English liberty, or The British lion roused; containiny [sic] the sufferings of John Wilkes from the first of his persecution, down to the present time, Volume 2

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Halaman 296 - I beg the same favor of you and your friends ? The trial will come on in the beginning of May, and if the affair cannot be compromised, we intend to kick up a dust, and die hard. In a word, if that foolish admiral has any regard to his own character he will be quiet, rather than provoke further the resentment of " Dear sir, &c.
Halaman 72 - I fhall confider the claim which you now have upon me, as demanding the utmoft exertion of my poor abilities. I promife you a faithful and zealous attachment to your fervice, a diligent attendance on your bufinefs, and a fready attention to the interefts of our •ward. From you. Gentlemen, I...
Halaman 57 - On the evening only before the two trials, caufed the records to be altered againft the confent of my folicitor, and without my knowledge ; for a dangerous illnefs, arifing from an affair of honour, detained me at that time abroad. The alterations were of the utmoft importance, and I was in confequence tried the very next day on two new charges, of which I could know nothing. I will venture to declare this proceeding unconftitutional.
Halaman 140 - ... in the room of the coroner, from whom they took this power, or in the place of the attorney general, during the vacancy of that office, as it was always in the power of the king to supply that •vacancy at any moment he pleased ; as the legislature...
Halaman 217 - Majesty's service, and for the constitution as by law established, we have waited patiently, expecting a constitutional remedy by the means of our own representatives, but our legal and free choice having been repeatedly rejected, and the right of election now finally taken from us by the unprecedented seating of a candidate who was never chosen by the county, and who, even to become a candidate, was obliged fraudulently to vacate his seat in parliament, under the pretence of an insignificant place,...
Halaman 213 - The civil magifrrates tampered with by administration, and neglecting and refufing to difcharge their duty — Mobs and riots hired and raifed by the miniftry, in order to juftify and recommend their own illegal proceedings, and to prejudice your...
Halaman 46 - Office, he will find a military force ready to march to his assistance, and to act according as he shall find it expedient and necessary ; I need not add that, if the public peace is not preserved, and if any riotous proceedings which may happen are not suppressed, the blame will, most probably, be imputed to a want of prudent and spirited conduct in the civil magistrates.
Halaman 212 - ... of attachment, wherein the same person is at once party, accuser, judge, and jury. " Instead of the ancient and legal civil police, the military introduced at every opportunity, unnecessarily and unlawfully patrolling the streets, to the alarm and terror of the inhabitants. " The lives of many of your Majesty's innocent subjects destroyed by military execution.
Halaman 306 - ... fee that he never could be the author of fuch an outrage on the civil power of his native country in compliment to the military. He is no military man. Prowefs never made any part of his character. He is confefledly_/J/a libidine fortis.
Halaman 208 - Middlcfex, beg leave, with all affectionate fubmiffion and humility, to throw ourfelves at your royal feet, and humbly to implore your paternal attention to thofe...

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