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Any of the books named in the following list, except Purdon's Digest and Brightly's United States Digest, Volume 1 (both of which exceed the weight fixed by the Post-Office Laws), will be sent by mail prepaid, upon receipt of the price. Copies of our General Law Catalogue furnished on receipt of ten cents in postage stamps, and orders or inquiries by mail promptly attended to.

3 vols. 8vo.


of the General Assembly of Pennsylvania, from the year 1801 down to the year 1865.

52 vols. 8vo. half sheep. (Exceedingly scarce.) $150 00. ADDISON ON CONTRACTS. A Treatise on the Law of Contracts,

and Rights and Liabilities, ex contractu, by C. G. Addison Esq., Barrister-at-Law. Third American from the fifth London edition, with copious Notes and References to

American Cases, by Edward Ingersoll, Esq. (In preparation.) ADDISON ON WRONGS. A Treatise on Wrongs and their Remedies.

By C. G. Addison, author of "A Treatise on the Law of Contracts." With full Adie.

rican Notes. (In preparation.) ALDEN'S CONDENSED REPORTS. The Reports of the Supreme

Court of Pennsylvania, from the year 1754, to the year 1844. Condensed by T. J.
Fox Alden, of the Pittsburgh Bar.

$12 00. * These volumes are furnished with an ludex and Table of Cases, and are complete in themselves. They include the Reports of

. 4 1791–1808 | ADDISON : : BALDWIN'S CIRCUIT COURT REPORTS. Reports of Cases de


4 vols.

1751-1806 | BINNEY

6 vols.
1 vol.



termined in the Circuit Court of the United States in and for the Third Circuit, comprising the Eastern District of Pennsylvania and the State of New Jersey, from 1828

By Henry Baldwin, one of the judges of that court. 8vo. $6 00. BALDWIN ON THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED

STATES. A General View of the Origin and Nature of the Constitution and Government of the United States, deduced from the political history and condition of the Colonies and States from 1774 to 1788, and the decisions of the Supreme Court of the United States ; together with opinions in the cases decided at January Term, 1837, arising on the Restraints on the Powers of the States. By Henry Baldwin, one of the

Associate Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States. 8vo. $1 75. BALL & BEATTY'S REPORTS. Reports of Cases argued and determined

in the High Court of Chancery, in Ireland, during the time of Lord Chancellor Manners. "Ey T. Ball and F. Beatty, Esquires. Two vols. in one.. 8vo. $5 v0.

to 1833



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BELT’S SUPPLEMENT. A Supplement to the Reports in Chancery

of Francis Vesey, Senior, during the time of Lord Chancellor Hardwicke, comprising
Corrections of Statements, and Extracts of the Decrees and Orders from the Regis-
trar's Books, References to the Cases cited, subsequent determinations on the several
points, some Manuscript Cases, new Marginal Notes, and a copious Index. By Robert

Belt, Esq. 8vo. $400.
BINNS'S JUSTICE. A Treatise on the Office and Duties of Aldermen

and Justices of the Peace in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, including all the
required forms of Process and Docket Entries, and embodying not only wbatever
may be deemed valuable to Justices of the Peace, but to Landlords, Tenants, and
General Agents, and making the volume, what it purports to be, a Safe Legal Guide
for Business Men. By John Binns, late Alderman in the City of Philadelphia.
Seventh edition, revised, corrected, and greatly enlarged, by F. C. Brightly, Esq.,
author of “Equity Jurisprudence,”: “ Digest of the Laws of the United States," &c.

8vo. $550. BISSET ON THE LAW OF PARTNERSHIP. A Practical Treatise

on the Law of Partnership, including the Law Relating to Joint-Stock Companies. With an Appendix of Precedents, Forms, and Statutes. By Andrew Bisset, of Lincoln's Inn, Esq., Barrister-at-Law. With very full Notes of American Cases.


the Effect of the Contract of Sale on the Legal Rights of Property and Possession in
Goods, Wares, and Merchandise. By Colin Blackburn, of the Inner Temple, Esq.,

Barrister-at-Law. 8vo. $1 25.

STATES. An Analytical Digest of the Laws of the United States, from the adoption
of the Constitution to the end of the Thirty-eighth Congress, 1789-1865. By Fred-
erick C. Brightly, Esq. 2 vols. imperial 8vo. $14 50.

* Either volume for sale separately. The first, from 1789 to 1857, at $8 00. The second, from 1-57 to 180), at $6 50. BRIGHTLY'S DIGEST OF FEDERAL DECISIONS. A Digest of

the Decisions of the Federal Courts; comprising the Reports of the Supreme, Circuit,
and District Courts, and the Court of Claims, as reported in the regular Series; and
also including the numerous Federal Cases contained in the State Reports and in the

Legal Periodicals. (In preparation.)

Equitable Jurisdiction of the Courts of Pennsylvania, with Notes of Pleading and
Practice in Equity, and an Appendix of Practical Forms. By Frederick C. Brightly,
Esq., author of the “ Law of Costs,” “Nisi Prius Reports,' &c. ; Editor of " Pur.

don's Digest," &c. 8vo. $5 50.
BRIGHTLY'S REPORTS. Reports of Cases decided by the Judges of

the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, in tbe Court of Nisi Prius at Philadelpbia, and
also in the Supreme Court, with Notes and References to recent Decisions. By F.C.

Brightly. 8vo. $5 50.
BRIGHTLY ON THE LAW OF COSTS. A Practical Treatise on

the Law of Costs in Pennsylvania ; with the Fee-Bill, and Decisions of the Courts thereon ; and a View of ibe Remedies for taking illegal Fees. By Frederick C

Brightly, Esq. Counsellor-at-Law. 8vo. $2 50. BROWN'S FORUM. The Forum; or, Forty Years' Full Practice at the

Philadelphia Bar. By David Paul Brown. 2 vols. 8vo. $600. CASEY'S PENNSYLVANIA STATE REPORTS. Pennsylvania State

Reports, containing Cases adjudged by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, from 1855

to 1860. By Joseph Casey, Esq., State Reporter. 12 vols. 8vo. $54 00. COKE UPON LITTLETON. The first part of the Institutes of the

Laws of England, or a Commentary upon Littleton, by Sir Edward Coke. Revised and correcteil, with additions of Notes and proper Tables, by Francis Hargrave and Charles Butler, Esqs., of Lincoln's Inn ; including also the Notes of Lord Chief Justice Hale and Lord Chancellor Nottingham; and an Analysis of Littleton, written by an unknown hand, in 1658-9. By Charles Butler, Esq., one of His Majesty's Counsel. First American, from the Nineteenth London Edition, correcied. 2 vols. 8vo. $13 00.

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on the Legal and Equitable Rights of Married Women; as well in respect to their Property and Persons as to their children. With an Appendix of the recent Ameri

can Statutes, and the Decisions under them. By Wm. H. Coru, Esq. 8vo. $6 50. COVENTRY & HUGHES'S DIGEST. An Analytical Digested Index

to the English Common Law Reports, from the time of Henry III., to the commencement of the reign of George III., with a Table of Titles and Names of Cases. By T. Coventry, Esq., and S. Hughes, Esq. First American, from the last London Edition.


PENNSYLVANIA. Proceedings and Debates of the Convention of the Common. wealth of Pennsylvania, to propose Amendments to the Constitution, commenced and held at Harrisburg, on the 2d day of May, 1837. Reported by John Ayg, Steno.

grapher to the Convention. 14 vols. 8vo. $20 00. DESAUSSURE'S REPORTS. Reports of Cases Argued and Determined

in the Court of Chancery of the State of South Carolina, and in the Court of Appeals in Equity. By Henry William Desaussure, Senior Judge of the Court of Equity, and President Judge of the Court of Appeals in Equity, in the said State. Second Edi.

tion. Revised and corrected. 4 vols. in 2, 8vo. $15 00. DUANE ON THE LAW OF LANDLORD AND TENANT IN

PENNSYLVANIA. A View of the Relation of Landlord and Tenant in Pennsylvania, as affected by Acts of Assembly and Judicial Decisions. By William Duane, Esq.,

author of Å Treatise on the Road Laws of Pennsylvania. 12mo. 75 cents. DUANE ON THE ROAD LAWS OF PENNSYLVANIA. A View

of the Law of Roads, Highways, Bridges, and Ferries in Pennsylvania. By William Duane, Esq., author of " A View of the Relation of Landlord and Tenant in Pennsyl.

vania." 12mo. 75 cents. DUNLAP'S BOOK OF FORMS. A Book of Forms, containing more

thin two thousand Forms for Practice in the Courts of Pennsylvania and of the United Sutes, and for Conveyancing; also, for the use of Public Oficers, and Men of Business generally. Adapted to the recent Acts of Assembly of Pennsylvania, with Explana. tory Remarks, and numerous Precedents and References to Standard Authorities. By James D. Dunlap, Counsellor-at-Law, &c. Fourth edition, revised and grently

enlarged. 8vo. $5 50. EDEN'S CHANCERY REPORTS. Reports of Cafes Argued and

Determined in the High Court of Chancery, from 1757 to 1766, from the original manuscripts of Lord Chancellor Northington, collected and arranged with Notes and References to former and subsequent determinations, and to the Registrar's Books. By the llon. R. H. Eden, Esq. First American, from the last London edition. 2 vols. in one.


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EQUITY RULES. Rules of Equity Practice adopted by the Supreme

Court of Pennsylvania, May 27th, 1865; with the Report of the Commissioners, and

a full Index. 8vo. Pamph. 50 cents. FEARNE ON REMAINDERS. An Essay on the Learning of Contin

gent Remainders and Executory Devises. By Charles Fearne, Esq., Barrister-at-Law. Fourth American, from the Tenth London Edition, containing the Notes, Cases, and other matter added to the former editions, by Charles Butler, Esq., with an original view of Executory Interests in Real and Personal Property, comprising the points deducible from the Cases stated in the Treatise of Fearne, as well as statements of, and the conclusions from, three hundred additional Modern Cases, together with References to numerous other Decisions, and so connected with the text of Fearne, as

to form a body of notes thereto. By Josiah W. Smith, Esq. 2 vols. 8vo. $9 00. FINLASON'S LEADING CASES ON PLEADING. A Selection of

Leading Cases on Pleading and Parties to Actions, with Practical Notes eluciduting the Principles of Pleading (as exeinplified in cases of most frequent occurrence in Practice) by a Reference to the Earliest Authorities, and designed to assist both the Practitioner and the Student. By W. Finlason, Esq., of the Middle Temple, Special Pleader. 8vo. $1 50.



FORUM (The), see BROWN.

Forms of Conveyancing, and of Practice in the Courts of Common Pleas. Quarter
Sessions, Oyer and Terminer, the Supreme and Orphans' Courts, and the Offices of the
various Civil Officers and Justices of the Peace, in Pennsylvania. By W. Graydon.
Fourth edition, revised, corrected, enlarged, and adapted to the present state of the
law; with copious Explanatory Notes and References, and also a new and very com.
prehensive Index. By Robert E. Wright, Esq. 8vo. $3 50.
REENING'S FORMS. A collection of forms of Declarations and
other Pleadings usually prepared in Attorneys' Offices. With Notes. By Henry
Greening, Special Pleader. With Notes and References, by R. E. Wright, Esq.,

adapting it to American Practice. 8vo. (In preparation.) CRESLEY'S EQUITY EVIDENCE. A Treatise on the Law of Evi

dence in the Courts of Equity. By the late Richard Newcombe Gresley, Esq., A. M., Barrister-at-Law. Second edition, with such Alterations and Additions as to render it conforunable to the Statutes, Decisions, and General Orders regulating the Law and Practice as to Evidence in the High Court of Chancery; together with divers further Illustrations, by reference to the Law and Practice, as to Evidence in the Courts of Common Law and Civil Law. By Christopher Alderson Calvert, Esq., A. M., Bar

rister-at-Law. 8vo. Net, $3 50. HALE'S PLEAS OF THE CROWN. The History of the Pleas of

the Crown. By Sir Matthew Hule, Knt. : some time Lord Chief Justice of the King's Bench. First published from his Lordship's original manuscript, and the several references to the records examined by the originals; with Notes by Sollom Emlyn, Esq., with a table of the principal matters. First American edition, with Notes and References to later Cases, by W. A. Stokes and E. Ingersoll, Esqs. 2 vols. 8vo.


State Reports, containing Cases adjudged in the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, from 1819 to 1855. By George W. Harris, State Reporter. 12 vols. 8vo.

$54 00. HARRISON'S DIGEST. An Analytical Digest of all the Reported

Cases Determined in the House of Lords; the several Courts of Common Law in Bang and at Nisi Prius, and the Court of Bankrupil«y, from 1756 to 1852. Including the Crown Cases Reserved, and a full selection of Equity Decisions; with the manuscript cases cited in the best Modern Treatises not elsewhere reported. Second American, from the third London edition. By R. T. Harrison, Esq. 7 vols. 8vo. Nel, $50 00.

Vols, 6 and 7 for sale separately, at $6 00 each, net. HILDYARD ON MARINE INSURANCE. A Treatise on the Prin

ciples of the Law of Marine Insurance. In two parts. I. On the Contract itself, between the Assured and the Assurer. II. Of the causes which vacate that Contract; in what cases the Assured is entitled to recover back the Consideration paid by him ; and lastly, what is the Remedy provided by the Law for either party against the other. By Francis Hildyard, A. M., of the Inner Temple, Esq., Barrister-at-Law. 8vo.

$2 50. HILLIARD ON INJUNCTIONS. The Law of Injunctions. By Francis Hilliard, Esq., author of the “ Law of Torts,"

.” “ Law of Mortgages,'' &c. &c. 1 vol. 8vo.

$6 50. HINDMARCH ON PATENTS. A Treatise on the Law relative to

Patent Privileges for the Sole Use of Inventions, and the Practice of obtaining Letters Patent for Inventions, with an Appendix of Forms and Entries. By W. M. Hind. march, Esq., Barrister-at-Law. With an Appendix of, 1. The Acts of Congress ; 2. Decisions of the Courts of the United States, and 3. Forms for obtaining Letters

Patent. 8vo. $2 50. HOOD ON EXECUTORS. A Practical Treatise on the Law relating

to Registers, Registers' Courts. Orphans' Courts, Auditors, Executors, Administrators, Guardians, and Trustees in Pennsylvania. With Appendices of Acts of Assembly, Forms, &c. &c., and an Index. By Samuel Hood, of the Philadelpbia Bar. Second

euition. 8vo. (In preparation.) KAY ON COMMERCIAL LAW. A Compendium of the Mercantile

Law of England. Intended as a Court ani Circuit Companion. By Jos. Kay, M. A., of the Inner Temple, Esq., Barrister-at-Law. With full American Annotations. (In preparation.)




LESTER'S LAND LAWS. Decisions of the Interior Department in

the Public Land Cases, and Land Laws, passed by the Congress of the United States; together with the Regulations of the General Land Office. By W. W. Lester, Esq., of

the Interior Department, Washington, D. C. $5 50. LINN'S ANALYTICAL INDEX. An Analytical Index of Parallel

Reference to the Cases adjudged in the several Courts of Pennsylvania; with an Appendix containing a collection of Cases overruled, denied, doubted, or limited in their application. By Samuel Linn, President Judge of the Twenty-fifth Judicial

District. 8vo. $600. MADDOCK'S CHANCERY REPORTS. Reports of Cases Argued

and Determined in the Court of the Vice-Chancellor of England, during the time of the Right Hon. Sir Thomas Plumer, Knt. By H. Maddock, Esq. 6 vols. in 3. 8vo. $15 00.


Decided by the Honorable John Marshall, late Chief Justice of the United States, in the Circuit Court of the United States for the District of Virginia and North Carolina, from 1802 to 1833 inclusive. Edited by John W. Brockenbrough, Counsellor-at-Law.

Vol. 2 only, the 1st vol. being out of print. $500. MILES'S REPORTS. Reports of Cases determined in the District Court

for the City and County of Philadelphia, from March, 1835 (with some previous cases), to December, 1840. By John Miles, Counsellor-at-Law. Vol. 2 only, the 1st vol.

being out of print. $500. MITCHELL'S PENNSYLVANIA CONSTABLE. A Manual for the

Cse of Constables in Pennsylvania, with the necessary Forms, &c. &c. By James T.

Mitchell, Esq. 12mo. (In preparation.) MORRIS ON THE LAW OF REPLEVIN. A Practical Treatise on

the Law of Replevin in the United States ; with an Appendix of Forms, and a Digest of Statutes. By P. Pemberton Morris, Esq., of the Philadelphia Bar. Second edition.


STATES. Official Opinions of the Attorneys -General of the United States, advising the President and Heads of Departments in relation to their Official Duties, and exFundiog the Constitution, Subsisting Treaties with Foreign Governments and with Indian Tribes, and the Publie Laws of the Country; Embracing the Opinions of all the Attorneys.General from Randolph to Cushing; with Notes and References. The first 5 vols. by B. F. Hall, Esq.; vols. 6, 7, and 8, by C. C. Andrews, Esq. 8 vols.

8vo. $28 00.
Sergeant & Rawle's Reports, 17 vols. Supreme Court.

$102 00
Pourose & Watts's Reports, 3 vols.
Watts's Reports, 10 vols.
Watts's & Sergeant's Reports, 9 vols.
Harris's Pennsylvania State Reports, 1? vols."
Casey's Pennsylvania State Reports, 12 vols.
Wright's Pennsylvania State Reports, 12 vols."
Brightly's Reports, 1 vol.
dile's Reports, vol. 2 only (District Court of Philadelphia).

Baldwin's Reports, 1 vol. (C. C. U. S. Eastern District of Pennsylvania). PENROSE & WATTS'S REPORTS. Reports of Cases adjudged in the

Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, from September Term, 1829, to June Term, 1832. By William Rawle, Jr., Charles B. Penrose, and Frederick Watts, Counsellors at

Law, Second Edition. 3 vols. 8vo. $18 00. POTHIER ON OBLIGATIONS. A Treatise on the Law of Obliga

tions and Contracts, by M. Pothier. Third American Edition. Translated from the French, with an Introduction, Appendix, and Notes, Illustrative of the English Law

on the subject, by William David Evans, Esq., Barrister-at-Law. 2 vols. 8vo. $9 00. PRICE ON LIMITATIONS AND LIENS. Of the Limitation of

Actions and of Liens against Real Estate in Pennsylvania. By Eli K. Price. 8vo. $350.

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