Management of Technology: The Key to Prosperity in the Third Millennium - Selected Papers from the 9th International Conference on Management of Technology

Sampul Depan
Tarek M. Khalil, Louis A. Lefebvre, Robert M. Mason
Emerald Group Publishing Limited, 13 Agu 2001 - 513 halaman
This text tackles some of the issues facing practitioners and researchers in the field of management of technology. Special attention is given to the challenges facing nations and companies at the dawn of a new millennium where technology is expected to dominate every aspect of human endeavour. It presents thoughts in this field especially with respect to technological change, economic growth, globalization and sustainable development. This collection contains a number of papers contributed by authors from around the world. The papers were selected from those presented at the 9th International Conference on Management of Technology held in Miami, Florida in February 2000. This is the official conference of the International Association for Management of Technology (IAMOT), an international association concerned with the promotion of education, research and practice in this growing field.

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