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On Monday morning, November 28, fourteen members of the Japanese Business Men's Mission arrived in Boston. Their first visit after arrival was to the office of Stone & Webster, Inc., where they met the members of the firm and some of the officials of the organization. While there they were shown lantern slides of the Caribou and Big Creek hydro-electric developments. En route to the office, the visitors witnessed the moving picture of the Caribou development at the Pathe rooms. During the afternoon of this day the party made a visit of inspection to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where a convocation was addressed by their chairman, Dr. Takuma Dam, who graduated from the Institute in 1878. MR. and MRS. CHARLES A. STONE spent Thanksgiving in Boston. MR. EDWIN S. WEBSTER and MR. FREDERICK P. ROYCE have returned from a shooting trip to Tisbury, Martha's Vineyard.


MR. H. H. HUNT and MR. C. F. W. WETTERER returned December 1 from a three weeks' trip, during which they visited the following cities: Houston, Galveston, Fort Worth, El Paso, Beaumont, Baton Rouge and Pensacola.

MR. C. W. KELLOGG is in New York.

MR. H. R. HAYES, of the New York office, and MR. P. L. WARREN have returned from New Orleans, La., where they attended a convention of the Investment Bankers' Association.

MR. H. T. EDGAR and MR. J. T. G. NICHOLS are taking a trip through the Middle West, visiting Houghton, Paducah and Keokuk.

MR. M. L. SPERRY made a trip to Pawtucket on November 29, attending the organization of The Gas & Electric Club. While there he spoke on "Club Organizations," the Relations between the Company and the Firm of Stone & Webster," and the "Management Contact."

MR. SPERRY also attended the regular meeting of the Employees' Club of the Haverhill Gas Light Company before which he spoke on Public Policy.

MR. A. S. PRATT has recently returned from a trip to Halifax. MR. H. A. LEMMON recently visited Halifax and Sydney.

CAPTAIN JAMES FRANCIS MCLAUGHLIN, of the public relations department, has been transferred to El Paso, Texas, to become lighting superintendent of the El Paso Electric Railway Company.

As "marching orders" came quickly, there was not sufficient time for a "round-up" of all the Boston office friends of CAPTAIN MCLAUGHLIN for an informal au revoir. However, members of the BULLkoney CLUB, of which he is secretary, and a few others joined in a luncheon to him at the Boston City Club, December 1,

1921. Those on hand to wish him continuing success in the Texas territory were MESSRS. WALTER H. BURKE, NATHAN H. DANIELS, LUTHER R. NASH, William E. Tucker, of Tyler, Tucker, Eames & Wright, HANS VITTINGHOFF and EDWARD F. FLYNN.

MR. FRED N. BUSHNELL and MR. A. L. SNYDER have recently returned from a trip to Halifax.

MR. HANS VITTINGHOFF and MR. CARL BURROUGHS have returned from a hunting trip in New Hampshire with three very handsome deer heads.

During the month, MR. ALBERT A. NORTHROP has presented to various colleges and organizations throughout the states east of the Mississippi River the picture showing the Caribou Development of the Great Western Power Company. To date, the picture has been presented thirty-five times to a total of over 9,000 people.

MR. JOSEPH S. LOVERING, treasurer of the American International Corporation, visited the office on November 19.

MR. T. L. SMALL, of Baton Rouge, was in the office on November 28.

MR. L. W. LANDRIGAN, chief inspector of the Houston Electric Company, recently made us a visit.

MR. R. A. HAIGH, of the statistics department, has been transferred to the Paducah Electric Company.

MR. R. J. HILL, of the statistics department, has resigned.

MR. ROGER S. CLAPP, of the treasury department, has been transferred to Seattle.

MR. ALBERT H. DAGGETT, of the accounting department of the Keokuk Electric Company, has been transferred to the treasurer's office in Boston.

MR. J. J. HARRINGTON has left the treasurer's office to take a position with the G. Amsink Company, 90 Wall Street, New York. MR. A. L. BERRYMAN, of the treasurer's office, is in Tampa assisting in the annual audit of the Tampa Electric Company.

The traveling auditors, and their assistants, of the management division are now located as follows: MESSRS. ALLEN and POWELL are auditing the accounts of the three companies at Columbus, Georgia; MESSRS. HENDERSON and STEVENS, the receiver's books of the Savannah Electric Company up to the close of the receivership.

While at Savannah, MR. HENDERSON was called to Newark, N. J. to obtain some figures on "Going Value" of the Public Service Railway for MR. BLOOD.

For the last four months, Mr. Whittaker has been engaged in assisting the New Bedford Gas & Edison Light Company of New Bedford, Massachusetts, in the installation in their company of the system of accounts prescribed by the Department of Public Utili

ties of Massachusetts.

MESSRS. OWERS and BROWNELL are in the South; having finished an audit of the accounts of The Key West Electric Company, they started for Tampa by boat, and from all reports they enjoyed their trip.

MESSRS. VAN VLIET and FRANCIS have completed an audit of the Pensacola Electric Company and are now in Houston.

MR. SKULLEY is now back in the Boston office, having returned from Chicago and Houghton, where he has completed audits. Just at present he is in North Abington, with MR. WHITTIER as assistant, making an audit of The Electric Light & Power Company of Abington and Rockland.

MR. WILLIAMS is in Keokuk auditing the books of the Keokuk Electric Company.

MR. NEILL remained in the Boston office only a short time after his last trip to the Coast, when he started for Reno to make an audit of the three Reno companies. He tells us that his trip out was pleasant, and, other than a possibility of a strike the first part of the journey, it was uneventful. Upon definite news that the strike was off, he stoped off at Ogden and visited Salt Lake City.

On November 26, MISS VIOLA MARSAN of the Boston office was married to MR. SETH M. KALBERG of the Division of Construction and Engineering at Cambridge. They have both been employed for several years in the Boston office. They will live in Winchester.

All the friends of HARRY LEON HARDING of Houston, Texas, who has been connected with the Stone & Webster organization since October 1, 1905, and is now assistant treasurer of the Galveston Electric Railway Company and Houston Electric Company, were delighted to see him in Boston.

The local members of the BULLkoney CLUB and others who know MR. HARDING well gave him an informal luncheon at the Boston City Club, Monday, November 21, 1921. The following attended: MESSRS. JOHN H. BISSELL, WALTER H. BURKE, WILLIAM T. CRAWFORD, NATHAN HAGAR DANIELS, LAWRENCE E. EUSTIS, JASON C. LEIGHTON, LUTHER R. NASH, JOHN T. G. NICHOLS, EDWARD T. STEEL, PARIS P. THOMAS, William E. Tucker of Tyler, Tucker, Eames & Wright, FREDERIC J. WHITING, editor Stone & Webster JOURNAL, Captain Ralph Hamilton Williams, editor-inchief The Iceberger, and EDWARD F. FLYNN.

The Potomac Electric Power Company has authorized a three bay extension to the electric portion of the Bennings Power Station; the Division of Construction and Engineering will erect this.


MR. H. H. HUNT and MR. C. F. W. WETTERER of the Boston office, made a short visit to Baton Rouge recently.

MR. T. L. SMALL, manager, visited Savannah on business during the latter part of November, after which he continued to Plymouth, Mass. On his return to Baton Rouge he was accompanied by Mrs. Small and their two children, Mrs. Small having recovered sufficiently from her recent illness to make the trip.

MR. P. L. WARREN, of the securities department of the Boston office, and MR. H. R. HAYES, of the securities department of the New York office, visited us the early part of November. They were entertained by the department heads at a luncheon at the country club.

The new gas holder of 300,000 cubic feet capacity which has been under construction for the past few months, was put in service on Sunday, November 20.

MR. H. M. WEST, of the Engineering Corporation, who had charge of installing the new gas holder, left the latter part of the month for his home in San Antonio, Tex.

The condition of EDDIE THOMAS, power station engineer, is somewhat improved. He was recently taken to New Orleans for special treatment.


MR. and MRS. FLEMING entertained the accounting department on the evening of November 3, with an informal party in order that the families of the department might become better acquainted. This party took the place of a regular accounting department meeting, and was in every way a genuine success.

On November 16 a regular meeting of the accounting department employees was held. The subject for the evening was the Balance Sheet Accounts; and considerable discussion developed among the members in the study of the detail of this statement.

MR. T. H. SMITH of the accounting department was married on November 1, to Miss Louise Grubb at her home in Thomason, Georgia.

MISS AGNES MCCORKLE, for four years telephone operator for this company, left on November 15, to be married to Mr. Felix Williford, an employee of the Magnolia Petroleum Company of this city. Miss FLORENCE SPENCER came with the company to assume Miss McCORKLE's duties.

On Saturday, November 12, MRS. J. R. CARNES of the railway department, entertained a number of friends with a miscellaneous shower at her home; naming MISS AGNES MCCORKLE as the honor guest.

MRS. H. F. BRAUNIG, wife of the lighting superintendent, and MRS. J. M. DEBOUY, wife of the chief clerk of this company, were hostesses at a kitchen shower given for Miss MCCORKLE at MRS. BRAUNIG'S home, November 19.

Friday, the 18th, MR. TOWNSEND, MR. ROBERTSON, superintendent of railways, MR. DEBOUY, chief clerk at Beaumont, and MR. SWIFT, chief clerk at Port Arthur, with several business friends in Beaumont went on a duck hunt near Sabine Lake.

November 25, MR. H. H. HUNT, MR. C. F. W. Wetterer, Mr. L. C. BRADLEY and MR. G. H. CLIFFORD Visited this property. A dinner was given Friday evening for the visitors, to which the heads of departments and foremen were invited, so that our guests and the men of the organization could become acquainted. MR. HUNT and MR. WETTERER left for the East; and MR. BRADLEY and MR. CLIFFORD returned to Houston and Fort Worth on the 27th.


The first monthly conference of the season of the sales managers and assistant treasurers of the Stone & Webster New England Companies was held in Brockton on November 15 and 16.

Various topics relating to the work of the accounting and sales departments were discussed, and the meetings were a success in

every way.

The visitors had an opportunity to inspect the new plant of the Geo. E. Keith Company, makers of the Walkover shoes, and saw the last word in shoe factory designing. This factory is entirely equipped for electric drive, with individual motors.

The conference was attended by MESSRS. H. T. EDGAR, M. L. SPERRY, J. T. G. NICHOLS and F. H. FARNHAM of the Boston office; C. W. HALSTEAD, H. C. ELDREDGE and F. I. BIELER of Lowell; R. H. PERLEY, S. E. CHOQUETTE, H. J. PETTINGELL, JR., and G. I. STINESS of Pawtucket; C. L. KEBBE, and F. B. FLAHIVE of New London; W. R. BELL and H. P. DAYTON of Haverhill; W. K. EAVENSON and S. E. BAKER of Fall River; F. L. HOPKINS and R. T. PHILLIPS of Abington; A. F. NELSON, CLIFFORD TRULL and H. C. SMITH of Brockton.

MR. CLIFTON CHAISON, of the accounting department, has been kept at home for the past two weeks because of illness.

MISS DORIS BEAL of Brockton, and MR. ENDICOTT RANTOUL of Cambridge have recently taken positions in the accounting depart


Our manager, MR. A. F. NELSON, with a party of Brockton business and professional men, spent a few days gunning down on the Cape, and report excellent sport.


MR. C. E. SLOOP, of our meter department, was recently married to Miss Lucile Hutsell of Athens, Tenn.

MR. C. A. PIERSON, gas plant foreman, recently visited Albany, Ga., and inspected the city gas plant.

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