Central Valley Project of California: Hearings Before the Committee on Flood Control, House of Representatives, Seventy-fourth Congress, First Session, Central Valley Project of State Water Plan of California. February 7, 8, and 9, 1935

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1935 - 107 halaman

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Halaman 1 - ... (c) Any member appointed to fill a vacancy in the board occurring prior to the expiration of the term for which his predecessor was appointed shall be appointed for the remainder of such term.
Halaman 3 - In the appointment of officials and the selection of employees for said Corporation, and in the promotion of any such employees or officials, no political test or qualification shall be permitted or given consideration, but all such appointments and promotions shall be given and made on the basis of merit and efficiency.
Halaman 1 - Each member shall hold office for a term of six years, except that (1) any member appointed to fill a vacancy occurring prior to the expiration of the term for which his predecessor was appointed, shall be appointed for the remainder of such term; and...
Halaman 2 - May sue and be sued in its corporate name. (c) May adopt and use a corporate seal, which shall be judicially noticed. (d) May make contracts, as herein authorized. (e) May adopt, amend, and repeal bylaws. (f) May purchase or lease and hold such real and personal property as it deems necessary or convenient in the transaction of its business, and may dispose of any such personal property held by it.
Halaman 5 - ... per centum per annum. Said bonds shall be issued and sold in amounts and prices approved by the Secretary of the Treasury, but all such bonds as may be so issued and sold shall have equal rank. None of said bonds shall be sold below par, and no fee, commission, or compensation whatever shall be paid to any person, firm, or corporation for handling, negotiating the sale, or selling the said bonds. All of such bonds so issued and sold shall have all the rights and privileges accorded by law to...
Halaman 6 - Congress, to make such surveys of and general plans for said Sacramento and San Joaquin basins and adjoining territory as may be useful to the Congress and to the several States in guiding and controlling the extent, sequence, and nature of development that may be equitably and economically advanced through the expenditure of public funds...
Halaman 4 - The expenses for each such audit may be paid from moneys advanced therefor by the Corporation, or from any appropriation or appropriations for the General Accounting Office, and appropriations so used shall be reimbursed promptly by the Corporation as billed by the Comptroller General.
Halaman 48 - ... shall nevertheless be valid and sufficient for all purposes the same as if he had remained in office until such delivery.
Halaman 3 - ... other structures, and navigation projects at any point along the Tennessee River, or any of its tributaries and in the event that the owner or owners of such property shall fail and refuse to sell to the Corporation at a price deemed fair and reasonable by the board, then the Corporation may proceed to exercise the right of eminent domain, and to condemn all property that it deems necessary for carrying out the purposes of this Act...
Halaman 3 - River drainage basins; and shall have power to acquire or construct power houses, power structures, transmission lines, navigation projects, and incidental works in the Tennessee River and its tributaries, and to unite the various power installations into one or more systems by transmission lines.

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