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! English Liberty:
di OR, THE

British LION roused;

Containing the Sufferings of
John Wilkes, Esq,
· First of his Persecution,

: Dowr to this .

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Printed for T. MARSH, in Black Friars;

And sold by all the News-Carriers in Town
and Country. 1769.

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English Liberty:

Sufferings of John Wilkes, Esq; Knight of the Shire for the County

of MIDDLES EX. BRAZIBRARLARIZKERR Peer Sir William Beauchamp Proctor's

To the Gentlemen, Clergy, and Free-
Iholders of the County of Middlesex.

I Did not presume to offer myself again

as a candidate for the county, until I · knew it would be agreeable to a great

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number number of its constituents. Happy am I to find that I have so great encourage

ment. It is not a seat in parliament . that I covet so much as the honour of

representing so respectable a county, which I have had the peculiar pleasure to do in three fucceffive parliaments, in which I was ever affiduous of thewing : my duty to the King, and preserving the rights and liberties of my fellowsubjects. This emboldens me again to salicit your votes and interest on the day of election, affuring you that I ne-. ver had the least thought of petitioning against any former election, which has been unkindly reported; and if I have the honour to be chose your représentative, shall endeavour to merit the favour by the uprightness of my actions, and by a constant attention to the trade and welfare of this county.


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N. B. I shall pay my personal re{pects the first opportunity, and in my


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