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.Carson City

STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION Emmet D. Boyle, Governor, President of Board..

Carson City Archer Wilmot Hendrick, President of the University of Nevada.

.Reno John Edwards Bray, Superintendent Public Instruction, Secretary....Carson City

Hon. Arthur A. Codd (1913–1916), Chairman...
Hon. Walter E. Pratt (1913–1916).
Hon. John J. Sullivan (1915–1918).
Hon. James W. O'Brien (1915–1918)
Hon. Charles B. Henderson (1915–1916).
Mr. George H. Taylor, Secretary.
Mr. Charles H. Gorman, Comptroller and Treasurer.

Reno Goldfield

.Reno .Sparks

Elko .Reno .Reno







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I In Section 6, beginning on page 10, the paragraphs after paragraph 8, on page 12, should read as follows:

9. To perform such other duties relative to the public schools as may be prescribed by law;

10. To have done at the state printing office any printing required in the performance of his duties;

11. To require a written report from each deputy superintendent on the first day of October, the first day of January, the first day of April, and the first day of July of each school year. Such reports shall contain any information or facts that the superintendent of public instruction may require;

12. To arrange blank forms, including school registers, for teachers'. contracts, and supply the same to school trustees and teachers;

13. The superintendent of public instruction shall, at the expiration of his term of office, deliver to his successor all property and effects belonging to his office, and take a receipt for same. As amended, Stats. 1915, 510.

Section 9; on page 12, should read as follows:

Sec. 9. The state board of education shall, on or before the first Monday in May, 1911, and each fourth year thereafter, appoint one deputy superintendent of public instruction for each supervision district as herein provided for, and such appointee shall, at the time of his appointment and during his term of office be a bona fide resident of the district for which he is appointed. Such appointee shall take office on the first Monday in September and shall serve for a period of four years, or until his successor shall have been appointed and shall have qualified. In case a vacancy shall occur in the office of deputy superintendent of public instruction, the state board of education shall, in like manner, make an appointment for the unexpired term. The deputy superintendents of public instruction shall devote their entire time to school supervision and shall not engage in any other work while holding this office. As amended, Stats. 1915, 510.

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Section 115, p. 39, was omitted in compiling. It reads af follows:
District Attorney to Advise Trustees.

SEC. 115. The district attorneys of the several counties of Nevada must give, when required, and without fee, his opinion in writing to school trustees, on matters relating to the duties of their offices.




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This compendium of school laws is made in compliance with the statute which provides that the Superintendent of Public Instruction "shall prepare pamphlet copies of the school laws and all amendments thereto, and shall transmit a copy thereof to each school trustee, school census marshal, and school teacher in the State.”

The great body of existing school laws was compiled and prepared under the direction of the Nevada Code Commission, presented to the Legislature of 1911, and enacted into law in one bill under the title "An act concerning public schools, and repealing certain acts relating thereto," approved March 20, 1911. This is set out in chapters from 1 to 20, inclusive, containing 221 sections. These sections, with amendments thereto made by the Legislatures of 1913 and 1915, are fully set forth in this compilation, each amended section being properly noted.

Following this are the laws not included in the general bill by the Code Commission, enacted at various times and not repealed. They are given as separate acts, reference being made to date and page of statutes. Some of these, as will be seen, were enacted by the Legislatures of 1911, 1913, and 1915.

While the changes made in the school laws by the Legislatures of 1913 and 1915 are rather perfective than radical in character, they help to make the School Code, as a whole, a body of laws needing and meriting careful study on the part of every school officer and teacher.

An effort has been made to have this a complete edition of the laws affecting the public schools and the school officials of Nevada. Special acts relating to bonding particular school districts or counties for the erection of school buildings have been omitted.

The index is arranged alphabetically, as a whole, by general titles, the same extending to the extreme left. Under most of the general titles are subtitles, slightly to the right in each case and also in alphabetical order. In a few instances there are divisions of the matter of the subtitles, and these too are grouped in alphabetical order and slightly to the right of the subtitle under which they respectively belong. tion to these facts of arrangement will enable one readily to find any desired subject.

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Johan Edmante Pong

Superintendent of Public Instruction.

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