Miscellaneous Bills: Hearings Before the Committee on Armed Services, United States Senate, Eighty-fourth Congress, First Session on S. 1261, Conveyance of Lands, Caven Point Terminal and Ammunition Loading Pier, New Jersey, to New Jersey Turnpike Authority; H.R. 2109, to Authorize Permanent Appointments in the Navy and Marine Corps; H.R. 2150, Providing for Certain Adjustments in Dates of Rank of Nurses and Women Medical Specialists of the Regular Army and Air Force in the Permanenet Grade of Captain; H.R. 4106, Authorizing Crediting of Prior Active Federal Commissioned Service Performed by a Person Appointed as a Commissioned Officer Under the Army-Navy Nurses Act of 1947, as Amended; H.R. 4817, Release of the Express Condition and Limitation on Certain Land Heretofore Conveyed to the Trustees of the Village of Sag Harbor, N.Y.; H.R. 4886, Providing that Active Service in the Army and Air Force Shall be Included in Determining Eligibility for Retirement of Certain Officers of the Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard; H.R. 5623 ... ; H.R. 6277 ... ; H.R. 7194 ... ; H.J. Res. 251 ... July 21, 1955

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1955 - 35 halaman

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