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Petition in behalf of Benji Page for a Ferry. To His Excellency John Wentworth Esq Governor and Com

mander in Chief in and over His Majestys Province of New Hampshire, and to the Honble His Majestys Council

The Humble Petition of Benjamin Page of Charlestown in said Province of New Hampshire Yeoman Humbly Sheweth also the Petition of the Selectmen and other of the Inhabitants of said Charlestown—praying that the said Benjamin may have the benefit of the Ferry that leads from Charlestown to Crown point (as he is settled at the Ferry as near as is convenient for a Ferry man) he is a sober well disposed person and we think he will attend the Business and be faithfull to oblige those that Travel the road, there is no house that is within half a mile of said ferry on this side the river and we Your Excellency's Petitioners Humbly pray that he may have a Charter of the same if Your Excellency and Honours shall think fit to Grant the same to him as we Judge him to be suitable for the business and Your Petitioners as in duty bound shall ever pray.

Win Heywood
Jan" 10th 1771.

Nathel Powers

William Jacobs
James Farnsworth

Sam Hunt
Osmon Baker

Silvanus Hastings
Timothy Putnam

Enos Stevens
Simon Þowers

Lem' Hastings
Elijah Parker

Stephen Atworde
Benoni? Spafford

Willard Stevens
Richd Holdin

David Taylor
Peter Page

Abel Walker

Petition of John Nott. To his Excellency John Wentworth Esqr. Governor & Commandor in Chief in & over His Majesty's Province of New Hampshire and to His Majestys Honble Counnicel That Whareas it Hath Bin Pleaseing to the People of Charlestown to Sign and Send to the Governor & Cownsel desiering that Benmaa Paige Should have the ferey Grantted to him it is also my desire that it Should be grantted to him and Pray your Excellency & the Oner" Counsel to grant it to him on this Side of the River the humble Request of John Nott who hath maintained the ferey with a good Booat on my own Cost six years

Јону Noтт. January the 14 1771.

Petition of Simeon Olcott for a Ferry.
To his Excellency John Wentworth Esqr. Captain General,

Governor and Commander in Chief in & over his Majesty's
Province of New Hampshire &c.
In Council

Humbly Sheweth Simeon Olcott of Charlestown in said Province that there being no Ferry legally appointed and Established on Connecticut River between said Charlestown and Springfield on the opposite side of said River, by reason whereof his Majesty's Subjects are often obstructed or delayed in passing said River or exorbitant sums demanded for the same—Wherefore your Petitioner prays that he may be appointed and authorized to set up & Keep a Ferry on said River between said Charlestown and Springfield under such Orders and Regulations as in your wisdom shall be tho't fit and your Petitioner shall ever pray &c

SIMEON Olcott. Portsmouth 19th March 1771.

CHESTER Chester was an original township of ten miles equare granted Aug. 26, 1720, and was incorporated 8 May, 1722. ED.)

Petition in behalf of the proprietors of Chester. To the Honble John Wentworth Esq' Lieut. Gov. Governor

and Commander in Chief in and over His Majesties Province of New Hamp and to the Honb'le the Council for said Province.

The Humble Petition of Henry Sherburne Sam! Ingalls, John Sanborn & Thoo Packer in Behalf of the Propriet.'s of the Town of Chester In said Province Humbly Sheweth

That the Propriets of the Town of Chester afores about two years since Chose a Comittee to Join wth a Comittee of the Town of Londonderry to run the Line between the two Towns, which the said Comittee accordingly Begun & made some Progress in it but did not Compleat the same, by reason that the Comittee for Londonerry would not consent to allow the usual allowance (of Eleven Chains for ten for windfalls & in ye woods) in the measure on the W. N. W. or Side Line, and would allow only bare measure which was unreasonable and never Practiced before the reason of their being so Exact is Because the Propriets of Londonderry have Artfully contrived to have it so in their Charter as to Ingrose to them selves the

Fishing place at Ameskeegg by taking into their Town a small gore of Land at the head of Chester, running so far between the river of Merrymack and the head of Chester untill it takes in the said Fishing place, they having measured it beforehand for that purpose, their Ingrossing to themselves y sa Fishing place will not only be greatly prejudicial to Chester but also to the other New Towns. Y' Petitioners therefore Humbly pray That yo' Honours will be pleased to appoint a Committee to run the said Lines and Settle the bounds between the said Towns in such a manner as is Customary and yo' Petition"s as in duty bound Shall ever pray Jan's 6th 1725-6


For themselves and in behalf of


John SANBORN In Coun. Jan'y 8h 1725-6.

The Petition of Chester Committee this day Presented to ye board by M' Thomo Packer Praying the Honble y« L' Gov & Council to appoint a Committee to run out & Settle ye Divisional lives & boundaries between that town & Londo Derry for the reasons therein set forth, being read It is Ordered That the hearing upon the said Petition be on Tuesday y® 25 Inst. at y« Coun Chamb. in Porto and that the Petitioners serve ye Selectmen of the sd Town of Londo Derry wth a Copy thereof & of this order in the mean time that they may have an opportunity to shew ye Reasons (if any they have) why the Prayer of s« Petition inay not be granted.

R Waldron Clark Con. To be heard a Tuesday fortnight.

Chester Committee Petition-Minutes of Council thereon,

Jan 25, 1725.
Prov. N. Hamp' {, Esq"

Present in Coun. Jan 25, 1725. 6 The Committee of Chester appearing to prosecute their Petition for a Committee to settle ye divisional line be!ween yo Town & LondonDerry which was filed ye 8th Instant & Messrs Cargil & Robi Boyes appearing in behalf of y® se Town of London Derry & both partys being fully heard It is ordered That the Prayer of ye Petition be granted & that Mr. James Stevens be yo Surveyor to lead y Course & y' M' Benja Barker sno Calton be y• Persons to carry yo chain & that Capt. Jno Gillman & Mr. Edward Hale go on wth one chain man & ye other wih y other & keep ye Tally who are likewise to take care & see that due & just allowance be made in yo measure in all cases where they shall Judge it requisite and that this busyness be performed between this time & ye middle of June next & reported into yo secretarys office immediately after

ye Completing thereof & yt y® Charge of ye Committee be paid by yo 2 Towns Jointly & yi yo s« Committee be sworn to ye faith' discharge of ye Duty of y' respective trusts according to ye form annexed

Petition of Selectmen of Chester 15 Oct. 1726. To the Honble John Wentworth Esq' Lieut" Goven' Comand"

in Chief in & over His Majties Prove of New Hamp? And to the Honble the Council for Said Province.

The Humble Petition of Clem Hughes, Robt Smith and John Sanborn Selectmen of the Town of Chester Humbly Sheweth

That Capt Tobias Langdon, Capt Timo Gerrish & John Smith appointed by yo' Hon's sometime Since to be a Comittee to run yo Head Line of Exeter (wch is the Dividing line between si Exeter & Chester afores') did not attend the Directions of y' Honours in that affair but followed the Directions of ye Select men of said Exeter therein, and having run sa line to ye sa Selectmens mind, made their return to yo sa Selectmen instead of doing it to yo" Hon's so that that line is as yet unsettled to the great prejudice of the aforesa Town of Chester

Yo' Petition": Therefore Humbly pray yo' Hon's to appoint a Comittee to run the two miles that Exeter is to run upon a W by N. point above Dover and from thence upon a Straight line to a Beach Tree (on Kingston Side Line) appointed & marked in the year 1718 to be ye bounds for Exeter on ył side, by the Grand Comittee appointed by the Genl assembly to fix yo bounds of each Town within this Province which Straight line is yo Dividing line between Exeter & Chester, And that yo' Hon's would please to Direct Said Comittee to run said Line with all Convenient Speed and yo' Petition"s as in duty bound Shall Ever pray


Robrt Smith Portsmo Oct 15th 1726.


Report on Petition for a road.
New Hampshire

) Pursuant to a Vote of the General Court Bareing Date May 26th 1743 To us the Subscribers a Committee appointed by the General Court to go up to Chester and Londonderry to View a highway formerly Laidout by Chester and Londonderry and recorded in Each Town and also a Nother way Petitioned for by Chester, and to make Report of our Doeings therein to the Genal Assm att their next sessions

Wee haveing been up and Viewed Both Ways and Doe find that the way formerly Laid out from Londonderry to Chester, Between the lands of Messa James Colwell and Patrick Duglass to Derry Northeasterly line And then on a Straight line through the land of Brown of Chester to meet the Road, that leads by Deacon Dearbourns to Chester Meeting house is the Most Convenient way for accommodation of Both

Towns aforesaid and for Travellers in General Dated this 22d Day of
Sept. 1743

John Downing Jr.
Geo Walton

Richard Jennes
In the House of representatives May 26th 1743.

The within Petition read & a former Petition of the Select men of Chester read relating to the same affairs and the Petitioners & the Select men of Londonderry respondents heard by the Council and

Voted That their be a Comittee Sent to View the highways Viz That which is Laid out & that which is Petitioned to be Laid out and the sa Comittee to make returne to the General Assembly at their next Sessions which place is most proper for a high way and upon the Comittees returne to Consider who Shall pay the Charge And that George Waldron & richard Jennes Esq be a Comittee from this House to Joyn such as the Honble the Council Shall appoint to do the Service above sd

James Jaffrey Cle' Assm Eodem Die

In Council read & Concurrd & Joseph Sherburne & John Downing Esq" added to the Comittee above sa

Theod Atkinson Secy. Eodem Die Assented to


Theodore Atkinson Secy. In the House of Representatives ybr 234 1743

The within Return read, and accepted And

Voted That the Highway, as therein mentioned & Described, be the Kings High way, and that all obstructions in or on said high way be Removed, and that the same be allowed to be a Publick Road, and that the Petitioners of Chester pay the Charg of the Comitee that went on the Spot Each pson thirty Shillings (old Tenor) pr Diem for their Labor & Charge, And that the said Petitioners of Chester pay the said Charge to some or one of the said Comitee within thirty days after the Date hereof.

James Jeffrey Cl' Assim In Council September 23d 1743 read & Concured

Theodore Atkinson Secy Eodem Die

Assented To B. WENTWORTH Memorandum the High Way Laid out and Recorded from Chester to Londonderry by Sam! Browns the length is one mile and a Half and sixty Rhods

The way by Kars mills as was showed to us but not Laid out was two miles and fifty two Rhods

Saml Emerson 1 Chare men dated at Chester

Thomas Cochran ; upon oath August ye 234 1743

The Highway that is Laid out and Recorded, went acrost Samuel Browns Land as we measured; He Promised to give said Land for å High way to the town of Chester without any other Satisfaction than not to Have sd High way goe by his house

The way by Karrs mills as we measured went first acrost James Col

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