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For making satisfaction of or credit on judgment, twenty-five cents.

For receiving and filing remittitur from Supreme Court, fifty cents.

For administering each oath, without certificate, except in a pending action or proceeding, ten cents.

For taking any affidavit, except in criminal cases, twentyfive cents.

For taking and approving each undertaking, and the justification thereof, except in criminal cases, fifty cents.

For searching records or files, for each year, fifty cents.

For taking acknowledgment of any deed or other instrument, including the certificate, fifty cents.

For filing notices of appeal and appeal bonds, each, twentyfive cents. [New section; approved March 18, 1907; in effect immediately.]


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An Act to define trust and to provide for criminal penalties and civil damages, and punishment of corporations, persons, firms, and associations, or persons connected with them, and to promote free competition in commerce and all classes of business in this State.

[Approved March 23, 1907.]

The people of the State of California, represented in Senate and Assembly, do enact as follows:

SECTION 1. A trust is a combination of capital, skill or acts by two or more persons, firms, partnerships, corporations or associations of persons, or of any two or more of them for either, any or all of the following purposes:

1. To create or carry out restrictions in trade or commerce. 2. To limit or reduce the production, or increase or reduce the price of merchandise or of any commodity.

3. To prevent competition in manufacturing, making, transportation, sale or purchase of merchandise, produce or any commodity.

4. To fix at any standard or figure, whereby its price to the public or consumer shall be in any manner controlled or established, any article or commodity of merchandise, produce or commerce intended for sale, barter, use or consumption in this State.

5. To make or enter into or execute or carry out any contracts, obligations or agreements of any kind or description,

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