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By 6th Ann, c, S6, For the Encouragement of the Trade 10 America, Sec. zo, Provision was made for naturalizing foreign Seamen, who should serve on Board any of her Majesty's Ships of War, or any Privateer or Merchant Ship, belonging to any of her Majesty's Subjects, during the then present War, according to the Provisions of the Act.

By 13th Geo. III. c 3. For the better Supply of Mariners and Seamen, to saree in his Majesty's Ships of War, and on Board Merchant Ships and other Trading Ships and Privaleers, Permission is given to employ a greater Proportion of foreign Seamed than is allowed by Statute 12, Chas. II. and hy Sec. 11, it is nacied, that for encouraging foreign Mariners and Seamen io come and serve op board Ships belonging to Great Britain, every such foreign Seamen or Mariner, who shall have lawfully served, during the Time of War, on board any of his Majesty's Ships of War, or any Merchant or other Trading Ship or Vessel, or Privateer, which, at the Time of such Service, shall belong to any of his Majesty's Subjects in Great Britain, shall be deemed and taken to be a Natural Born Subject of his Majesty's Kingdom of Great Britain, and have and enjoy all the Privileges, Powers, Rights, and Capacities, which such foreign Mariner or Seamen would bare had and enjoyed, in case he had been a Natural Born Subject of his Majesty, and actually a Native within the Kingdom of Great Britain, subject to the Restrictions mentioned in Stat. 12 & 13 W. III. c. 2. Section 3 provides, that no Persons naturalized thereby shall be enabled to be of the Privy Council, or a Member of either House of Parliament, or to take any Office or Place of Trust, civil or military, or 10 have any Grant of Lands from the Crown to himself, or tuv other Person in Trust for him--and by Section 4, it shall be lawful for his Majesty, in any future War, to publish a Proclamation to permit Ships to be manned with foreign Mariners, in the Manner provided by the Act; and upon the publishing such Proclamation, the Act and every Thing therein contained, shall te deemed in full Force avd Virtue, during such War-and by 20 Geo. III c. 10, For the better Supply of Mariners and Seamen, to serve in his Majesty's Ships of War

, and on board Merchant Ships and other Trading Ships and Vessels, afier szeiting a Doubt whether Seamen, who had served during the then present Hostilities

, should be deemed natural Subjects by Virtue of the act of 13 Geo. II. it is declared, that that Act and every Thing therein contained is and has been continned to be in full Force.

By 22 Geo. II. c. 45, For the further Encouragement and Enlargement of the Whale Fishery, and for continuing such Laws as are therein mentioned relating thereto, and for the Naturalization of such foreign Protestants as shall serve, for the Time therein mentioned, on board such Ships as shall be filled out for the said Fishery, certain Provisions are made for the Purpose last mentioned, which, on Account of the limited Nature of the Subject, it is not thought material 10 notice.

Previous to the Cominencement of the War of the French Revolution, an Act was passed, 33 Geo. III. C. 4, For establishing Regulations respecting Aliers erriving in this Kingdom, or resident therein in certain Cases, which was continued from Time to Time during the War. Upon the Termination of the War, the Statute 42 Geo. III. c. 92 was passed, For repealing several Acts for Estatlishing Regulations respecting Aliens arriving in this kingdon, or residing Herein in certain Cases, and for substituting other Prorisions in lieu thereof Upon the recommencement of Hostilities, the Siatute 43 Geo. 111. c. 155 was passed To vepeal an Act passed in the last Session of Parliament, for establishing Regulalions respecting Aliens arriving in this Kingdom, or resident therein, and for establishing, until three Months after the Ratification of a Definitive Treaty of Prece, Regulations respecting Aliens arriving in this Kingdom, or resident therein and upon Conclusion of the late Peace, the Statute 54 Geo. Ill. c. 155, lo repeai s dct for establishing Regulations respecting Aliens arriving in or resident in this Kingdom in certain Cases, and for substituting olher Provisions, until the End of le nest Session of Parliament in lieu thereof. If any permanent Act should be passed upon the subject, previous to the Appearance of this Collection, it will Dost probably be inserted or noticed in the Appendix.]

By the Irish Statute, 14 & 15 Chas. II. c. 13, foreign Traders, Manufacturers, Mariners, &c. being Protestants, who should, within seven Years, transport themselves with their Sioek to Ireland, are naturalized, taking the Oaths.

These Provisions are continued with some Variation, and are rendered more comprehensive, extending to all Persons except Jews, subject to certain Regulations, by 19 & 20 Geo. III. c, 29-23 & 24 Geo. III. c. 38. The Statute 36 Geo. III. e. 48 contains further Provisions upon the Subject, and seems to anoul the Exception of Jews, but confines the Benefit of the Statutes to Persons who shall previously have obtained a Licence from the Chief Governor in Council. See 1 Gabbell, c. 10, p. 307.

For Statutes 11 & 12 W. III. c. 6, for enabling natural born Subjects to inherit, notwithstanding their Parents were Aliens, and 25 Geo. III, c. 39, obria:ing Doubts on that Statute, see Part II. Class 1.]

Stat 2.

No. 1. 45 Edward III. A Statule made Anno 25, Edw. III. Stat. 2, and Anno

Dom. 1350, of those that be born beyond Sea.-In what Place Bastardy pleaded against him that is born out of the Realm shall be tried.

[Ex Rot. in Turr. Lond. m. 19.] O Parliament holden at N a

parlement tenuz a Westm'a « Westminster, at the Utas of the les Oetaves de la Purification de nos“ Purification of our Lady, the tre Dame lan de son regne d'Engle“ Year of his Reign of England terre vintisme quint & de France " the Five and twentieth, and of douszisme considerant les grantz “ France the Twelfth, consider- meschiefs & damnages qe sont ave“ing the great Mischiefs and Da- nuz au people de son Roialme d'

mages which have happened to Engleterre sibien pur ce qe les “the People of his Realm of estatuz devant ces heures ordenez England, as well because that nount mie este tenuz & gardez “ the Statutes ordained before this come ils deveroient come par "Time have not been holden and cause de la pestilence mortielle qe

kept as they ought to be, as be- nadgairs dura & vuellant purvoier « cause of the mortal Pestilence au quiete & commune profit de " that late reigned, and willing son poeple sur ce reniedie covena“ to provide for the Quietnessble par assent de Prelatz Countz " and commion Profit of his said Barons & autres grantz & tote la “ People convenient Remedy;" Communalte de son dit Roialme • therefore by the Assent of the au dit parlement somons ad ordene • Prelates, Earls, Barons, and & establi les choses souzescriptes • other great Men, and all the cest assavoir pur ce qe ascunes • Commons of his said Realm gentz estoient en awere si les en

summoned to the Parliament, faotz neez es parties de dela dehors • hath ordained and established la ligeance d'Engleterre serroient

the things under-written, vide- ables a demander heritage. deinz licet, Because that some People meisme la ligeance ou nemie de • be in Doubt, if the Children quoi petition feust mis autrefoitz • born in the Parts beyond the en parlement tenuz a Weymonster • Sea, out of the Ligeance of lan nostre dit Seignur le Roi dys

England, should be able to de- & septiseme & ne feust mnie a lieu
'mand any Inheritance within the

same Ligeance, or not, wherof
'a Petition was put in the Par-
• liament late holden at Westmin.
ster, the seventeenth Year of the
Reign of our Lord the King that

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of others born

temps en tout assentu nostre dit • now is, and was not at the same No. 1. Seignor le Roi veulliant qe totes • Time wholly assented; our Lord 25 Edward VIT. coutes & awers feussent oustez • the King, willing that all Doubts & la lei en ce cas declaree & mis and Ainbiguities should be put en certeio fist charger les Pre- away, and the Law in this case latz Countes Barons & autres declared and put in a Certainty, sages de son conseil assemblez hath charged the said Prelates, a ce parlement a faire delibera- • Earls, Barons, ard other wisc tion sur cel point Les queux · Men of his Council, assembled dun assent ount dit qu la lei de • in this Parliament, to deliberate 1 Corone d'Engleterre est & ad upon this Point; all which of este tooz jours viele qe les enfantz one Assent have said, That the The King's Childes Rois de d'Engleterre queu

Law of the Crown of England, able in England, part qils soient neez en Engle- is, and always hath been such, wheresoever they terre ou aillours sont ables & dei- that the Children of the Kings of be bosa. vent porter heritage apres la mort England, in whatsoever Parts lour auncestres la quele lei nostre they be born, in England or Seignur le Roi les diiz Prelatz • elsewhere, be able and ought to Counız Barons & autres grantz • bear the Inheritance after the & tote la Communalte assemblez • Death of their Ancestors, which el dit parlement approevent & • Law our said Lord the King, affermeat pur toutz jours. Et the said Prelates, Earls, Barons, en droit des autres enfanız neez ' and other great Men, and all the hors de la ligeance d'Engleterre • Commons assembled in this en temps nostre dit Seignur le • Parliament, do approve and afRoi si sont ils uniement acordez firm for ever. And in the Right

The Children qu Henri sitz Johan de Beau- of other Children born out of beyond the Sea mound Elizabeth fill Guy de the Ligeance of England in the 42 Ed. II c 10. Bryan & Giles fitz Rauf Daube- • Time of our Lord the King, they Denizon, Br. 14. kye & antres queux le Roi • be of one Mind accorded, that vorra nomer qu nasquirent par Henry Son of John de Beaudela hors de la ligeance d'Engle- mond, Elizabeth Daughter of terre soint desore ables davoir Guy de Bryan, and Giles Son & enjoier leur heritages apres ta • of Ralph Dawbeny, and other mort lour auncestres totepartz

' which the King will name, deinz la ligeance d'Engleterre si · which were born beyond the avani come ceux qi nasquirent • Sea, out of the Ligeance of Engdeioz meisme la ligeance. 'Et qe land, shall be from henceforth tour les enfantz heriters qi serront . able to have and enjoy their Inneez desore dehors la ligeance le

• heritance after the Death of their Roi des queux enfantz les piere · Ancestors, in all Parts within & miere au temps du nestre sont the Ligeance of England, as & serront a la soi & de la ligeance • well as those that should be da Roi d'Eogleterre eient & en- • born within the same Ligeance. joient meismes les benefice & • And that all Children Inheri. 1R . f. 4. afantage daver & porter heritage tors, which from henceforth

Dyer 294. shall be born without the Li. 4 Geo. II. c. 21. * géance of the King, whose Fa. • Thers and Mothers (1) at the • Time of their Birth be and shall • be at the Faith and Ligeance of • the King of England, shall

have and enjoy the same Bene'fils and Advantages, to have and

• bear the Inheritance within the (1) In Doe v. Jones, 4 T. R. 300, it was argued, that this Provision attached, if either of the Parents were natural born Subjects but ruled contra. As to Children of natural born Fathers; sce 4 G. II. c. 21, post No. 13; as to Grand Children, 13 Geo. III. c. 21, post No. 17.

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Co. Lit. 8.

No. 1. same Ligeance, as the other In- deinz la dite ligeance come 05 Edward (II. • heritors aforesaid in Time to autres heriters avantditz en tea Stat. %.

' come ; so always that the Mo- avenir Issiut totes foitz qe
• shers of such Children do pass mieres de lieux enfantz passe
• The Sea by the Licence and Wills la meer par conge & volunte
• of their Husbands. And if it be lour barons. Et si alleggee sa

• alledged against any such born contre nul tiel nee par dela Trial of Bastardis • beyond the Sea, that he is a

est bastard en cas ou Levesqe do him which is born • Bastard, in case where he ought avoir conissance de bastardie sc out of England. • to have Cognisance of Bastardy, maunde a Levesque du lieu a Rust 105.

• it shall be commanded to the la demande est de certifier
• Bishop of the Place where the Court le Roi ou le ple ent peod
• Demand is, lo certify the King's si come auncienement adesi
• Court where the plea thereof usee en cas de bastardie alegg
• bangeth, as of old Times hath contre ceux qi nasquirente
• been used in the Case of Bas- Engleterre.
• tardy alledged against them
· which were born in England.'

No. 2. 43 Edward III. c. 10.-Children born beyond Sea, it inheritable in England.

[See Note to the Title of this Class. ]

No. 3. Richard III. c. 9.-In what Sort Italian Merchants may sell Merchandises-Several Restraints of Aliens.

[See Note as in last Number.)

No, 4. 14 & 15 Henry VIII. c. 2.-What Apprentices Strangers, Artificers, shall take.

[See Note ut supra.]

No. 5. 21 Henry VIII. c. 16.–Touching Artificers, Strangers,

what they may do as concerning retaining Apprentices, Journeymen, &c.

[See Note ut supra.]

No. 6. 22 Henry VIII. c. 13.-For Bakers, Brewers, Surgeons, and Scriveners, not to be accounted Handicrafts.

[See Note ut supra.]

No. 7.
32 Henry VIII. c. 16.--Concerning Strangers.

[See Note at supra.]


No. 8. 7 Jac. I. c. 2.-An Act that all such as are to be natu

ralized, or restored in Blood, shall first receive the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper, and the Oath of Allegiance and the Oath of Supremacy. FORASMUCH as the Naturalizing of Strangers, and restoring to 7 Jac. I. c: 2. * Grace and Favour, which are not fit to be bestowed upon any others than such as are of the Religion now established in this Realm ;' Be it therefore enacted by the King's most excellent Majesty, the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and the Commons, in this present Parliament assembled, That no Person or Persons of what Quality, Condition, or Place soever, being of the Age of Eighteen Years above, shall be naturalized or restored in Blood, unless the said Person or Persons have received the Sacrament (1) of the Lord's Supper within One Month next before any Bill exhibited for that Purpose, and also shall take the Oath of Supremacy, and the Oath of Allegance, in the Parliament-House, before his or her Bill be Twice read: And for the better effecting of the Premises, Be it further thacted by the Authority aforesaid, That the Lord Chancellor of England, or Lord Keeper of the Great Seal for the l'ime being, if the Bill begin in the Upper House, and the Speaker of the Commons House of Parliament for the Time being, if the Bill begin there, shall have Authority at all times during the Session of Parliament, to minister such Oath and Oaths, and to such Person and Persons, as by the true Intent of this Statule is to be ministred. This Act to take place from and after the End of this present Session of Parliament.

(1) The Provision for taking the Sacrament was dispensed with, as to lews, by Statute 26 Geo. II. c. 26. This was the single Provision of the famous jew Bill, which excited so great a ferment as endangering the Religion of the Country, that the first Act of the following Session was a Sacrifice to popalar Clamour by its Repeal. The Alarm seems to have operated even upon the enlightened Mind of Sir Wm. Blackstone, who says, that it is not his Intention to revive the Controversy, for the Act lived only a few Months and was then repealed; therefore, Peace be now to its Manes.--1 Com. 375.


No. 9.
12 & 13 William III. c. 2.-An Act for the further

Limitation of the Crown, and better securing the
Rights and Liberties of the Subject.

(Among other Provisions in the Act of Settlement is the

following :) VAT after the said Limitation shall take Effect, as aforesaid, no 12 & 13 Wm. III.

c. %. $3. Ireland, or the Dominions thereunto belonging (although he be naturalized or made a Denizen, except such as are born of English Parents) shall be capable to be of the Privy Council

, or a Member of either House of Parliament, or to enjoy any Office or Place of Trust, either civil or military, or to have any Grant of Lands or Tenements, from the Crown, to himself or to any other or others in Trust

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for him.

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