Acts of the Legislature of the State of Michigan

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W.S. George, 1840

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Halaman 123 - ... be entitled to all the rights and privileges, and be subject to all the liabilities to which the original party to whom the policy issued was entitled and subjected under this act.
Halaman 13 - An act to appropriate the proceeds of the sales of the public lands and to grant pre-emption rights...
Halaman 20 - All fines recovered under the provisions of this act shall be paid into the county treasury of the county in which the suit is tried, by the person collecting the same in the manner now provided by law to be used for county purposes.
Halaman 51 - ... recorded in the office of the register of deeds for the county in which the land...
Halaman 75 - Treasury, in such form and of such denominations, not less than one dollar nor more than one thousand dollars, as he may prescribe, and a sum sufficient to carry into effect the provisions of this act is hereby appropriated out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated.
Halaman 74 - An act to establish the northern boundary line of the State of Ohio, and to provide for the admission of the State of Michigan into the Union upon the conditions therein expressed...
Halaman 50 - In every indictment for wilful and corrupt perjury it shall be sufficient to set forth the substance of the offence charged. upon the defendant, and by what court, or before whom, the oath was taken, (averring such court or person to have competent authority to administer the same...
Halaman 44 - An act to provide for the laying out and establishing certain state roads," approved April 18, 1839. 2. That Alfred L. Williams, Francis J. Prevost and Levi FromByron , to Owajso. Howe be, and they are hereby appointed commissioners to lay out and establish a state road, commencing at...
Halaman 107 - Be it enacted by tlie Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That...
Halaman 207 - ... and at the expiration of the term of insurance, the said note, or such part of the same as shall remain unpaid, after deducting all losses and expenses occurring during said term, shall be relinquished and given up to the maker thereof.

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