The Record ... Class of ..., Volume 1887

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Halaman 43 - Between the acting of a dreadful thing And the first motion, all the interim is Like a phantasma, or a hideous dream : The genius, and the mortal instruments, Are then in council; and the state of man, Like to a little kingdom, suffers then The nature of an insurrection.
Halaman 182 - MD, LL. D-, Professor of the Theory and Practice of Medicine and of Clinical Medicine, University of Pennsylvania.
Halaman 49 - ... wine-cup, and fondly I swore From my home and my weeping friends never to part ; My little ones kissed me a thousand times o'er, And my wife sobbed aloud in her fulness of heart. Stay, stay with us, — rest, thou art weary and worn...
Halaman 141 - He draweth out the thread of his verbosity finer than the staple of his argument.
Halaman 141 - Come, come ; good wine is a good familiar creature, if it be well used : exclaim no more against it.
Halaman 95 - Which I wish to remark, And my language is plain, That for ways that are dark And for tricks that are vain, The heathen Chinee is peculiar, Which the same I would rise to explain. Ah Sin was his name; And I shall not deny, In regard to the same, What that name might imply; But his smile it was pensive and childlike, As I frequent remarked to Bill Nye.
Halaman 143 - Made use and fair advantage of his days; His years but young, but his experience old ; His head unmellowed, but his judgment ripe ; And, in a word, (for far behind his worth Come all the praises that I now bestow,) He is complete in feature, and in mind, With all good grace to grace a gentleman. Duke. Beshrew me, sir, but, if he make this good, He is as worthy for an empress' love, As meet to be an emperor's counsellor.
Halaman 182 - CHARLES J. ESSIG, MD, DDS, Professor of Mechanical Dentistry and Metallurgy. EDWIN T. DARBY, MD, DDS, Professor of Operative Dentistry and Dental Histology. JAMES TRUMAN, DDS, Professor of Dental Pathology, Therapeutics, and Materia Medica.
Halaman 181 - ALFRED STILLE, MD, LL. D., Emeritus Professor of the Theory and Practice of Medicine and of Clinical Medicine.
Halaman 110 - The man that hath no music in his soul Is fit for treasons, stratagems and spoils.

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