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to any penalty for or on account of any transaction, matter or thing concerning which he may so testify or produce evidence, documentary or otherwise, before any such court, person or officer,

Sec. 7. Each and every firm, person, partnership, corporation, or association of persons, who shall in any manner violate any of the provisions of this Act, shall for each and every day that such violations shall be committed or continued, after due notice given by the Attorney-General or any District Attorney, forfeit and pay the sum of fifty (50) dollars, which may be recovered in the name of the people of the State of California, in any county where the offense is committed, or where either of the offenders resides ; and it shall be the duty of the AttorneyGeneral, or the District Attorney of any county on the order of the Attorney-General, to prosecute for the recovery of the same. When the action is prosecuted by the Attorney-General against a corporation or association of persons, he may begin the action in the Supreme [Superior] Court of the county in which defendant resides or does business.

Sec. 8. That any contract or agreement in violation of the provisions of this Act, shall be absolutely void and shall not be enforceable either in law or equity.

SEC. 9. That the provisions hereof shall be held cumulative of each other and of all other laws in any way affecting them now in force in this State.

Sec. 10. It shall not be lawful for any person, partnership, association or corporation, or any agent thereof, to issue or to own trust certificates, or for any person, partnership, association or corporation, agent, officer or employé, or the directors or stockholders of any corporation, to enter into any combination, contract or agreement with any person or persons, corporation, or corporations, or with any stockholder or director thereof, the purpose and effect of which combination, contract or agreement shall be to place the management or control of such combination or combinations, or the manufactured product thereof, in the hands of any trustee or trustees with the intent to limit or fix the price or lessen the production and sale of any article of commerce, use or consumption, or to prevent, restrict or diminish the manufacture or output of any such article, and any person, partnership, association or corporation that shall enter into any such combination, contract or agreement for the purpose aforesaid shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and on conviction thereof shall be punished by a fine not less than fifty dollars, nor more than five thousand dollars.

SEC. 11. In addition to the criminal and civil penalties herein provided, any person who shall be injured in his business or property by any other person or corporation or association or partnership, by reason of anything forbidden or declared to be unlawful by this Act, may sue therefor in any court having jurisdiction thereof in the county where the defendant resides or is found, or any agent resides or is found, or where service may be obtained, without respect to the amount in controversy, and to recover twofold the damages by him sustained, and the costs of suit. Whenever it shall appear to the court before which any proceedings under this Act may be pending, that the ends of justice require that other parties shall be brought before the court, the court may cause them to be made parties defendant and summoned whether they reside in the county where such action is pending, or not.

SEC. 12. The word "person” or “persons" whenever used in this Act, shall be deemed to include corporations, partnerships and associations existing under or authorized by the laws of this State or any other State, or any foreign country.


An Act providing for the issuance of duplicate certificates,

where certificates issued under authority of law have been lost or destroyed by conflagration or other public calamity.

[Approved June 16, 1906.]

The people of the State of California, represented in Senate and

Assembly, do enact as follows:

SECTION 1. Whenever any public board or officer is authorized by law to issue any certificate of any kind, and the records in the office of such board or officer show the issuance of such certificate, and it is made to appear by affidavit that such certificate has been lost or destroyed by conflagration or other

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public calamity, such board or officer may issue a duplicate of such certificate, which shall recite the issuance and loss or destruction of such original certificate, and shall have the same force and effect as such original certificate; provided, that this Act shall not apply to certificates of acknowledgments.

Sec. 2. This Act shall take effect immediately.

An Act to extend the time for filing with the Insurance

Commissioner statements of insurance business transacted during the year ending December 31, 1905, within the time prescribed by law, and to remit penalties for failing to file the same.

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[Approved June 14, 1906.]

The people of the State of California, represented in Senate and

Assembly, do enact as follows:

SECTION 1. Every corporation or person doing the business of insurance in this State, and organized under the laws of any country foreign to the United States, must file with the Insurance Commissioner on or before the thirty-first day of July, nineteen hundred and six, a statement which must exhibit the condition and affairs of such corporation, person, firm or association on the thirty-first day of December next preceding.

SEC. 2. Except as provided in the preceding section of this Act, each such statement shall conform to the provisions of sections six red and ten, hundred and eleven, six hundred and twelve, and six hundred and thirteen of the Political Code of this State.

SEC. 3. On the filing with the Insurance Commissioner of such statement on or before said thirty-first day of July, nineteen hundred and six, the penalties prescribed by section six hundred and seventeen of the Political Code of the State of California shall be and the same are hereby remitted.

SEC. 4. This Act shall take effect immediately.



The following sections of the Political Code, which were repealed by Act of the Legislature approved March 8, 1907, are placed herein for the reason that they are preserved and kept in full force and effect in certain cases provided for in the following provision of the law repealing said sections :

SEC. 2. All of the provisions of this Act shall be so construed as to preserve and keep in full force and effect all causes of action and actions for penalties, assessments and fines which have already accrued against any insurance company under and by virtue of any of the provisions of Article XVI, Chapter III, Part III, Title I, of the Political Code, which is repealed by virtue of the provisions of this Act, and all of such actions and causes of action may be prosecuted to final judgment, and all such penalties, assessments and fines may be enforced and collected under the provisions of said article to the same extent and in the same manner as though said Article XVI had not been repealed.




SEC. 594.

General duties of.
Business of insurance not to be transacted without his

595. 596.

597. 598. 599. 600. 601. 602. 603. 604. 605. 606. 607. 608. 609.

To examine affairs of companies, when.
Fines imposed if companies refuse.
May issue subpanas.
Proceedings on insolvency of companies.
Proceedings on failure to make up capital.
What constitutes insolvency.
Must keep a record.
May employ actuary, when.
Fees to be paid to Commissioner.
Assessments for deficiency in salary and expenses.
Certain certificates to be filed in his office.
May determine name of new corporation.

SEC. 610. Statements to be made by insurance companies.

611. Statements, contents, publication, and filing.
612. Showing to be made in.
612a. Liability of casualty insurance companies and loss

613. Statement by life, health, and accident companies.
614. Stock notes, how computed.
615. To furnish blanks.
616. Agent upon whom process may be served.
617. Penalty for failure to make statement.
618. Securities deposited by companies.
619. Deposits, receipts for.
620. Deposits returned, when.
621. Examination of securities, deficiencies.
622, Retaliatory clause.
622a. Taxation of insurance companies.
623., Bonds to be filed.
624. Same.

To furnish Assessor with certain information.
626. Securities.
627. Statement to be based on gold coin values.
628. Salary of Commissioner.
629. Salary of deputy.
630. Contingent expenses.
631. Location of office.
632. Official bond.
633. Conditions precedent to license of agent.

634. Registry of policies, deposits for security of. § 594. No person is eligible to the office of Insurance Commissioner or deputy, who is an officer, agent, or employé of an insurance company.

$ 595. The Insurance Commissioner must receive all bonds and securities of persons engaged in the transaction of insurance business in this State, and file and safely keep the same in his office, or deposit them as provided in this article. He must examine and inspect the financial condition of all persons engaged or who desire to engage in the business of insurance; issue a certificate of authority to transact insurance business in this State to any persons in a solvent condition who have fully complied with the laws of this State and are in nowise in arrears to the State or to any county or city of the State for fees, licenses, taxes, or penalties accrued upon business previously transacted in the State; determine the sufficiency and

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