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Compulsory Education (Continued).

County Auditor (Continued).
Fines collected, how disposed of, p. 68, s. 211. Shall forfeit $100 from official compensation, p.
Habitual truants may be put in special schools, 41, s. 119.
p. 66, s. 208.

Shall keep separate accounts with the different
Punishment for encouraging truancy, p. 67, s. funds, p. 39, s. 118.

How such accounts are to be started and kept,
Punishment for false statements concerning p. 39, 40, s. 118.
age, p. 68, s. 210.

Shall not draw warrant, p. 13, P. 1, 2, s. 12; p. 27,
Punishment of parent of truant, p. 66, s. 205. P. 2, s. 67; p. 31, 33, s. 69, 78.
School officer, peace officer, or attendance officer Shall receive no fees for handling school moneys,
may arrest, p. 67, s. 207.

p. 49, s. 150.
School officer or taxpayer may file criminal com- Shall report to superintendent of public instruc-
plaint, p. 66, s. 206.

tion, p. 50, s. 15242.
School trustees authorized to provide specially Shall transfer moneys when notified by deputy
for habitual truants, p. 67, s. 208.

superintendent, p. 35, s. 88.
School trustees, clerk shall file complaint, p. 66, County Boards of Education-
s. 206.

Are vested with same powers as school trustees,
School trustees may appoint and remove atten- p. 32, s. 75.
dance officer, p. 67, s. 207.

County commissioners temporary board, p. 59,
School trustees shall direct attendance officer to s. 177.
make complaint, p. 66, s. 206.

Election of, p. 59, s. 178.
School trustees to make investigation, p. 66, s. 206. Powers and duties of -
See Contributory Dependency and Delinquency, To build dormitories in Elko County, p. 146-149.

and Dependent, Neglected or Delinquent Chil- To certify as to buildings needed, p. 110, s. 1.

To employ and discharge janitors, etc., p. 59,
Truancy defined, p. 66, s. 204.

s. 179.
Truancy, habitual, p. 66, s. 204.

To employ teachers holding Nevada high-
Consolidation of schools and transportation of school certificates, p. 59, s. 179.
pupils, 127-130.

To enforce state courses of study, p. 59, s. 179.
Constitutional Provisions-

To estimate money needed for new buildings,
Education to be encouraged, p. 5. s. 1.

p. 110, s. 1.
Irreducible school fund-

To furnish annual estimate, p. 59, s. 179.
Apportionment of interest on, p. 5. s. 2, 3,

To pay salary and other expenses, p. 59, s. 180.
Escheated estates, appropriated to, p. 5, s. 3. To provide for dormitories and dining-hall, p.
Fines appropriated to, p. 5, s. 3.

60, s. 184.
How created, p. 5, s. 3.

To take office, when, p. 59, s. 178.
Interest on only apportioned to schools, p. 6, Term of office of, p. 59, s. 178.
s. 3.

Vacancies in filled by appointment, p. 59, s. 178.
Interest on certain portions of may be used for County Commissioners-
university, p. 6, s. 8.

Shall abolish school districts, p. 36, s. 97.
Interest on, forfeited by school districts, p. 5, Shall act as temporary county board of educa-
s. 2.

tion, p. 59, s. 177.
Investment of, p. 5, s. 3.

Shall act on applications of deaf, dumb and
Lands (public) and funds dedicated to support blind, p. 83, s. 2; Rev. Laws, s. 1703.
of education, p. 5, s. 3.

Shall act on application for feeble-minded, p. 83,
Land warrants considered as belonging to, p. s. 2.
5, s. 3.

Shall appropriate money for county institute, p.
Money and property of shall not be transferred, 11, P. 7, s. 6.
p. 5, s. 3.

Shall change boundaries of school districts, p.
Legislature and education-

32, s. 77.
Shall establish different grades of schools, p. Shall control, rent, etc., property of abolished
6, s. 5.

school districts, p. 37, s. 99.
Shall establish normal school, p. 6, s. 5.

Shall create joint school districts, p. 34, s. 81.
Shall establish state university, p. 6, s. 4.

Shall create new school districts, p. 32, s. 77.
Shall provide special state school tax for uni- Shall enlarge or consolidate school districts, p.
versity and common schools, p. 6, s. 6.

35, s. 87.
Shall provide uniform school system, p. 5, s. 2.

Shall establish two county high schools, p. 57,
No funds for sectarian purposes, p. 7, s. 10.

s. 175.
Normal school, p. 6, s. 5.

Shall join in action to establish county normal
Oath of office-

training schools, p. 60, s. 185.
College professors must take, p. 6, s. 5.

Shall levy county school tax, p. 46, s. 139.
Public school teachers must take, p. 6, s. 5. Shall levy special tax for payment of interest-
Penalty for district not maintaining school six bearing warrants, p. 80, s. 5.
months, when, p. 5, s. 2.

Shall levy state school tax, p. 45, s. 135.
Sectarian instruction prohibited, p. 7, s. 9.

Shall locate county high school, p. 57, s. 175.
Six months of school to be maintained, p. 5, s. 2. Shall make annual levy for county high school,
State university established, p. 6, s. 4.

p. 59, s. 180.
University regents provided for, p. 6, s. 7.

Shall make certain provisions for deaf, dumb and
Women may serve as school trustees, Rev. Laws, blind, p. 83, s. 4; Rev. Laws, s. 1704.
s. 371.

Shall make levy for high-school bonds and inter-
Contributory dependency and contributory delin- est, p. 111, s. 6.
quency, Rev. Laws, s. 757-764; p. 87-89.

Shall make levy for school district tax, when, p.
See Compulsory Education, and Dependent, Neg- 28, P. 13, s. 67; p. 46, s. 140, 141.
lected or Delinquent Children.

Shall make levy for special bond tax, p. 63, s. 197.
County aid for certain district high schools, p. 130, Shall make special tax levy for county high

school, p. 58, s. 176.
County Auditor-

Shall not allow census marshal's bill, p. 44, s. 133.
Shall add county school tax to assessment roll, Shall not transfer school funds, Rev. Laws, s.
p. 46, s. 139.

Shall add special taxes to assessment roll, p. 28, Shall order election on request of county board
P. 13, s. 67; p. 46, s. 141.

of education, p. 110, s. 2.
Shall draw warrants on county treasurer for Shall provide certain funds for county normal

official organ of state board of education, p. 9, training school, p. 61, P. 3, s. 189.
S. 4.

Shall transfer money to school funds, when, p.
Shall draw warrant on order of deputy superin- 75, 76, s. 1, 2.
tendent, p. 27, P. 6, s. 67; p. 28, P.8, s. 67; p. 29, Shall submit question of establishing county
P. 14, s. 67.

high school to voters, p. 57, s. 174.

County Commissioners (Continued).

County Normal Training Schools (Continued).
Shall support children sent to state orphans' Restrictions as to counties, p. 60, s. 185.
home, p. 82, s. 13; Rev. Laws, s. 4099.

Salary of teacher to be paid from general fund
County High Schools-

of state, in usual manner, p. 61, P. 2, s. 189.
Bonding for, p. 110-113, s. 1-10.

County money may be transferred to district school
Interest limit, p. 111, s. 6.

funds, when, p. 75–76, s. 1, 2.
Limitations on, p. 112, s. 7.

County Treasurer
Time limit for redemption, p. 111, s. 3, 6.

Duty as to interest on school bonds, p. 63, 111, s.
Control and management in hands of county 197, 6.
boards of education, p. 57-60.

Shall keep separate accounts with different
County boards of education for

funds, p. 39, s. 118.
At first temporary, p. 59, s. 177.

Shall receive and hold school moneys as special
County commissioners-

deposit, p. 48, s. 149.
To estimate cost of grounds, buildings, etc., Shall transfer moneys when notified by deputy
p. 57, s. 175.

superintendent, p. 35, s. 88.
To levy county tax for grounds, buildings, etc., To call in and pay district bonds at maturity, p.
p. 58, s. 176.

63, s. 197.
Dormitories and dining halls, p. 60, s. 184. See To forfeit $100 as penalty, p. 41, 48, s. 119, 149, P. 4.
County Boards of Education.

To notify superintendent of public instruction
Bonding for, p. 110-113, s. 1-10.

as to county school money, p. 48, s. 149.
Election for building, p. 110-113, s. 2.

To pay over money only on warrants of county
Election to establish, p. 57, s. 173.

auditor, p. 48, s. 149.
Ballots for, to contain what, p. 57, s. 174.

To receive no fees for handling school moneys,
Officers to serve gratis, p. 57, s. 174.

p. 49, s. 150.
Petition for, p. 57, s. 174.

To refuse payment of claims, when, p. 48, s. 149.
Eligibility of pupils for, how determined, p. 60. To report to superintendent of public instruc-
s. 181.

tion, when, p. 48, s. 149.
In case levy by county commissioners is deferred, Damages on account of minors, p. 107.
p. 58, s. 176.

Deaf, Dumb and Blind-
Location of

Application for support and education, how
Ballot for location to contain what, p. 57, s. 175. made, p. 83, s. 2.
By election, when, p. 57, s. 175.

Appropriation for, Stats. 1915, p. 235, s. 29.
By commissioners, p. 57, s. 175.

Certificate of superintendent of public instruc-
Money for support of -

tion necessary, p. 83, s. 2.
To be drawn from county high-school fund, Expenses of-
p. 59, s. 180.

Persons over 21 years of age, p. 83, s. 4.
Principals of may supervise district schools, p. Portion of paid by county commissioners, p.
60, s. 182.

83. s. 4.
Pupils for, p. 60, s. 181.

Qualifications of for state aid, p. 83. S. 4.
State board of education has charge of entrance Support, education and care of in charge of
requirements for, p. 59, s. 181.

superintendent public instruction, p. 82, s. 1.
Tax levy form

Support of provided by state, p. 83, s. 4.
Special, how made and when, p. 58, s. 176. Department of engineering service at university,
To be made annually by county commission-
ers, p. 59, s. 180.

Delinquent Children. See Juvenile Delinquents.
To be made on estimate of the county board of Dependent, Neglected, or Delinquent Children,
education, p. 59, s. 180.

Rev. Laws, s. 728-756; p. 93-106.
Temporary board for, p. 59, s. 177.

Probation officers-
Under state supervision, p. 60, s. 183.

Appointed by district judges, Rev. Laws, s. 733.
County Normal Training Schools-

Appointment of requires concurrence of cer-
Establishment of

tain officers, Rev. Laws, s. 733.
Action by the county board of education and Appointment to be confirmed by governor,

county commissioners required for, p. 60, s. superintendent of public instruction and

deputy superintendent, when, Rev. Laws, s.
Action by state board of education necessary 733.
for, p. 60, s. 185.

See Contributory Dependency and Delin-
At least five bona fide applicants for instruc- quency, and Compulsory Education.
tion required for, p. 60, s. 185.

Deputy Superintendents of Public Instruction-
County commissioners to provide certain funds Appeal from, p. 41, s. 121.
for, p. 61, s. 189.

Appointment and term of office of, p. 12, s. 9.
Graduates to receive second-grade elementary See Errata.
certificate, p. 61, s. 188.

Attorney-general legal adviser of, p. 39, s. 116.
Normal training school board is state board of Compensation of-
education, p. 60, s. 186.

Office expenses of, p. 14, s. 13.
Powers and duties of normal training school Salary of, p. 14, s. 13.

Traveling expenses of, p. 14, s. 13.
To admit resident students on examination, p. County superintendent, office abolished, p. 12, s. 7.
61, s. 187.

Duties of
To admit without examination certain resident To act as deputy examiner, p. 13, s. 11.
students, p. 61, s. 187.

To act as educational examiner, p. 13, s. 11.
To certify cost of maintenance to county com- To advise with teachers, p. 13, s. 11.
missioners, p. 61, s. 189.

To assist at state, district, and county insti-
To certify to state controller establishment of tutes, p. 13, s. 11.
normal training school, etc., p. 61, s. 189.

To assist state board of education in preparing
To designate in notice to state controller the courses of study, p. 13, s. 11.

amount needed for salary of teacher, p. 61, To attend meetings of state board of education,
s. 189.

p. 13, s. 11.
To determine the qualifications of students for To confer with trustees and county officers, p.
admission, p. 61, s. 187.

13, s. 11.
To employ competent teacher, p. 61, s. 189. To devote entire time to supervision, p. 12, s. 9.
To estimate cost of maintenance of school, p. To furnish state board of education informa-
61, s. 189.

tion, p. 13, s. 11.
To formulate a course of study, p. 61, s. 187. To hold teachers' meetings, p. 13, s. 11.
To grant certificates of graduation, p. 61, s. 187. To inspect school buildings, libraries and appa-
To make and put into effect necessary rules ratus, p. 13, s. 11.

and regulations for management of school, To make written report quarterly to superin-
p. 61, s. 190.

tendent of public instruction, p. 12, P. 12, s. 6.
Purpose of, p. 60, s. 185.

p. 132.

Deputy Superintendents (Continued).

Emeritus positions at university, p. 144, 145.
To visit each school at least twice each year, Employment of children prohibited in certain
p. 13, s. 11.

cases, p. 108-110.
Powers and duties of, p. 13-16, s. 12-21.

Errata, facing page 2.
May issue temporary certificates, when, p. 15, Escheated Estates-
19, s. 17, 34.

For state permanent school fund, p. 113, 114, s. 5,
May suspend teachers' certificates, when, p. 13, 12, 259.
14, 40, s. 12, 120.

Establishment of kindergartens, p. 134.
Shall cause district school levy to be made, Estray animals, proceeds of sale for county school
when, p. 28, P. 13, s. 67.

fund, Rev. Laws, s. 2281.
Shall cause needed repairs to be made to school Exemptions from jury duty, p. 39, s. 117.
buildings, when, p. 28, P. 8, s. 67.

Exemptions of school property, p. 38, s. 106.
Shall cause privies to be built, when, p. 27, P. Feeble-Minded Children-
6, s. 67.

Appropriation for, p. 84, s. 4.
Shall certify certain facts to the school board How cared for, p. 83, 84, s. 1, 2, 3, 4.
clerks, p. 28, P. 13, s. 67.

Fines, all to go into state permanent school fund,
Shall designate place for school in certain con- Rev. Laws. s. 3760.
solidated districts, p. 33, s. 78.

Firearms, use of by minors, p. 107.
Shall designate places for holding school in Fish and Game Laws, p. 152–157.
consolidated districts, p. 35, s. 89.

Teachers must give instructions in monthly, p.
Shall see that school is maintained six months, 38, s. 108.
p. 28, P. 13, s. 67.

Flag, National, p. 38, s. 113.
Shall see that school is maintained for eight Flag of Nevada, p. 39, s. 114.
months, when, p. 29, P. 14, s. 67.

Free Text-Books-
To act on appointment of probation officer by Erroneous reference to, p. 30, after P. 20, s. 67.
district judge, when, Rev. Laws, s. 733.

See, instead, Transfer of Pupils and School
To appoint census marshals, when, p. 41, s. 122. Funds, p. 124, 125, s. 1, 2.
To appoint school trustees, when, p. 14, P. 8, s. Free Text-Book Act, p. 78, 79, s. 1-10.
12; p. 25, 35, s. 64, 89.

Books loaned to children, p. 78. s. 2.
To appoint special census marshal, when, p. 44, Books may be sold, p. 79, s. 6.
s. 131.

Books property of district, p. 78, s. 2.
To approve transfer of school children, p. 30, Former act repealed, p. 79, s. 9.

P. 20, s. 67. See Transfer of Pupils and Parents and guardians responsible for, p. 78, s. 3.
School Funds, p. 124, 125, s. 1, 2.

Teachers' desk-books property of districts, p. 79,
To determine suspension or expulsion of chil- s. 5.
dren, when, p. 30, P. 18, s. 67.

Trustees to pay over money to county treasurer,
To enforce method of school board accounts, p. p. 79, s. 7.
14, P. 5, s. 12.

Violation of act, penalty for, p. 79, s. 8.
To examine, compare and revise census mar- Funds, School. See Divers School Funds.
shal's report, p. 44, s. 130.

Apportionment of-
To file directory of teachers and school trus- For county, p. 50, s. 152.
tees with county auditor, p. 13, P. 1, s. 12.

For emergency, p. 36, s. 94.
To grade the public schools, when, p. 14, P. 7, For state, p. 45, 49, s. 136, 151.
s. 12.

In consolidated districts, p. 35, s. 88.
To inspect record books and accounts of school In joint districts, p. 34, s. 82.
boards, p. 14, P. 5, 12.

Restriction as to county school, in certain dis-
To inspect school fund accounts of the county tricts, p. 33, s. 79.

auditor and report thereon, p. 14, P. 6, s. 12. Restriction as to state school, in certain dis-
To investigate claim against any school fund, tricts, p. 33, s. 79.
when, p. 13, P. 2, s. 12.

To notify county commissioners of approval of County treasurer to receive and pay out, p. 48,
census reports, p. 44, s. 133.

s. 149.
To provide American flag, when, p. 38, s. 113, Created, p. 48, s. 149.
Qualifications of, p. 12, 13, s. 9, 10.

Estray animals, proceeds of sale to go into,
Removal from office, when, p. 14, s. 16.

Rev. Laws, s. 2281.
Rules and regulations for, p. 14, s. 15.

Road funds may be applied to, when, Rev.
Salary, office and traveling expenses of.


Laws, s. 3012.
Compensation of.

To have 2 per cent of net profits from any
Vacancy, how filled, p. 13, s. 9.

county or municipal franchise, Rev. Laws, ·
District Attorney -

s. 2135.
Legal adviser of school boards, p. 39, s. 115. See To receive fees from grazing, Rev. Laws, s.

To cause arrest and prosecution in connection Unlawful stock, proceeds of sale of to go into,
with the school census, when, p. 44, s. 132.

Rev. Laws, s. 2251.
To enforce law against houses of ill-fame, p. 69, Use of, p. 47, s. 142.
s. 219.

County high-
District High School-

Estimates for, p. 57, s. 175.
Annual estimate for, p. 77, s. 5.

Custodian of, p. 58, 59, s. 176, 180.
Application of act restricted, p. 78, s. 10.

Expenditures of, p. 59, s. 179.
County commissioners to make annual levy for, Tax levy for, p. 58, 59, s. 176, 189.
p. 77, s. 6.

Uses of, p. 58, 59, s. 176, 180.
Established, how, p. 76, s. 1, 2.

District library-
Fund for from county tax, p. 77, s. 6.

How apportioned, p. 52, s. 153.
Governed by school trustees and state board of How determined, p. 52, s. 154.
education, p. 77, s. 3, 5, 6, 7.

How expended, p. 52, s. 155.
Principal may supervise schools of district, p. 78, Emergency-
S. 8.

Action creating, p. 35, s. 90.
Pupils admitted, how, p. 77, s. 7.

Amount of semiannually set aside, p. 35, s. 90.
Subject to school laws, etc., p. 78, s. 9.

Amount to district, when, p. 36, s. 93.
Subject to state supervision, p. 78, s. 9.

Basis of distribution, p. 36, s. 93.
Supported, how, p. 77, s. 4.

But one apportionment, p. 36, s. 94.
Trustees to provide building, p. 74, s. 3.

How used, p. 35, s. 91.
Divers school funds, p. 113-116.

Transfer of to county treasurer, p. 36, s. 95.
Educational districts, five supervision, p. 12, s. 8. Unused balance to revert, p. 36, s. 96.
Educational Survey. See State Educational Sur- Normal training school-

Set aside, p. 61, s. 189.
Elementary and high schools, p. 37, s. 102.

Use of, p. 61, s. 189.
Emergency school fund. See Funds, School.

Funds, School (Continued).

Grazing fees, 10 per cent of apportioned to county
Reversion not to apply to moneys derived from school fund, Rev. Laws, s. 3478.
local sources, p. 50, s. 15212.

High-school dormitories, Elko County, p. 146–149.
Reversion of district school surplus, p. 50, s. Holidays -

Schools shall be kept open on, when, p. 38, s. 112.
Shall not be transferred, Rev. Laws, s. 1540.

Shall not be kept open on, when, p. 38, s. 112.
State distributive-

Hospital near schoolhouse unlawful, Rev. Laws, s.
County treasurer to receive and pay out, p. 48, 6534.
s. 149.

Houses of Ill-Fame-
Created, p. 45, s. 136.

Must not be located where, p. 69, s. 217; Rev.
How transferred to counties, p. 48, s. 146.

Laws, s. 6510.
Method of apportionment, p. 49, s. 151.

Penalty on. p. 69, s. 218.
Salary of superintendent of public instruction Sheriff and district attorney to enforce penalty,
paid out of, Rev. Laws, s. 3758.

p. 69, s. 219.
To be used only for payment of teachers' sal- Hygiene to be taught, p. 38, s. 107.
aries, p. 45, s. 137.

Interest-Bearing School Warrants-
To receive one-half surplus from state library Amount of limited, p. 80, S. 4.
fund, Rev. Laws, s. 3952.

How endorsed, p. 80, s. 2.
Toll roads, penalties on to go into, Rev. Laws, Issued, how, when, p. 79, 80, s. 1, 2.
8. 3758.

Must be paid within three years, p. 80, s. 5.
State permanent-

Order of payment of, p. 80, s. 3.
Created, Rev. Laws, s. 355.

Preliminaries as to issue, p. 80, s. 5.
Custodian of securities for, p. 47, s. 145.

Tax levy for payment of, p. 80, s. 5.
Fines under compulsory education for, p. 68, Irreducible school fund. See Constitutional Pro-
s. 211.

Investment of, Stats. 1913, p. 252-3.

State board of investment for, Stats. 1913, p. 252,
Investment of, p. 48, s. 148.

s. 1.
Printing expenses of state land office to be Jury Duty-

paid out of state school fund, when, Rev, Teachers and college professors exempt from,
Laws, s. 4356-4359.

when, p. 39, s. 117.
Report on securities of state by state con- Juvenile court law. See Dependent, Neglected, or
troller, p. 47, s. 144.

Delinquent Children.
Salaries authorized paid from

Juvenile Delinquents-
Deputy surveyor-general, Rev. Laws, s. 4398, Nevada school of industry for, p. 90-93, s. 1-15.
Stenographer in state land office, Rev. Laws, Special state tax for, p. 92, s. 15.
s, 4401.

Kindergartens, See Establishment of Kindergar-
Surveyor-general, Rev. Laws, s. 4394.

State controller to keep separate account of, Land-grant moneys and university funds, p. 145–
p. 47, s. 143.

Transfer of funds restricted to apportion- Legal advisers of school officers, p. 39, s. 115, 116.
ments for children, p. 124, s. 1.

See Errata.
General provisions-

Legislature and education. See Constitutional
Flag of Nevada, p. 39, s. 114.


Libraries, District School-
School shall be kept open on, when, p. 38, s. 112. Amount of money for, how determined, p. 52, s.
Shall not be kept open, when, p. 38, s. 112.

153, 154.
Hygiene to be taught, p. 38, s. 107.

Apportionment of money to, p. 5, s. 153.
Jury duty-

Books to be approved by superintendent of pub-
Teachers and college professors exempt from, lic instruction, p. 52, s. 155.
when, p. 39, s. 117.

Books for, to be purchased by, p. 52, s. 156.
Legal advisers-

Money for, how expended, p. 52, s. 155.
Attorney-general, p. 39, s. 116

Rules and regulations for purchase of books, etc.,
District attorney, p. 39, s. 115. See Errata.

p. 52, s. 157.
Penalty on teachers for nonfulfilment of con- Libraries, Free Public-
tract, p. 41, s. 120.

Act to establish, Rev. Laws, s. 794, 3227-3231.
Public school defined, p. 37, s. 101.

Cities may establish, P. 61, s. 794.
Elementary schools, p. 37, s. 102.

Claims against, how paid, s. 3230.
High schools, p. 37, s. 102.

Commissioners to levy tax for, s. 3230.
Physiology and hygiene to be taught, p. 38, s. 107. Free, rooms to be, s. 3231.
Salary proviso, p. 37, s. 104.

Petition to establish, s. 3227.
Sectarian literature prohibited, p. 37, s. 105.

State board of education to appoint trustees,
Schools not to be closed on election days, when, S. 3228.
p. 38, s. 112.

Tax levy for, limited, s. 3227.
School property exempt from taxation or execu- Trustees of, term, no compensation, s. 3228.
tion, p. 38, s. 106.

Trustees, powers of, s. 3229.
School month, p. 37, s. 104.

Life diplomas. See Teachers' Certificates.
School year, p. 37, s. 103.

Minors must not be sold liquors, etc., or allowed in
Governor of State-

certain places, p. 106, 107.
Member of state board of education, p. 9, s. 1. Misdemeanor to disturb school or interfere with
Member of state board of investment, Stats. 1913, school children. See Protection of School Chil-
p. 252, s. 1.

Member of state text-book commission, p. 52, s. Mothers' pensions and aid for dependent chiidren,

p. 84-87.
President of state board of education, p. 9, s. 2. Nevada School of Industry, p. 90-93.
President of text-book commission, p. 53, s. 159. Normal school. See Constitutional Provisions, and
To act on appointment of probation officer by University of Nevada.

district judge, when, Rev. Laws, s. 733. Oath of office for college professors and teachers.
To act with superintendent of public instruction See Constitutional Provisions.

in making contracts for care of delinquents, Oath of office, when term of office begins, bond,
when, Rev. Laws, s. 756.

Rev. Laws, s. 2786.
To appoint text-book commission, p. 52, s. 158. Orphans' home. See State Orphans' Home.
To appoint board of visitors for University of Penalty for teachers for nonfulfilment of contract,
Nevada, p. 123, s. 2.

p. 11, s. 120.
To designate Arbor day by proclamation, p. 38, Pensions for teachers. See Retirement Salaries
s. 110.

for Teachers.
To fill vacancies in state text-book commission, Physiology and hygiene, p. 38, s. 107.
p. 52, s. 158.

President of University-

Member of state board of education, p. 9, s. 1.

S. 84.

President of University (Continued).

School Districts (Continued).
Member of state board of investment, Stats. 1913, New districts-
p. 252, s. 1.

Shall receive part of funds of old district,
Member of state text-book commission, p. 52, s. when, p. 33, s. 80.

Size of limited, p. 32, s. 77.
See University of Nevada.

When school in must be begun, p. 32, s. 77.
Principal of Schools-

Union school-
Has concurrent power with peace officers, when, How and when union may be dissolved, p. 35,
p. 31, s. 72.

S. 86.
May be vested with certain powers, when, p. 32, How established, p. 34, s. 83.
s. 74.

How expenses are paid, p. 35, s. 85.
Must hold certificate of highest grade taught, p. How governed. p. 34, s. 84.
28, P. 11, s. 67.

How supported, p. 34, s. 83.
See School Trustees, Teachers, and Teachers' In case of disagreement of joint board, p. 34,

Protection of School Children-

What districts may unite, p. 34, s. 83.
Misdemeanor to disturb school, p. 68, s. 213.

When presumed to be organized, Rev. Laws, s.
Misdemeanor to interfere with pupils, when, p. 3322.
68, s. 212.

When may be abolished, p. 36, s. 97.
Penalty for interference or disturbance, p. 68, s. Funds of abolished district revert, p. 37, s. 98.

Proceeds of, how disposed of, p. 37, s. 100.
Protection of School Property-

Property of abolished district, p. 37, s. 99.
Misdemeanor to injure or deface, p. 68, s. 215. When school shall not receive public moneys, p.
Penalty, p. 69, s. 216.

33, s. 80.
Property, school, in charge of school trustees. Penalty for presenting fraudulent claim, p. 30,
See School Trustees.

s. 70.
Public schools defined, p. 37, s. 101.

School funds. See Funds, School.
Elementary schools, p. 37, s. 102.

School libraries. See Libraries, District School.
High schools, p. 37, s. 102.

School month, twenty days, p. 37, s. 104.
Public-service division of university, p. 133, 134. Schools not to be closed on election days, when, p.
Records or documents, penalty for altering, defac- 38, s. 112.

ing, forging or stealing, Rev. Laws, s. 2817. School property exempt from taxation or execu-
Regents. See Constitutional Provisions, and Uni- tion, p. 38, s. 106.
versity of Nevada.

School text-books. See Text-Book Commission.
Resignation and vacancies, Rev. Laws, s. 2797- School Trustees-
2799, 2801-2806, 2812.

Body corporate, p. 21, s. 40.
Retirement salaries for teachers, p. 140-144.

District attorney adviser of, p. 39, s. 115.
Salary proviso, p. 37, s. 104.

Duties of clerk of, p. 25, s. 65.
School books, determined for elementary grades Shall accompany orders with itemized bills, p.
by text-book commission, p. 54, s. 163.

31, s. 70.
See Text-Book Commission.

Shall draw all orders on county auditor, when,
School Districts

p. 31, s. 69
Bonds of. See Bonds, School Districts.

Shall hold records subject to inspection, p. 25,
Boundaries of -

s. 65.
Commissioners to reestablish, when, p. 123, s. 1. Shall keep record of proceedings, p. 25, s. 65.
Commissioners to use judgment, p. 124, s. 4. Shall not issue order, when, p. 31, s. 70.
New, to include same property as old district, Shall receive salary, when, p. 25, s. 65.
p. 124, s, 3.

Shall sign records, p. 25, s. 65.
No property to escape taxation, p. 124, s. 5. Election board-
Petition of heads of families and taxpayers, p. To file papers, p. 25, s. 60.
123, s. 3.

To issue certificate of election showing, p. 25,
To conform to U. S. surveys, p. 123, s. 2.

s. 61.
Classes of, p. 32, s. 76.

To summarize votes, p. 25, s. 60.
Consolidation of, p. 127-130-

Election of, p. 21-25, s. 43-61.
Allowable to enlarge or consolidate in certain Ballots must specify long-term and short-term
cases, p. 35, s. 87.

candidates, p. 23, s. 52.
Compulsory in certain cases, p. 33, s. 78.

Ballots to be printed in certain districts, p. 23,
Disposition of funds and property of, p. 33, 35,

S. 53.
s. 78, 88.

Candidates in certain districts to file name,
Deputy superintendent to appoint first trus- etc., with county clerk, p. 24, s. 59.
tees for, p. 33, 35, s. 78, 89.

Challenge of voter at, allowed. p. 24, s. 58.
To designate places for holding school in, p. Election officers, p. 22, s. 45.
33, s. 78.

How to vote at, p. 24, s. 54, 58.
To designate places to hold school, p. 35, Illegal voting, penalty, p. 24, s. 56-58.
S. 89.

Instructions as to voting to be on ballots, p. 24,
How accomplished, p. 35, s. 87.
Property and funds of, how disposed of, p. 35, Judge of election not authorized to administer
S. 88.

oath of office to school trustee, Rev. Laws
Each town, village or city to constitute one dis- (note), s. 3296.
trict, p. 32, s. 75.

List to be delivered to inspectors, p. 23, s. 51.
First class may have city superintendent, p. 32, List of voters, p. 23, s. 49.
s. 76.

Not allowed at polls, p. 24, s. 56.
Joint school districts-

Notice to be posted, p. 22, s. 46.
Apportionment of funds for, p. 34, s. 82.

Pay for preparing list in certain districts, p.
Dissolved, when, p. 35, s. 86.

23, s. 50.
Established, when and how, p. 34, s. 81.

Penalty for showing ballot, p. 24, s. 56.
Expenses, how paid, p. 35, s. 85.

Qualifications for voting, p. 22, s. 47.
Formed of parts of two counties, p. 34, s. 81. Registration regulations, p. 23, s. 48.
Superintendent of public instruction to ap- Two or more polling places in districts of first
point first trustees for, p. 34, s. 81.

class, p. 22, s. 45, 46.
New districts-

Voter may have assistance, when, p. 24, s. 57.
But one district, when, p. 33, s. 78.

Voting to be by ballot, p. 23, s. 52.
By whom created, p. 32, s. 77.

What ballots shall be used, what they shall con-
How created, p. 32, s. 77.

tain, etc., in certain districts, p. 23, s. 53.
How district may get in line for regular ap- First meeting of new board, p. 25, s. 65.

portionment of school funds, p. 36, s. 94. How board is organized, p. 25, s. 65.
Petition for must be made, p. 32, s. 77.

Majority vote of to legalize action, p. 26, s. 66.
Petition for should show, p. 32, s. 77.

S. 55.

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