The History of the Five Indian Nations Depending on the Province of New-York in America

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Great Seal Books, 1866 - 181 halaman

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Halaman xviii - By his Excellency the Honourable GEORGE CLINTON, Captain General and Governor in Chief of the Province of New York, and Territories thereon depending in America, Vice Admiral of the same, and Admiral of the White Squadron of his Majesty's Fleet.
Halaman 86 - I do not sleep; I have my eyes open, and the sun which enlightens me, discovers to me a great captain at the head of a company of soldiers who speaks as if he were dreaming.
Halaman 106 - Sachems, and one or two of your chief captains of each Nation, to be a Council to manage all Affairs of the War. They, to give Orders to the...
Halaman xviii - A | TREATY | Held at the Town of | Lancaster, in Pennsylvania, | By the Honourable the | Lieutenant-Governor of the Province, | And the Honourable the | Commissioners for the Provinces | of | Virginia and Maryland, | with the | Indians | of the | Six Nations, | In June, 1744.
Halaman 83 - I am willing to forget those things, but if ever the like shall happen for the future, I have express orders to declare war against you. „ This belt confirms my words. Your warriors have made several barbarous incursions on the Illinois and...
Halaman 75 - I will protect you as a father doth his children. Is this protection, to speak thus with his lips, and at the same time to knock us on the head, by assisting our enemies with ammunition? He always says, I am your father, and you are my children; and yet he is angry with his children, for taking these goods.
Halaman 87 - We knock the Twightwies and Chictaghicks on the head, because they had cut down the trees of peace, which were the limits of our country. They have hunted beaver on our lands. They have acted contrary to the customs of all Indians, for they left none of the beavers alive, — they killed both male and female.
Halaman 109 - Let me put you in mind again, not to make any Treaties without my Means, which will be more advantageous for you, than your doing it by yourselves, for then you will be looked upon as the King of England's Subjects, and let me know, from Time to Time, every thing that is done. Thus far I have spoken to you relating to the War.
Halaman 87 - Our warriors have not beaver enough to pay for all these arms that they have taken, and our old men are not afraid of the war. This belt preserves my words.
Halaman 67 - Side the great Water. You tell us, that the Cahnawaas will come hither, to strengthen the Chain. Let them not make any Excuse, that they are old and feeble, or that their Feet are sore. If the old Sachems cannot, let the young Men come. We shall not fail to come hither, tho' we live farthest off, and then the new Chain will be stronger and brighter.

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