How To Overcome Messed-Up Syndrome: An Infallible Key Map and Spiritual Guide

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AuthorHouse, 2008 - 136 halaman
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HOW TO OVERCOME MESSED UP SYNDROME The human mind is one of the most powerful forces on earth and grantee success in life to those who would allow it to function as designed by God. The other side of the coins is that the same mind can be very dangerous and disastrous if it is messed up. Based on this divine revelation I wrote this book on How to overcome messed up syndrome. It's a divine concept designed to help us gain insight, and breakthrough to the path of recovering from "messed up" lifestyle. The book is a channel of transformation and agent of total renewal of one's mind. The acronyms of "Messed Up" provide the bedrock for discovering to recovering and freedom. M-Mental E-Emotional S-Spiritual S-Social E-Economical D-Disorder When a person fails to function normally in any of the above mentioned, he or she is said to have acquired a symptom of malfunctioning: Combination of two or more of symptom becomes a syndrome. Usually society tagged those with mental, emotional, spiritual, social and economical problem as U-Unprofitable P-Person "But God, who is rich in mercy, for his great love wherewith he loved us," through Jesus Christ has surrounded us with endless opportunities to connect to the supernatural source of deliverance. In this book you will find simple, complex, and intricate concepts capable of wakening the sleeping mind by prompting emotional reaction to solutions that would dramatically and miraculously change your life for better. Messed up syndrome is a global epidemic threatening the foundation of many lives, businesses, and is the brain behind marriage break down and family fragmentations. How to overcome messed up syndrome is a road map with uncomplicated and straightforward precept mapping the way of deliverance and freedom for individuals as well as for the entire world.

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New Era
New Problems
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New Solution
MessedUp Syndrome
Mental Capacity
Emotional Ability
Spiritual Stability
Social Sensibility
Economical Availability
Disordered But Not Dispirited
Unprofitable Person But God
The Author
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