to be the Gospel Minister, A considerable number of persons Petition" the General Court for an explanation of the law of Liberty Supposing they being Presbeterians were exempted from paying to Mr Flag which was then explain'd in their favour. * Since which they have accordingly proceeded in a cordial manner, and have endeavourd to take the best method the present Circumstances will admit to Rais money for the Respective ministers, as follows at a Town Meeting warn’d for that purpose when met they Voted Separately M Flaggs Salary; and the Presbeteryans voted a Salary for the Rev" Mr. Jn' Wilson their Minister the Selectmen Sign’d the Respective warrants to y Constable or Collectors to collect the Same if this Method be agreeable we Humbly pray yo' approbation. But if anything in our proceedings hitherto is short of what is Necessary in the Law we humbly entreat a favourable construction and pray that the presbeterians may be Qualify'd Lawfully to proceed for the

Also if it be Necessary for M Flags hearers to proceed in any other method than hitherto pray for particular direction as to yo' Excellency and Honours shall appear needful Also we pray that ye day of the annual meeting may be altered to som other day of ye week to escape interfering with the Fast? which will oblige yor Humble Petitioners


Ephraim HASSELTINE / of Chester

Enoch COLEBY Province of In the House of Representatives New Hampshire ) the within Petition Read &

Vot: That the Prayer of the within Petition be granted in the following manner Viz.

Vott That the Two Congregations in Chester viz: that are called Congregationalists and those that are called Presbyterians have power to act Seperate in Raiseing money for Support of y: Ministers Respectively for Defraying the Charges of building & Repairing their meeting

houses and that they have power to Chuse Wardens Seperate to assess all persons and their Estates belonging to their Respective Congregations as aforesaid Toward Defraying Such Charges as shall be Raised for the aforesaid uses Seperate in Just & Equall Proportion, to such Tax & Taxes as they shall Vote from time to time at their Respective Meetings And that they have power to Choose Collectors Seperate to Collect the said Taxes and that they have Liberty to bring in a bill accordingly and that John Calf, Eph Hazilton Enoch Coleby, be impowered to call the first meeting for the Congregationall" and that Capt Sam! Ingolls John Tolford John Carr be impowr'd to call ther fist meeting for Presbetering meeting

James Jeffrey Cl' Assm August 6th 1740 In Council Eodem Die Read & Concurred Ricd Waldron Secy Same day Assented to


Petition for aid of soldiers. To the honourable Captins of Chester Greeting

Whereas there is a Considerable number of famelis scattered in the wilderness in the out skirts of Chester Some lives four miles and a half some three and a half (& 6 from any help) we are so scattered that we think we are very unfit to live as we have dund nevertheless we would be willing to imitat something of the spirit of the people of Zebulon and Naphtleen who Joperded their lives in the high places of the field and whereas we have a velow for our loss and libertise we Earnestly beg that your honours would look upon us in our Destrees and help with some suldiars a certain number we are not willing to name your selves Knowing our surcumstances and how it is with us believes you will help us this way more then we with prudence could name and in so doing your Poore pettioners will ever Pray if no help Coms we must leave our houses and homs and goe lik scattered Sheep. James Besford

Jonas Clay David McCluer

John Clay John Precut

David McClure Jebesh French

Jacob Basford To the Honle Capis of Chester, greeting.

Whereas we yo Subscribers live Remote from the town and for some years past have been obliged to leave our places for want of a sufficient number of men to Keep a garrison which has been greatly to our damage and we being desirous to live here if we can have three or four men to help support a garrison We Remain yours to serve, Ithamar Cary

Philip Grifen Zachariah Butterfield

Joshua Hall Stephen Webster

Allet Bary Aaron Butterfield

To the Captains of Chester :

We the subscribers earnestly Requests your Aid and assistance in pettioning the General Court for some help yourselves Knowing how we are scattered And how far a Distance from the metting house some 7 some 8 some 9 miles from it Gentle men we are your humble servants William Ollcot?

William McClintok
Walter Macfarlan

Nathaniel Boyd
William Grinel

Micheall McClintok.

Tolford & Wells' Petition. To His Excellency Benning Wentworth Esq' Captain Gen

eral Governor and Commander in Chief in and over the Province of New Hampshire the Honourable his Majestys Council and House of Representatives in General Assembly Convened the Tenth day of May 1748

The Petition of John Tolford and Thomas Wells of Chester in the Province of New Hampshire in behalf of the Inhabitants of s' Chester most humbly Shews That the sų Town of Chester is exposed to the Indian Enemy and sundry of the Dwelling houses in st Town so exposed that unless there be more men to defend them than the Town itself can afford they will unavoidably be obliged to leave them and their lands also That thereby the Enemy will gain an advantage and the Frontier be bro't nearer the Center That Sundry Persons who live in the outskirts of said Town have pray'd for help as by their respective Petitions hereunto annexed and herewith presented may more fully appear. Wherefore your Petitioners Most humbly pray your Excellency and Honours to allow such a number of men for the Defence and protection of sil Town as in your great wisdom shall be tho't reasonable


Thos WELLS. In Council May 11 1748, read & Sent Down to the Honble House

Theo. Atkinson Secy

Minutes of Chester town meeting Mar. 29, 1753. At a meeting of the free holders and Inhabitants of the Town of Chaster held at Chaster the 29ih Day of March 1753 Capt. Abel mors being moderator for said meeting amongst other things

Voted that the after mentioned tract of Land may be Incorporated into a Parash Beginning at Londonderry Line at a Stake and stones being the South west Bound of Land Sold to Thomas Cochran by the proprietors of said Chaster and run strate to a pitch pine tree being the

South west bound of Nathaniel Halls Land by penicook path than north north East By sad Halls Land as far as that gos and then Strate to the South East Corner of the 39th Lote in the Second part of the second division than North 29 Degrees East to the north east bound of the 43° Lote in the afforesaid devision then west north west to tower hill pond and then strate to the north Est Corner of Darefeld then South by Derryfeld to Londondary Line to the first Bound mentioned A true Coppy Taken from Chaster town Book of Record as ates to


town Clark

Petition of Andrew Craige of Chester, 9 Mar. 1757To His Excellency Benning Wentworth Esqr. Governor &

Commander In Chief in & over His Majesty's Province of New Hampshire the Hon'le his Majesty's Council & House of Representatives for saide Province in General Assembly Convened the Ninth Day of March 1757

The Humble Petition of Andrew Craigge of Chester in said Province One of the Select men of said Town for the Year 1756 In behalf of himself & the other Select men of said Town for said Year Shews

That by the Treasurers Warrant to the said Select to Levy the said Towns Proportion of the Province Tax for said year Several Different Sums are mentioned & ordered to be Levied and Paid into the Treasury at Different times and there are also two Sums Each of £ 203 :2 which the said Select were ordered as aforesaid to Raise which they by mistake took to be the same sum only twice mentioned in said Warrant by which Mistake the said Sum therein Last Mentioned is Omitted & no Tax has been made for Raising the same whereby the Said Town Falls so much in arrears to the Treasury

That the time Limitted in said Warrant for Paying in the Said sum is Past & the Omission so Lately Discovered that the said Selectmen could not make a New Tax & Comite the Same Seasonably to be Collected before the annual Meeting at which new officers may be Chosen and the Present Town Officers Superseded besides that it would have Perhaps Occasioned Some Disputes & Differences in said Town. Wherefore

your Petitioner most Humbly Prays That as this Omission is the Effect of Inadvertence & not of Design the said Selectmen may

be Excused & Exempted from the Penalty of the Law in such Cases Provided That the Treasurer may be ordered to suspend Issuing an extent against them for this arrearage but that the said Town may have further time for the Payment thereof that the Selectmen that may be Chosen for the Present Year may be authorized to Levy the Same with the Tax for this Year in the Same manner as it Ought to have been done in the Year Past and that a Resolve of the whole

Legislature may be Past for this Purpose or if that should be tho't Insufficient That your Petitioner may have Leave to bring in a Bill accordingly or that you would be Pleased to Grant Such other Relief in the Premises as in Your Great Wisdom & Goodness you shall judge Expedient and your Petitioner as in Duty Bound shall Ever Pray &c

AND" CRAIGE. In Council March gtb 1757 read & ordered to be sent down to the Honble Assembly

Theodore Aikinson Sec. Province of In the house of Representatives March 10th 1757 New Hamps ) This Petition having been read & the Petitioner being

fully heard thereon Resolved That the prayer thereof be granted & that the Petitioner have Liberty to bring in a Bill accordingly

Andrew Clarkson Clerk In Council Eodem Die read & Concurrd Theod. Atkinson Secy.

Consented to



ADVERTISEMENT. These are to notify and warn the free holders and Inhabitants of the Town of Chester Qualifyed for Voting to assemble and meet at the old Meeting house in Chester upon Wednesday the Twenty sixth Day of this Instant January at one of the Clock in the afternoon of sd Day p" To chuse a moderator for said meeting 21s To see if the Town will Vote of that part of the Town called the north Parish or freetown so called to be a Town or Parish by themselves or to act and Do what shall be Thought proper in that affair

John WEBSTER Selectmen Dated at Chester January 12th 1763 BRADBURY CARR

Mathew FORSAITH Chester At a meeting of the Freeholders and Inhabitants of the Town of Chester held at Chester January 26th 1763 agreeable to the fore going Warning

Voted Deacon Ebenezer Dearborn moderator for said meeting 215 Voted Sam' Robie Clerk pro tempore for said meeting

Voted That That part of the Town of Chester Called the north Parrish or freetown as much as was Laid out in Parrish forme shall be set of as a Town or Parrish A True Copy Taken from Chester Town Book of Records Attest


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