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Five INDIAN Nations
Depending on the Province


In America.


Printed and Sold by William Bradford in

New-York, 1727.


His EXCELLENCY VVilliam Burnet, Esq;

Captain General and Governor in

Chief of the Provinces of New-York, New - Jersey, and Territories thereon depending, in America, aud ViceAdmiral of the same, &c.'


He Indian Affairs of this Province

have appear’d to your Excellency - of such Importance to the Wellfare of the People here, that you have carefully apply'd your Thoughts to them, in which I hope your Excellency will have such Success, that not only the present Generation shall enjoy the Benefit of your Care, but our latest Posterity likewise may

bless bless your Memory under their Happiness, the Foundation of which may be laid under your Excellency's Administration, if the People here, who's Interest is chiefly concern’d, do on their parts second your Endeavours, as their Duty requires, towards securing the Peace and advancing the Prosperity of their Country.

The following Account of the Five Nations will show what Dangerous Neighbours the Indians have been, what Pains a Neighbouring Colony? (who's Interest is Opposit to ours) has taken to withdraw their Affections from Us, and how dreadful the Consequences may be, if that Colony should succeed in their Designs : and therefore how much we ought to be on our Guard. If we only consider the Riches which a People, who have been and may again be our Enemies, receive from the Indian Trade ( tho' we were under no apprehensions from the Indians themselves ) it may be thought imprudent in Us to suffer such People to grow Rich and Powerful, while it is in our Power to prevent it, with much less Charge and



Count confin'

Trouble than it is in theirs to accomplish their designs.

These Considerations are sufficient to make the Indian Affairs deserve the most serious Thoughts of the Governor of New-York. But I know your Excellency's Views are not confin’d to the Interest of your own Country only.

The Five Nations are a poor Barbarous People, under the darkest Ignorance, and yet a bright and noble Genius shines thro’ these black Clouds. None of the greatest Roman Hero's have discovered a greater Love to their Country, or a greater Contempt of Death than these Barbarians have done, when Life and Liberty came in Competition : Indeed, I think our Indians have out-done the Romans in this particular; for some of the greatest Romans have Murder'd themselves to avoid Shame or Torments, (a) VVhereas our Indians have refused to Dye meanly with the least Pain, when they thought their ------ - - ---- - - - - ---

(a) This will appear by several Instances in the second Part of this History.'


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