They Found the Secret: Twenty Lives That Reveal a Touch of Eternity

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Harper Collins, 1984 - 192 halaman

Explore the lives of twenty Christian figures whose powerful testimonies and lives of service will inspire you to embrace Christ as the secret to abundant living.

Written by V. Raymond Edman, who is best remembered as the fourth president of Wheaton College in Illinois and as the writer of many devotional books, They Found the Secret shares the failures, hardships, yearnings, accomplishments, and ultimate hope and faith of twenty well-known and little-known Christians.

There are those of yesteryear like John Bunyan, and of more recent years like Richard C. Halverson and William P. Nicholson. There are clergymen like A. J. Gordon, and laymen like Dwight L. Moody. Some are well known, like Charles G. Finney and Oswald Chambers, while others may be little known or even quite forgotten, like J. A. Wood. There are mystics like Andrew Murray and practical men like Charles G. Trumbull and Robert E. Nicholas. There are women as well as men: Frances Ridley Havergal of England, Amy Carmichael of India, and Eugenia Price of contemporary America.

The details of each of their experiences are quite different, yet as you listen to their stories and watch their lives, you will see a pattern that reveals their secret: Out of discouragement and defeat they have come into victory. Out of weakness and weariness they have been made strong. Out of ineffectiveness and apparent uselessness they have become efficient and enthusiastic.

Their collective testimony to the reality of the joy and power of the Spirit-filled life is unanimous. Their lives and work have shaped the Christian faith and paved the way for those who have come after them. And from their stories, you too can find the path to deeper faith and a more vital relationship with God.

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A Challenge for Many Christians Today

Ulasan Pengguna  - Dave Duval -

The real life witness of the writers of these life experiences is a real challenge for many today who are seeking for the power to live the Christian life but are depending too much on their own ... Baca ulasan lengkap

Every Christian should read this book!

Ulasan Pengguna  - Debbie -

This book is empowering and inspiring. I believe that this book will speak to every Christian and to their personal walk with the Lord. Every Christian should know about this. I am glad that I ... Baca ulasan lengkap

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V. Raymond Edman is best remembered as the fourth president of Wheaton College in Illinois and as the writer of many devotional books. He earned his Ph.D. in International Relations from Clark University in 1933 and soon after that went to Wheaton were he remained until his death in 1967 while speaking in chapel.

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