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provided, however, that the tax levy for purchasing suitable grounds, procuring plans and specifications, erecting a building, and furnishing the same, fencing and ornamenting the grounds, may be deferred as long as a sufficient number of suitable rooms in a public school building can be secured for the purposes of such county high school at a reasonable rental. In case such levy be deferred until after the election of a county board of education, the levy shall be made by the board of county commissioners whenever so ordered by the county board of education, and the board of education shall be charged with the duty of purchasing grounds and erecting and furnishing such school building. Temporary County Board of Education.

Sec. 177. The board of county commissioners shall act as a county board of education in the performance of the duties herein before mentioned and shall continue to perform the duties of the county board of education until a county board of education shall have been elected or appointed and qualified as hereinafter provided, and at such time the board of county commissioners shall transfer all property and control of said school to the county board of education, who shall hold the same in trust for the county. County Board of Education Elected.

SEC. 178. At each general election there shall be elected a county board of education, to consist of three members, two of whom shall serve two years, and the other four years, and thereafter at each regular biennial election there shall be elected two members of said board, one of whom shall serve for two years and the other for four years. son elected as herein provided shall enter upon the duties of his office on the first Monday in January next following his election, and shall hold office until his successor is elected and qualified. If at any time a vacancy shall occur on said board, it shall be the duty of the superintendent of public instruction to appoint a member for the unexpired term. Duties of Board.

SEC. 179. It shall be the duty of the county board of education to furnish annually an estimate of the amount of money needed to pay all the necessary expenses of running said school; to enforce the uniform high-school course of study adopted by the state board of education; to employ teachers holding Nevada state certificates of the high-school grade in full force and effect; to hire janitors and other employees, and discharge such employees when sufficient cause therefor shall exist; and to do any and all other things necessary to the proper conduct of the school.

[See County High School Bonding Act, Stats. 1913, 368–371; catalogued in index: " Bonding for County High Schools and Dormitories, and County High-School Bonds"] Tax Levy.

SEC. 180. It shall be the duty of the board of county commissioners to include in their annual tax levy the amount estimated by the county board of education as needed to pay the expenses of conducting the county school; and such amount, when collected and paid into the county treasury, shall be known as the "County High-School Fund” and may be drawn therefrom for the purpose of defraying the expenses of conducting

Each per

said county high school in the manner provided by law for drawing money from the county treasury by school trustees. Eligible Pupils.

Sec. 181. All county high schools shall be open for the admission of graduates holding diplomas from the eighth grade of the elementary schools of the state; provided, that the examinations for the said diplomas shall have been given under the direction and authority of the state board of education; and to such other pupils as shall pass the examination for admission to the county high school, which examination shall be conducted under the authority and direction of the state board of education. Principal May Supervise Other Schools.

SEC. 182. Nothing in this act shall be construed so as to prevent the principal of the county high school from acting as principal of the grammar school of the district in which the county high school is located, if so desired by the trustees of said school district and the county board of education. County High Schools Under State Supervision.

SEC. 183. The county high school shall be under the same general supervision and shall be subject to the same laws, rules, and regulations governing the other schools of the state school system. Dormitories and Dining-Halls.

Sec. 184. The county board of education is hereby empowered to provide for the rental, purchase, or erection of a suitable dormitory or dormitories and dining-hall for high-school students, and to provide for the comfort, maintenance, and management of the same. The said dormitory or dormitories shall be considered part of the regular high-school equipment and organization.



SEC. 185. Upon notification by the county board of education in the counties where a county high school is in operation, or of the board of trustees of the school district in which the county-seat is located, in counties not having an established county high school, that the said county board of education or board of trustees and the board of county commissioners of the county have decided by a majority vote of each of the said boards to establish a normal training school, and that there are at least five bona fide applicants for a normal training course in such school, the state board of education shall, subject to the provisions herein named, grant permission to establish and maintain a normal training school for the purpose of giving free instruction and training in the principles of education and methods of teaching to residents of this state; provided, that no such normal training school shall be established in any county having within its borders a state normal school or state university; and, provided further, that but one such normal training school shall be established in any county. Training-School Board.

Sec. 186. The state board of education shall constitute the normal training-school board.

Duties of Training-School Board.

SEC. 187. The duties of the normal training-school board shall be as follows:

1. To determine the qualifications for admission to the normal training school; provided, that applicants who do not hold a diploma from an accredited high school or a teacher's certificate of at least the primary grade shall be required to pass an entrance examination. And said examination shall include all subjects taught in the high schools as provided by the laws of this state;

2. To establish a course of study to be pursued for a period of not less than thirty-six weeks;

3. To grant certificates of graduation to such persons as finish the course adopted in such form as the normal training-school board shall prescribe. Graduates' Certificates Good for Three Years.

SEC. 188. The certificate of graduation shall entitle the holder thereof to a county normal second-grade elementary certificate good for three years and entitling the holder to teach in the elementary schools of the state. As amended, Stats. 1913, 158. Provisions for Maintaining Schools.

SEC. 189. For the purpose of maintaining such normal training schools as are herein described, it is further provided :

1. That the county in which a normal training school shall be established shall provide rooms with heating and equipment satisfactory to the normal training-school board for the purposes of such school;

2. Upon certification of the state board of education that a normal training school has been established in any county, that the school has been properly equipped, and at least five bona fide students are in actual attendance, and that a competent normal-training teacher is employed, the state controller shall on the first day of October and the first day of February of each year set aside, from any money in the state general fund not otherwise appropriated, a sum designated by the state board of education not exceeding nine hundred dollars and not less than six hundred dollars, to be known as the normal-training school salary fund for ----County, to be used in payment of the teacher's salary and to be drawn from the state treasury in the usual manner. Any money remaining in such fund on the thirty-first day of August of each year shall revert to the state general fund;

3. In any county establishing a normal training school the normal training-school board shall, previous to the first day of September in each year, estimate the cost of maintaining the rooms and equipment of the normal training school for the ensuing year and certify the amount estimated to the board of county commissioners of said county; provided, such estimate shall not exceed the amount of five hundred dollars for any one year. Claims for equipment and maintenance shall be just and legal charges upon the general fund of said county; provided, that not more than the amount estimated shall be allowed for any one year. Normal Training-School Board Has Entire Management.

SEC. 190. The normal training-school board is hereby given the power to make and put into effect any and all rules and regulations necessary to the proper conduct of any normal training school established under and by virtue of the provisions of this act.



Sec. 191. Any school district of the state, now existing or which may hereafter be created, is hereby authorized to borrow money for the purpose of erecting and furnishing a school building, or buildings, maintaining the same, purchasing ground on which to erect such building, or buildings, or for refunding floating or bonded indebtedness, whenever the board determine that it can be done to advantage of the district, or for any, all, or either of these purposes, by issuing the negotiable coupon bonds of the district in the manner by this act provided. As amended, Stats. 1913, 297, 298. Question of Issuing Bonds Submitted to Popular Vote.

Sec. 192. When the board of trustees of any school district shall deem it necessary to incur an indebtedness authorized by this act by issuing the negotiable coupon bonds of the district, said board of trustees shall first determine the amount of such bonds to be issued, and a certificate of such determination shall be made and entered in and upon the records of said district. Thereupon the board of school trustees shall, by resolution duly made and entered in and upon the records of said board, submit the question of contracting a bonded indebtedness for any of the purposes authorized by this act to a vote of the duly qualified electors of the district at the next general election of the school trustees, or at a special election which the school trustees are hereby authorized to call for such purpose. Election, How Conducted – Election Notice.

SEC. 193. The election provided in this act shall be called and held, and the vote canvassed and returned, in all respects as nearly as may be in accordance with the provisions of law now governing the election of school trustees; provided, that if there is a newspaper published in the school district, the notice shall be published for at least once a week for two consecutive weeks, preceding said election. The election notice must contain:

First-The time and place of holding such election.
Second—The names of inspectors to conduct the same.
Third- The hours during the day in which the polls will be open.

Fourth-The amount and denomination of the bonds, the rate of interest and the number of years, not exceeding twenty, the bonds are to run.

All persons voting on the question submitted at such election shall vote by sep ate ballots whereon is placed the words "For the Bonds” or "Against the Bonds” The ballots shall be deposited in a separate box provided by the school trustees for that purpose. Bonds to Run No Longer than Twenty Years-Sale of Bonds To Be Published.

SEC. 194. If upon the official determination of the result of such election it appear that a majority of all the votes cast is "for the bonds, the board of trustees shall, regardless of any of the provisions of subdivisions 2 and 4 of section 67 of the act hereby amended, and as soon as practicable, and for the purpose stated in the notice of election, issue the negotiable coupon bonds of the district in such form and denomination as the board of trustees may direct, said bonds to run for a period not to exceed twenty (20) years from the date of issue, and bearing interest at a rate not exceeding six (6) per centum per annum, payable semiannually, both principal and interest payable at such place as the board of trustees shall direct; the said bonds not to be sold for less than their par value. And before said sale is made, notice of such proposed sale must be given by publication, in a newspaper, if there is a newspaper published in the district, for at least one week before said bonds are disposed of, inviting sealed bids to be made for said bonds, and said bonds are to be sold to the highest and best bidder for said bonds; the board, however, may reserve the right to reject any and all bids and sell the bonds at not less than their par value and at private sale, if they deem it for the best interests of the district; provided, if there is no newspaper published in said school district, the notice herein provided for shall be given by posting in three public places in said school district for at least ten days before said bonds are disposed of. As amended, Stats. 1913,298. Bonds Signed-Seal.

SEC. 195. All bonds issued under the provisions of this act shall be signed by the chairman of the board of trustees, attested by the clerk thereof, sealed with the district seal, and countersigned by the county treasurer; and the interest coupons to be attached thereto shall be signed by the original or engraved facsimile signatures of said chairman, clerk, and treasurer. As amended, Stats. 1913, 298. Register of Bonds.

SEC. 196. Before any district shall issue bonds under the provisions of this act, all such bonds shall, by the county treasurer, be registered in a book kept for that purpose in his office, which registry shall show the school district, the amount, the time of payment, and rate of interest, and all such bonds shall bear the certificate of the county treasurer to the effect that they are issued and registered under the provisions of this act. After such registry, the county treasurer shall cause said bonds to be delivered to the purchasers of the same from the board of trustees, upon payment being made therefor. As amended, Stats. 1913, 298. Special Tax for Interest and Redemption of Bonds.

SEC. 197. Whenever any school district shall issue any bonds under the provisions of this act, or shall have any bonds outstanding, it shall be the duty of the board of county commissioners of the county in which such district may be situated to levy and assess a special tax on all the taxable property of the district, including the net proceeds of mines, in an amount sufficient to pay the interest accruing thereon promptly when and as the same becomes due according to the tenor and effect of said bonds, and the county treasurer shall collect the same as other taxes are collected, in cash only, keeping the same separate from other funds received by him, and shall cause said interest to be promptly paid at the place of payment specified in the bonds; and if there shall be any surplus after paying said interest and the expenses of collecting such special tax, the treasurer shall, without delay, pass the same to the credit of such school district, and such funds so passed to the credit of the district shall be subject to the disposal of the board of trustees; and in the calendar

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