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dollars; for filing articles of incorporation without capital stock, except coöperative associations, five dollars; for filing articles of incorporation of coöperative associations, formed under the act of eighteen hundred and ninety-five, and acts supplementary thereto or amendatory thereof, fifteen dollars.

5. For recording articles of incorporation, twenty cents

per folio.


6. For issuing certificate of incorporation, three dollars.

7. For filing certificate of increase of capital stock, five dollars for every fifty thousand dollars or fraction thereof of such increase.

8. For filing certificate of decrease of capital stock, five dollars.

9. For filing notice of removal of principal place of business, five dollars.

10. For filing amended articles of incorporation, unless otherwise provided for, five dollars.

11. For filing certificate of creation of bonded indebtedness, or increase or decrease thereof, five dollars.

12. For issuing certificate of increase or decrease of capital stock, three dollars.

13. For filing certificate of continuance of existence, five dollars.

14. For issuing certificate of continuance of existence, three dollars.

15. For filing claim to trademark, and issuing certificate of filing, five dollars.

16. For issuing certificate of filing of any document, not otherwise provided for, three dollars.

17. For filing certificate of increase or decrease of number of directors, five dollars.

18. For issuing certificate of increase or decrease of number of directors, three dollars.

19. For receiving and recording each official bond, five dollars.

20. For filing notice of appointment of agent, five dollars.

21. For each commission, passport, or other document signed by the Governor and attested by the Secretary of State (pardons, military commissions, and extradition papers excepted), five dollars.

22. For each patent for land issued by the Governor, if for



one hundred and sixty acres or less, one dollar; and for each additional one hundred and sixty acres, or fraction thereof, one dollar.

23. For issuing certificate of official character, two dollars.

24. For recording miscellaneous documents or papers, twenty cents per folio.

25. For filing certified copy of order and decree of court, changing name, or certified copy of order and decree of court, dissolving a corporation, five dollars.

No member of the Legislature or State officer shall be charged for any search relative to matters appertaining to the duties of their office; nor shall they be charged any fee for a certified copy of any law or resolution passed by the Legislature relative to their official duties.

All fees collected by the Secretary of State must, at the end of each month, be paid into the State treasury. Three thousand five hundred dollars of such monthly returns shall be credited to and constitute the State Library Fund, and the balance shall be paid into the General Fund of the State. [Amendment approved March 18, 1907; in effect in sixty days.]


§ 4300a. County Clerk. On the commencement of any action or proceeding in the Superior Court, except probate proceedings, or on an appeal thereto, to be paid by the party commencing such action or proceeding, or taking such appeal, five dollars.

On the filing of a petition for letters of administration, testamentary, or guardianship, five dollars, to be paid by the petitioner.

On filing the petition to contest any will or codicil, three dollars.

On the appearance of any defendant, or any number of defendants answering jointly, to be paid upon filing the first paper in the action by him or them, two dollars.

On placing any action, excepting a probate proceeding or default case, on the calendar for trial or hearing, to be paid by the party at whose request such action or proceeding is so placed, two dollars.

For every additional defendant appearing separately, one dollar.

The foregoing fees shall be in full for all services rendered by such clerk in the cause, to and including the making up of the judgment roll.

On the filing of any notice of motion to move for a new trial of any civil action or proceeding, the party filing same shall pay to the clerk, in full for all services to be rendered in connection with said motion, except as hereinafter in this section provided, two dollars.

For issuing an execution or order of sale in any action, one dollar.

In all proceedings begun or acts performed prior to this section becoming a law, such fees and charges as were provided by law at the time such proceedings were begun or acts performed.

The clerk shall also charge and collect the following fees and compensation not above provided for:

For any copy of any record, proceeding, or paper on file in the office of the clerk relating to.any civil action pending in said court, when such copy is made by him, per folio, ten cents.

For each certificate of the clerk, under the seal of the court, twenty-five cents.

For filing each claim in probate or insolvency proceedings, fifteen cents.

No fees shall be allowed or charged by the clerk for services. rendered in any criminal case.

For services rendered by the clerk, not in connection with civil actions or proceedings in court, he shall charge and collect, for the benefit of the county, the following fees :

For issuing marriage license, one half to be paid to the County Recorder, two dollars.

For filing and indexing articles of incorporation, one dollar.

For filing and indexing certificates of co-partnership, one dollar.

For filing and indexing all papers to be kept by him, other than papers filed in actions or proceedings in court, and official bonds and certificates of appointment, each, twenty-five cents.

For issuing any license required by law, other than marriage licenses, one dollar.

For examining and certifying to a copy of any paper, record or proceedings prepared by another, and presented for his certificate, fifty cents, and one cent per folio for comparing the said copy with the original.

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For making satisfaction of or credit on judgment, twenty-five cents.

For receiving and filing remittitur from Supreme Court, fifty cents.

For administering each oath, without certificate, except in a pending action or proceeding, ten cents.

For taking any affidavit, except in criminal cases, twentyfive cents.

For taking and approving each undertaking, and the justification thereof, except in criminal cases, fifty cents.

For searching records or files, for each year, fifty cents.

For taking acknowledgment of any deed or other instrument, including the certificate, fifty cents.

For filing notices of appeal and appeal bonds, each, twentyfive cents. [New section; approved March 18, 1907; in effect immediately.)

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