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ABBOTT, VOYLE E., transferred to Savannah, 330, 428

Anderson, W. B., transferred to Paducah, 68

Anderton, J. H., sent to Japan, 234

Anthony, H. F., transferred from Detroit to the Hydro-Electric Division, 234
Avery, Walter J., marriage, 320

BACON, E. L., resignation, 427

Barrows, Walter, marriage, 331

Bean, H. J., transferred to the clerical department, 63

Benton, John W., Jr., transferred to Fort Worth, 324, 332

Berry, George W., won the prize of $1,000 in the Zam Ad. Writing Contest, 147

Bolton, Charles, marriage, 161

Brownell, Ralph, transferred to the Boston office, 61

Brulard, S. A., marriage, 235, 322

Buffern, C. C., transferred to Fort Madison, 243

Burleson, W. H., made timekeeper of the Puget Sound Power and Light Com-

pany, 415

CARLSON, G. W., marriage, 329

Carr, William, marriage, 157

Casey, Fred J., joined the corporation, 320

Chynoweth, Russell, resignation, 64

Clapp, Roger S., transferred to Seattle, 513

Coombs, J. E., transferred to Savannah, 332

Cowes, Alexander W., Jr., marriage, 160

Crow, Clarence S., joined the El Paso Company, 324

Curtin, William E., transferred to Woonsocket, 320, 432

DAGGETT, ALBERT H., transferred to the Boston office, 573
Davis, Myrta Lee, resignation, 153

De Bouy, Julius, marriage, 60

Dickens, George F., transferred to Pawtucket, 147

Doggett, J. L., Jr., marriage, 153

Donahue, Alice, resignation, 157

Donegan, E. P., transferred to Seattle, 430

Drew, Lionel E., resignation, 428

Duff, A. D., transferred to Fall River, 61

Dufour, F. O., resigned to become professor of civil engineering at Lafayette
College, 234

EMERY, L. W., transferred to Pensacola, 68

FLEMING, CONRAD, marriage, 414

Fontaine, Lester H., transferred to Key West, 330

GIFFORD, ROBERT L., marriage, 238

Granau, Edgar L., entered the statistics department, 147

HAIGH, R. A., transferred to Paducah, 513

Harrington, J. J., resignation, 513

Hector, John C., resignation, 149, 150

Heidenger, C. P., transferred to Bellingham, 150, 158

Hinely, F. A., entered the employ of the Savannah Company, 159
Herrick, Charles M., transferred to Baton Rouge, 147

Hill, R. J., resignation, 513

Hill, William S., transferred to Pawtucket, 163

Hodgkins, P. F., transferred to Pawtucket, 73, 157

Hopkins, Ray C., appointed secretary to Mr. H. T. Edgar, 59; transferred to the
Boston office, 64

JENKINS, BURTON P., marriage, 60; temporarily transferred to Pawtucket, 320
Johnston, J. H., transferred to Lowell, 60

KALBERG, SETH W., marriage, 514

Kehoe, George E., marriage, 320

Keltner, Florence, resignation, 65

Kurtz, Chester A. R., transferred to Tampa, 147, 162

LEVERETTE, MR., marriage, 517

Locke, Milton H., marriage, 424

MCCLUSKY, J. C., resignation, 419

McCorkle, Agnes, resignation, 515

MACFadden, S. P., marriage, 327

McLaughlin, Captain James Francis, transferred to El Paso, Tex., 512

Martin, Eugene, resignation, 415

Mason, Stephen S., transferred to Blackstone Valley Gas and Electric Company,


Mathis, O. C., death, 335

Melander, Violet, resignation, 323

Miller, R. H., joined the Sydney, Nova Scotia Company, 72

ODAMS, L. N., transferred to Reno, 158; marriage, 526

O'Loughlin, Charles L., transferred to Woonsocket, 66, 163

Organ, Hallie, resignation, 332

PIERSON, C. L., resignation, 236

Platt, George, marriage, 321

Prather, H. G., won the grand prize in the National Selling Contest of Apex
Electric Suction Cleaners, 235; transferred to Port Arthur Division, 236, 322

REEVE, L. M., sent to Japan, 234

Rigby, Herbert B., transferred to Eastern Texas Electric Company, 147

Rigby, R. M., transferred to Port Arthur, 235

Ringorse, W. N., transferred to Seattle, 150, 245

Roberts, Alfred, marriage, 241

Rohret, L. C., employed as chemist, 156

Rowley, C. E., transferred from Everett to Seattle, 245

SCANLON, H. V., transferred to Galveston, 239, 324

Schell, Harold W., made superintendent of the Gas Works, Keokuk, Ia., 65
Schuler, Gregory, resignation, 419

Sloop, C. R., marriage, 516

Small, Willard B., resignation, 63

Smith, F. W., transferred to Woonsocket, 73

Smith, T. H., marriage, 414, 415

Sparr, Glen B., joined the Reno Company, 427

Spencer, A. M., transferred to Columbus, 59; marriage, 320, 416

Stebbins, E. D., transferred to Pawtucket, 157, 162

Steele, A. J. S., marriage, 417

Stewart, S. H., resignation, 427

Stroop, C. E., transferred to Bellingham, 150

Sturtevant, W. I., appointed chief engineer for Pawtucket and Woonsocket Divisions, 156

THEAKSTON, HAROLD R., resignation, 234

Trowbridge, Earl L., marriage, 152

Turner, E. P., resignation, 239

WALTERS, C. P., marriage 235

Webb, H. C., transferred to El Paso, 61

Webster, Edwin S., appointed chairman of the Commission created to investigate problem relating to the organization and expenditures of the administrative department of the Commonwealth, 58

Wilder, Perry W., marriage, 151

Winking, J. B., resignation, 329

Wright, Mattie P., resignation, 60

Wycoff, J. T., transferred to the Boston office, 242

YEARY, H., resignation, 324

Yeary, Oscar, resignation, 324

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