A Practical treatise on palatable prescribing, containing the favorite formulary of the most eminent medical and surgical authorities, collated from their published writings and private records, and embracing a resume of the most eligible prescriptions for the administration of recent additions to the materia medica

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G.S. Davis, 1885 - 138 halaman

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Halaman 110 - In addition to this Dr. Barker gives nutritious. easily digested food; applies the child to the breast as soon as the patient has recovered from the exhaustion of labor; attends to the state of the bowels: gives a diaphoretic anodyne, and has the nurse rub the breasts from circumference to nipple with warm sweet oil every three hours.
Halaman 111 - Liquor f erri sulphatis § ss. Aquae •§ j. M. Sig. — Saturate with this solution the finest cotton wool; dry and expose to moderate pressure. Wrap a sufficient quantity around a long small piece of whalebone and introducing it into the cavity of the uterus, withdraw the whalebone, leaving the cotton in situ. Strong thread may be attached to the cotton to withdraw it when necessary. From 12 to 24 hours is as long as it should remain. This hemostatic is that proposed and used by the distinguished...
Halaman 2 - Soon afterwards, particularly in hot climatess, profuse, but seldom exhausting, perspiration is produced ; this has a. strong aromatic odor, which I have often detected about the patient and his room on the following day. With...
Halaman 78 - Sig. — Ten drops three times a day; increased as rapidly as the stomach can bear it. Dr.
Halaman 40 - Tinct. benzoini co 3 j ad 3 ij. To be added to a pint of water at 150° F., and inhaled for five or eight minutes every four or six hours from a suitable inhaler. — Dr. Morell Mackenzie.
Halaman 89 - M. Sig. — To be rubbed over the parts; care should be taken to see that there is no abrasion of the skin.
Halaman 70 - Fluid extract of smilax sarsaparilla, fluid extract of stillingia sylvatica (queen's delight), fluid extract of lappa minor (burdock) , fluid extract of phytolacca decandra (poke root) , of each two ounces ; tincture of xanthoxylum carolinianum (prickly ash), 1 ounce.

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