Journal of the Constitutional Convention of the District of Maine: With the Articles of Separation, and Governor Brooks' Proclamation Prefixed. 1819-20

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Fuller & Fuller, Printers, 1856 - 112 halaman

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Halaman 40 - That retrospective Laws, punishing acts committed before the existence of such laws, and by them only declared criminal, are oppressive, unjust and incompatible with liberty ; wherefore, no ex post facto Law ought to be made, nor any retrospective oath or restriction be imposed or required.
Halaman 22 - Whereas, by an Act of the State of Massachusetts, passed on the nineteenth day of June, in the year one thousand eight hundred and nineteen, entitled "An Act relating to the separation of the District of Maine from Massachusetts, Proper, and forming the same into a separate and independent State...
Halaman 53 - ... deficient, in every district, if there be so many voted for, elect by joint ballot the number of senators required ; and in this manner all vacancies in the senate shall be supplied as soon as may be, after such vacancies happen.
Halaman 38 - GOD, and of public instructions in piety, religion, and morality: Therefore, to promote their happiness, and to secure the good order and preservation of their government, the people of this commonwealth have a right to invest their legislature with power to authorize and require...
Halaman 64 - ... any time be made by the legislature to any literary institution now established, or which may hereafter be established, unless, at the time of making such endowment, the legislature of the state shall have the right to grant any further powers to, alter, limit or restrain any of the powers vested in, any such literary institution, as shall be judged necessary to promote the best interests thereof.
Halaman 57 - He shall nominate, and, with the advice and consent of the council, appoint all judicial officers, coroners, and notaries public; and he shall also nominate, and with the advice and consent of the council, appoint all other civil and military officers, whose appointment is not by this Constitution, or shall not by law be otherwise provided for; and every such nomination shall be made seven days, at least, prior to such appointment.
Halaman 38 - AS the happiness of a people, and the good order and preservation of civil government, essentially depend upon piety, religion and morality; and as these cannot be generally diffused through a community, but by the institution of the public worship of GOD, and of public instructions in piety, religion and morality...
Halaman 6 - ... of the value of thirty thousand dollars ; and this commonwealth shall, thereupon assign the same to the said new state, or in lieu thereof, may pay the sum of thirty thousand dollars at its election ; which election of the said commonwealth, shall be made within one year from the time that notice of the doings of the commissioners, on this subject, shall be made known to the governor and council ; and if not made within that time, the election shall be with the new state.
Halaman 38 - Nevertheless, every sect or denomination of Christians ought to observe the Sabbath, or Lord's day, and keep up some sort of religious worship, which to them shall seem most agreeable to the revealed will of God.
Halaman 40 - In all civil suits, and in all controversies concerning property, the parties shall have a right to a trial by jury, except in cases where it has heretofore been otherwise practiced : the party claiming the right may be heard by himself and his counsel, or either, at his election.

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