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This report was planned and prepared in the population Division under the primary direction of Nampeo D. R. McKenney, Chief, Ethnic and Racial Statistics Staffs; it was coordinated by Dwight L. Johnson with the assistance of Gloria J. Porter, Racial Statistics Staff. Major professional responsibilities also were shared by Virginia H. Williams and Patricia A. Johnson. Statistical assistance was provided by June Cowles and Julia Carroll.

Professional and editorial assistance was provided by Karen M. Mills of Population Division. Many persons within Population Division made contributions to the preparation of this report, in particular, Karen A. Crook, Maurice Moore, Martin O'Connell, Nancy L. Sweet, and Olga V. Fonville. The assistance of Tecora B. Jimason, Angela M. Britt, Annise L. Chapmon, and other members of the Racial Statistics Staff in the clerical operations is greatly appreciated.

Diana Harley, with the assistance of several other staff members of the Statistical Methods Division, conducted the sampling review of the report.

Many individuals within the Publications Services Division and Vivian J. Brown of Population Division made significant contributions in the areas of publication planning and design, editorial review, composition, and printing procurement.

We wish to express our special gratitude to Harvey Hamel and Barbara Job of the Bureau of Labor Statistics who made contributions to the chapter on labor force. Also, we are grateful to the personnel of the National Center for Health Statistics (Department of Health, Education, and Welfare), Defense Department, Joint Center for Political Studies, and other organizations who willingly provided data and their expertise in the preparation of this report.

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NOTE The term "Black and other races" describes persons of all races other than White and generally is used whenever data for Blacks alone are not available over the period of time shown. Statistics for the national population of Black and other races usually reflect the condition of the Black population, since about 90 percent of the population of Black and other races is Black.

In the past the Census Bureau has designated a head of householci to serve as the central reference person for the collection and tabulation of data for each member of the household (or family). However, the trend toward recog. nition of equal status and roles for adult family members makes the term "head" less relevant in the analysis of household and family data. As a result, the Bureau is currently developing new techniques for the enumeration and presentation of data which will eliminate the concept "head." Although the data in this report are based on the concept "head," methodology for future Census Bureau reports will reflect a gradual movement away from this

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