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section of this act unless commenced within six years next after the final settlement of the estate to which they relate; and provided further, that all costs of such proceeding shall be paid by the applicant or applicants. If not applied for within six years, as above provided, or if applied for and not obtained, such moneys shall then be placed in the irreducible school fund of this state. 6116. Estate of Intestate-Descent and Distribution-When to Escheat to

the State for Support of Common Schools. Sec. 259. When any person having title to any estate, not otherwise limited by marriage contracts, shall die intestate as to such estate, it shall descend and be distributed subject to the payment of his or her debts in the following manner:

Sixth-If the intestate shall have no husband nor wife nor kindred, the estate shall escheat to the state for the support of the common schools.

[The first five paragraphs of this section have no bearing on educational funds. For all other sources of income for Irreducible School Fund, see article 11, section 3 of Constitution of Nevada.



Assembly Joint and Concurrent Resolution, relative to amending section three

of article eleven of the constitution of the State of Nevada.

Approved March 26, 1913


SECTION 3. [The proposed amendment broadens the scope of investment of the state permanent school fund by adding after the words, the bonds of any county in the State of Nevada” the following:]; or in loans at a rate of interest of not less than six per cent per annum, secured by mortgage on agricultural lands in this state of not less than three times the value of the amount loaned, exclusive of perishable improvements, of unexceptional title and free from all encumbrances, said loans to be under such further restrictions and regulations as may be provided by law; (What follows is already a part of article 11.]

NOTE- Article 11 is printed in full in the first part of the School Code.


FUNDS 3952. Fees for Official Commissions and All Fees of Office of Secretary of

State to Go into Library Fund-One-half of Surplus Annually To Be

Transferred to State Distributive School Fund. SECTION 7. Each and every officer of this state, civil and military, except commissioners of deeds and notaries public, shall, at the time of the issuance of his commission, and before entering upon the duties of his office, pay to the secretary of state the sum of five dollars, which, with all fees of whatever character, by the laws now in force, or which may hereafter be provided to be charged and collected in the office of the secretary of state, shall constitute a portion of the library fund; and the secretary of state shall exhibit an account of, under oath, and pay to the state treasurer, at the end of each quarter, dating from the first day of January, all moneys collected under this act, and the same, together with such revenues as are hereinafter provided, shall be reserved, set apart, and appropriated, as a state library fund. On the thirty-first day of December, nineteen hundred and seven, and annually thereafter, the state treasurer shall take from the said library fund all moneys in excess of the sum of five thousand dollars, if there be any surplus, and transfer one-half of such moneys to the general fund of the state treasury, and the other half to the general state school fund of the treasury. Revised Laws of Nevada, 1912, 3952. 2135. Certain Portion of Profits of Franchises to County School Fund.

SEC. 7. Every applicant for a franchise for any of the purposes mentioned in section 1 of this act shall, within ten days after such franchise is granted, file with the county recorder of such county an agreement properly executed by the grantee of such franchise, right, or privilege to pay annually on the first Monday of July of each year to the county treasurer of the county wherein such franchise, right, or privilege is to be exercised, for the benefit of the school fund of such county, two per cent of the net profits made by such grantee in the operation of any public utility for which such franchise is granted, and no power, function, right, or privilege shall be exercised until such agreement shall be filed. Revised Laws of Nevada, 1912, 2135. 2251. Animals-May Be Sold-Proceeds, How Disposed of-Common School

Fund. Sec. 3. If at the expiration of thirty days thereafter, no such owner, owners, nor agent shall appear and legally reclaim such animal as aforesaid, then it shall be the duty of the person having possession of it to deliver the same to the constable of the township in which the animal has been found and confined, whose duty it shall be, after three days notice of the intent, to make sale of the same to the highest cash bidder, and after paying all the necessary expenses incurred in the premises, then to pay the residue of the proceeds of such sales into the treasury of the county in which such sale shall have taken place, for the benefit of the common school fund; provided, however, that if the owner or owners of such property shall make claim to it at any time before such sale can legally be made, nothing in this act shall be construed to exempt such owner or owners from payment of all expenses incurred. Revised Laws of Nevada, 1912, 2251. 2281. Money Paid, How Disposed of-County School Fund. SEC. 8. All moneys paid into the county treasury, under the pro

. visions of this act as above provided, shall become a part and belong to the county school fund of the county in which the proceedings are had, and be drawn from the county treasury on proper warrant, and shall be exclusively appropriated to the county school fund, and for no other purpose.

Revised Laws of Nevada, 1912, 2281. 3012. Transfer of Moneys from Road Fund to County School Fund, When

To Be Made. Sec. 5. All moneys remaining in the road fund belonging to any road district at the end of every year, or belonging to any district that may be disorganized, as provided by this act, may, on petition of a majority of the taxpayers therein, be applied by the county commissioners to the building of any bridge or special improvement of any highway in said district, or the county in which said district is situated, or upon such petition said moneys may be transferred to the school fund, and applied to the public school or schools of said district. Revised Laws of Nevada, 1912, 3012. 3760. Fines to Go to Irreducible School Fund.

SEC. 148. The full amount of all fines imposed and collected under, and for a violation of any, penal law of this state, shall be paid into the state treasury to the credit of the state permanent school fund, and costs shall in no case be deducted from the fine fixed by law, or imposed by the court. Revised Laws of Nevada, 1912, 3760.


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An Act to amend an act entitled " An act creating a school of mines, to be located at Virginia City, Nevndaapproved March 20, 1903.

Approved March 20, 1911 School of Mines Created - Under Direction and Control of State Board of

Education-Salary of Principal Fixed. SECTION 1. Section one of said act is hereby amended so that the same shall read as follows:

There is hereby created a school of mines, to be known as the Virginia City School of Mines, to be located at Virginia City, Storey County, Nevada, to be under the direction and control of the state board of education. The principal in charge of said school of mines shall receive a salary of two thousand dollars per annum, payable in twelve equal monthly installments on the first day of each and every month during the time this act and the provisions thereof shall remain in force and effect. State Board Authorized to Expend Money For.

SEC. 2. The said state board of education are hereby authorized and empowered to expend for the support and maintenance of the Virginia City School of Mines for the years 1911 and 1912, in addition to the salary of the principal in charge of said school of mines, the sum of four hundred and twenty-five dollars ($425).

NotE—This act includes the original act of 1903 and contains all the law now relating to the Virginia City School of Mines.


An Act compelling the attendance of children at schools where tuition, lodging,

food and clothing are furnished at the expense of the United States.

Approved March 26, 1913

Compelling the Attendance of Pupils on Government Schools-Exception.

SECTION 2. That whenever the government of the United States erects, or causes to be erected and maintained, a school for general educational purposes, within the State of Nevada, and the expense of the tuition, lodging, food, and clothing of the pupils therein is borne by the United States, it shall be compulsory on the part of every parent, guardian, or other person in the State of Nevada, having control of a child or children between the ages of eight and eighteen years, eligible to attend said school, to send such child or children to said school for a period of nine months in each year, or during the entire annual term; provided, that in case the government of the United States does not make provision for the free transportation of said child from their homes to said school, then he, she, or they shall not be liable to the provisions of this act, unless they reside less than ten miles from such school. Principals or Superintendents of Said Schools to Give Personal Notice to

Parents or Guardians. SEC. 2. It shall be the duty of all principals or superintendents of the school or schools mentioned in this act, before attempting to enforce the provisions of this act, hereinafter mentioned, to serve, or cause to be served, a demand for the attendance of certain children, naming or otherwise identifying them, and also designating the school to which their attendance is required, upon the parent, guardian, or other person having charge of such child or children as may be eligible to attend said school over which he has charge, and a copy of this act; and such parent, guardian, or other person having charge of said child or children shall have ten days to either deliver said child or children at said school, or to the accredited representative of said school if more than ten miles distant from the residence of said child or children, or to furnish satisfactory proof that the bodily or mental condition of such child or children is such as to prevent his attendance or cause him or them to be ineligible for enrollment. Said Officers to Bring Suit for Collection of Fine.

Sec. 3. If, at the expiration of ten days after such notice or demand, the parents, guardian, or other person having charge of said child or children shall have failed or refused to comply with this act, the principal or superintendent shall cause a demand to be made upon such parent, guardian, or other person for the amount of the penalty hereinafter provided; and if such parent, guardian, or other person shall neglect or refuse to pay the same within five days after making such demand, the superintendent or principal shall commence proceedings in the name of the state for the recovery of the fine hereinafter provided before any court having jurisdiction. Fine or Imprisonment, When.

SEC. 4. Any parent or guardian, or other person having control or charge of any child or children, failing to comply with the provisions of this act, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and shall be liable to a fine of not less than ten dollars ($10) nor more than twenty-five dollars ($25), or imprisonment in the county jail not less than two days nor more than twenty-five days for the first offense; and for each subsequent offense said parent, guardian, or other person shall be liable to a fine of not less than twenty-five dollars ($25) or more than fifty dollars ($50), or to imprisonment in the county jail not less than twenty-five days or more than fifty days; provided also, that to all fines imposed shall be added the cost of collection; provided further, that proceedings may be begun at the expiration of three days de novo after each refusal of said parent, guardian, or other person to comply with the demand of said principal or superintendent.

Fines Go to County School Fund.

SEC. 5. All fines collected under the provisions of this act shall be paid into the county treasury, the same to be placed to the credit of the general school fund. Peace Officers to Assist in Enforcement.

Sec. 6. It shall be the duty of sheriffs, constables, policemen, town and city marshals in the state to take cognizance of this act and assist principals and superintendents of schools in carrying out its provisions. Punishment for Intimidation of Guardians-Proviso.

SEC. 7. Any person or persons who shall directly or indirectly persuade, advise, or intimidate in any manner the parent or guardian of any child or children coming under the provisions of this act from complying with the demand of a principal or superintendent of a school who is endeavoring to carry out the provisions of this act shall be guilty of the same offense and shall be subject to the same fines and punishment as the parent or guardian; provided, that this section shall not apply to the attorney or legal adviser of any parent or guardian in giving advice in his legal capacity. Jurisdiction.

SEC. 8. The court of any justice of the peace within the county where the child or children live may constitute a court of jurisdiction. Repeal.

SEC. 9. All acts and parts of acts in conflict with this act are hereby repealed.

An Act to fix the name of the state university of Nevada.

Approved March 20, 1907

SECTION 1. The legal and corporate name of the state university shall be the University of Nevada.

An Act relating to the state university and matters properly connected


Approved February 7, 1887 Literary and Scientific Course at State University.

SECTION 1. There shall be established in the state university of Nevada, a school for the instruction of teachers, in which shall be taught all the branches of instruction which are taught in the common schools of this state, together with the theory and practice of teaching, school law, botany, physiology, and geology. There shall also be taught in said university, chemistry, assaying, mineralogy, surveying, and geology, so far as they relate to the theory and practice of mining, agriculture, and the mechanic arts. There shall also be taught in the preparatory department of said university, typewriting, shorthand, telegraphy, bookkeeping, and commercial law, so far as the relate to the practical affairs of life. As amended, Stats. 1891, 92.

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