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with it, and designed as auxiliaries to its princi.
pal purpose, has become entitled to the gratitude
of every friend to English literature, and to true
Dr. Miller's Retrospect of the Eighteenth


“ By Grammar you have been taught the na-
ture, power, and construction of the English lan-
guage ; and that, not in a superficial manner, but
by the most comprehensive system now extant, the
larger Grammar of Mr. Lindley Murray; in
which the delicacies, refinements, and peculiari-
ties of our languagė, are inculcated and exempli-
fied. The unwearied exertions of this.gentleman
have done more towards elucidating the obscuri.
ties, and embellishing the structure, of our lan-
guage, than any other writer on the subject.
Such a work has long been wanted; and, from
the success with which it is executed, cannot be
too highly appreciated.”
Dr. Abercrombie's Charges to the Senior

Class of the Philadelphia Academy-
published 1804 and 1806.

“ I NEED not acquaint the public, with the merit and success of Lindley Murray's Grammar ; which seems to have superseded every other. Indeed, when we consider the plain simple mode of instruction he has adopted; the extent of observation he has displayed ; and the copious variety of illustration he has added; we shall not wonder, that this Grammar has been so universally applauded.”

Walker's Outlines of English Grammar.





Containing corrections of the false Orthrography

arranged under the respective Rules.


Grammar, p. 37,

Exercises p. 30.

IT is no great merit to spell properly; but a great

defect to do it incorrectly. Jacob worshiped his Creator, leaning on the top of his staff

We may place too little, as well as too much, stress upon dreams.

Our manners should be neither gross, nor excessively refined.

* A regular explanation of the Exercises in parsing, would occupy a great portion of this volumie; and, after all, would be of little use to the learner: a Key to Part I. is therefore omitted. General directions, respecting the mode of Parsing, may be seen in the twelfth, or any subsequent edition of the Grammar, page 215. If they are carefully studied, they will enable the learner to parse all the exercises.


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