The novels and romances of A.E. Bray, Volume 9

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Halaman 75 - Peace, cousin, say no more : And now I will unclasp a secret book, And to your quick-conceiving discontents I'll read you matter deep and dangerous ; As full of peril, and advent'rous spirit, As to o'er-walk a current, roaring loud, On the unsteadfast footing of a spear.
Halaman 127 - I could have compass'd sea and land To do her bidding. Lady. Is she young or old ? Page. Neither, if right I guess ; but she is fair, For Time hath laid his hand so gently on her, As he, too, had been awed.
Halaman 35 - Than robes riche, or fidel, or sautrie. But all be that he was a philosophre, Yet hadde he but litel gold in cofre...
Halaman 1 - Though sluggards deem it but a foolish chase, And marvel men should quit their easy chair, The toilsome way, and long, long league to trace, Oh! there is sweetness in the mountain air, And Life, that bloated Ease can never hope to share.
Halaman 160 - For lovers' eyes more sharply sighted be Than other men's, and in dear love's delight See more than any other eyes can see, Through mutual receipt of beames bright...
Halaman 103 - I've heard of this. (Pauses and listens.) How those fall'n leaves so rustle on the path, With whisp'ring noise, as tho' the earth around me Did utter secret things ! The distant river too, bears to mine ear A dismal wailing. O mysterious night ! Thou art not silent ; many tongues hast thou. A distant...
Halaman 260 - Right fit to rend the food on which he fared. • His name was Care ; a Blacksmith by his trade, That neither day nor night from working spared, But to small purpose yron wedges made ; Those be Unquiet Thoughts that carefull minds invade.
Halaman 35 - But all that he might of his frendes hente, On bokes and on lerning he it spente, And besily gan for the soules praie Of hem, that yave him wherwith to scolaie.
Halaman 329 - In counterchange whereof he then, and no sooner, revealing his longconcealed errand, flatly arrested his host, to make immediate appearance before the king to answer a capital crime. Which unexpected and illcarried message the gentleman took in such despite, that with his dagger he stabbed the messenger to the heart.

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