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Senators and Representatives from Pennsylvania

in Forty-Third Congress.


| John Scott, Rep.

Simon Cameron, Rep.


Elected October, 1872. At Large :

Districts : Glenni W. Schofield, Rep.

11. John B. Storm, Dem. Chas. Albright, Rep.

12. Lazarus D, Shoemaker. Lemuel Todd, Rep.

13. J. D. Strawbridge, Rep. Districts :

14. John B. Packer, Rep. 1. Samuel J. Randall, Dem. 15. John A. Magee, Dem. 2. Chas. O'Neill, Rep.

16. John Cessna, Rep. 3. Leonard Myers, Rep.

17. R. Milton Spear, Dem. 4. William D. Kelley, Rep. 18. Sobieski Ross, Rep. 5. A. C. Harmer, Rep.

19. C. R. Curtis, Rep. 6. J.S. Biery, Rep.

20. H. L, Richmond, Rep. 7. Wash'ton Townsend, Rep. 21. A. W. Taylor, Rep. 8. Hiester Clymer, Dem. 22. James S. Negley, Rep. 9. A. Herr Smith, Rep.

23. Eben. M'Junkin, Rep. 10. John W. Killinger, Rep. 24. W.S. Moore, Rep.

Officers of the Pennsylvania State Agricultural

Society for 1875.

GEO. Scott, Catawissa, Columbia co.

Recording Secretary.
D. W. Seiler, Harrisburg, Dauphin co.

John B. Rutherford, Harrisburg, Dauphin co.

Corresponding Secretary.
Elbridge M'Conkey, Harrisburg, Dauphin co.

William H. Egle, M. D., Harrisburg, Dauphin co.

Chemist and Geologist.
S. S. Haldeman, Columbia, Lancaster co.

Assistant Chemist and Geologist.
Hugh Hamilton, Harrisburg, Dauphin 00.

Vice Presidents. 1. James A. M'Crea,

15. James E. Carmalt, Philadelphia. Friendsville or Montrose. 2. George Blight,

16. J. B. Potter, Philadelphia. Wellsboro', Tioga co. 3. Paschall Morris,

17. S. Baker, Philadelphia.

Altoona, Blair co. 4. William S. Bissell,

18. John S. Miller, Pittsburg.

Huntingdon, Hunt. co. 19. Daniel O. Gehr, .

Chambersb'g, Frank’n co. 6. David H. Branson,

20. L. A. Mackey, Coatesville, Chester co.

Lock Haven, Clinton co. 7. William H. Holstein,

21. George Rhey, Bridgeport, Mont'y co.

Millwood, West'd co. 8. Tobias Barto,

22. John Murdock, Jr., Reading, Berks co.

Pittsburg, Alle’y co. 9. S. S. Spencer,

23. Alexander Speer, Lancaster, Lan’r co.

Pittsburg, Alle’y co. 10. Daniel H. Neiman,

24. Joshua Wright, Easton, North’n co.

Washington co. 11. Joseph P. Connor,

25. J. B. Lawson, Fowlersburg, Pa. Reimersburg, Clarion co. 12. Ira Tripp,

26. J. D. Kirkpatrick, Scranton, Luzerne co.

N. Liberty, Mercer co. 13. Lyman Nutting,

27. John W. Hammond, Pinegrove, Schuylkill co.

Erie, Erie co. 14. John A. Smull,

Harrisburg, Dauphin co.

5. A. D. Leverinkhiladelphia

Additional Members Executive Committee. A. Wilhelm,

J. S. Keller,
Cornwall, Lebanon co, Orwigsburg, Schuylkill co.
Abner Rutherford,

Benjamin G. Peters,
Paxton, Dauphin co. Harrisburg, Dauphin co.
Seth Hoagland, Mercer or Hermitage, Mercer co.

Ex-Presidents Members of the Board.
Frederick Watts,

A, Boyd Hamilton, Carlisle, Cumb'd co. Harrisburg, Dauphin co. D. Taggart, [co. Amos E. Kapp,

[co. Northumberland, North'd Northumberland, North'd Jacob S. Haldeman,

John C. Morris,
Harrisburg, Dauphin co.

Scranton, Luzerne co. Thomas P. Knox,

J. R. Eby,
Norristown, Montg'y co. Harrisburg, Dauphin co.

Trustees of the Agricultural College of Pennsyl.

vania, for the year 1873.

John F. Hartranft, Governor of Pennsylvania.
M. S. Quay, Secretary of the Commonwealth.
James Calder, D. D., Pres’t College Faculty,
Jacob R. Eby, Esq., Pres’t State Agr. Society.

Hon. A. 0. Hiester.

Hon. A. Wilson Taylor,
Harrisburg, Dauphin co.

Indiana, Indiana co. James Kelly, Esq.,

Joseph C. Turner, Esq., Wilkinsburg, Allegheny co. Chadd's Ford, Chester co. Wm. B. Roberts, Esq.,

Hon. Daniel Kaine,
King of Prussia, Mont. co.

Uniontown, Fayette co. Hon. Frederick Watts,

Gen. James A. Beavor,
Carlisle, Cumb. co.

Bellefonte, Centre ce
Hon. Francis Jordan, Harrisburg, Dauphin co.

President-Hon. Frederick Watts, Carlisle.
Treasurer-Moses Thompson, Esq., Le Mont, Centre co.
Secretary-James Calder, D, D., State College.

State College, Centre county, Pa.


Some of which are regulated by statute and others by customi.

Lbs. per

Lbs. per

bushel. Foreign salt, coarse*. 85 Turnips.. Unslacked lime..

80 Corn meal Bituminous coal

76 Buckwheat* Corn in ear

70 Barley Foreign salt, ground*. 70 Castor beans... Clover seed *.

62 Timothy seed. Foreign salt, fine*

62 Blue grass seed. Wheat*

60 Hemp seed.. Peas

60 Coke* White beans........

60 Malt Onions.

57 Dried peaches Irish potatoes*

56 Oats* Shelled corn*


Dried apples......... Rye*


Ground peas... Flax seed


55 50 48 47 46 45 44 44 40 48 33 30 24 24 20 8

56 Bran Sweet potatoes

55 | Plastering hair.
Bituminous coal, * cubic inches per bushel..
Coke, * cubic inches per bushel..
Charcoal, * cubic inches per bushel.

* Regulated by statute.


2,688 2,680 2,571

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