Revised School Laws and Revised Rules and Regulations of the Department of Public Instruction of the Territory of Hawaii, 1911

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Bulletin publishing Company,Limited, 1911

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Halaman 32 - ... the findings of the court shall be entered in a book or books to be kept for that purpose, and known as the "Juvenile Record," and the court may for convenience be called the "Juvenile Court.
Halaman 31 - ... whose home, by reason of neglect, cruelty or depravity on the part of its parents, guardian or other person in whose care it may be, is an unfit place for such a child...
Halaman 31 - For the purposes of this act the words dependent child and neglected child shall mean any child who for any reason is destitute or homeless or abandoned; or dependent upon the public for support ; or has not proper parental care or guardianship ; or who habitually begs or receives alms ; or who is found living in any house of...
Halaman 34 - The child found delinquent may be placed on probation for such time and upon such condition as the court may determine, and such child so released on probation may be furnished with a written statement of the terms and conditions of release. At any...
Halaman 27 - Regents may from time to time prescribe and to give such military instruction as the Federal Government may require. The standard of instruction in each course shall be equal to that given and required by similar colleges on the mainland and upon the successful completion of the prescribed course the Board of Regents are authorized to confer a corresponding degree upon all students who shall become entitled thereto. SECTION 5. No person shall, because of age. sex, color or nationality, be deprived...
Halaman 32 - A disposition of any child under this Act or any evidence given in such cause shall not, in any civil, criminal or other cause or proceeding whatever in any court, be lawful or proper evidence against such child for any purpose whatever, except in subsequent cases against the same child, under this Act. The word "child
Halaman 33 - Upon the filing of the petition a summons shall issue requiring the person having custody or control, of the child, or with whom the child may be...
Halaman 11 - The English language shall be the medium and basis of instruction in all public and private schools within the Territory, and any school where English is not the medium and basis of instruction shall not be recognized as a public or private school within the provisions of this chapter, and attendance thereat shall not be considered attendance at school in compliance with law: Provided, however, That the Hawaiian language shall lie taught in addition to the English in all normal and high schools...
Halaman 33 - ... and did not appear, said court may issue a warrant reciting the substance of the complaint, and requiring the officer to whom it is directed forthwith to take such child and bring it before said court to be dealt with according to law, and to summon such witnesses as shall be named therein to appear and give evidence at the examination.
Halaman 32 - ... who is vicious, incorrigible, or immoral in conduct or who is an habitual truant from school, or who habitually wanders about the streets and public places during school hours without any lawful occupation or employment, or who runs away from his or her home, or place where he or she is lawfully employed.

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