Annual Report of the Public Service Commission, Second District

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Report, with accompanying documents.

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Halaman 99 - Iron, pig and bloom . Iron and steel rails . Other castings and machinery . Bar and sheet metal Cement, brick, and lime . Agricultural implements . . Wagons, carriages, tools, etc.
Halaman 282 - The American Express Company and the Merchants Union Express Company were merged Into one company, named American Express Company, by articles of merger and association, dated November 25, 1868, and amendments thereto. Each of the constituent companies was an unincorporated association organized under the common law of the state of New York.
Halaman 282 - ... an unincorporated association organized under the common law of the State of New York. The New England Despatch Company is a corporation under the laws of Massachusetts, which, many years ago. did business in that state. In 1891 the American Express...
Halaman 52 - The New York Central and Hudson River Railroad Company and The Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railway Company jointly authorized to issue S12,547,000 equipment bonds under this indenture.
Halaman 286 - The New York, Chicago and St. Louis Railroad Company, The New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad Company; New York, Ontario and Western Railway Company; Pennsylvania System; Rutland Railroad Company; The Ulster and Delaware Railroad Company.
Halaman 190 - Road projected to extend from Buffalo to Niagara Falls via Tonawanda and North Tonawanda, a distance of 24 miles. A certificate of public convenience and a necessity was granted to it by the Board of Railroad Commissioners. The stockholders, under date of November 16...
Halaman 282 - Boston Despatch Express Company, operated between New York and Boston by a boat line to Providence or Fall River and thence by train by railroad to Boston. Its earnings and expenses are merged in. and included In. the report of the American Express Company.
Halaman 44 - The figures given are for the actually outstanding debt (ie securities not held by or for the issuing corporation1) of the corporation as a whole. They are not segregated according to state lines nor with regard to railroad operations and other operations.
Halaman 191 - Little Falls and Johnstown Railroad Company Incorporated April 8, 1911. Road is projected to extend from Little Falls to Johnstown via St. Johnsville, with branch to Canajoharie, a distance of 36 miles. Preliminary surveys have been made and line located. A certificate of public convenience and a necessity was granted bv the Public Service Commission, Second District, July 8, 1912.
Halaman 9 - November 6, 1909, a petition was filed with the Public Service Commission, Second District, for a certificate under section 59 of the Railroad Law and section 53 of the Public Service Commissions Law. This application was contested by other railroad companies interested, both before the Commission and in the courts. February 12, 1914, the Commission granted a certificate of public convenience and a necessity. May 27, 1914, the Commission denied application for a rehearing. During June, 1914, the...

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