The Life of Samuel Johnson, D.D.: The First President of King's College, in New York. Containing Many Interesting Anecdotes; a General View of the State of Religion and Learning in Connecticut During the Former Part of the Last Century; and an Account of the Institution and Rise of Yale College, Connecticut; and of King's (now Columbia) College, New-York

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T. & J. Swords, 1805 - 208 halaman

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Halaman 54 - If you put this question to me," says Sir Robert, "as a minister, I must and can assure you, that the money shall most undoubtedly be paid as soon as suits with public convenience: but if you ask me as a friend, whether Dean Berkeley should continue in America, expecting the payment of 20,000/., I advise him by all means to return home to Europe, and to give up his present expectations.
Halaman 85 - He was a man of quick penetration, of extensive learning, and the soundest piety. And he had beyond any other man I ever knew, the talent of writing upon the deepest subjects to the plainest understanding.
Halaman 52 - He showed me a little tract which he designs to publish, and there your excellency will see his whole scheme of a life academico-philosophical...
Halaman 161 - ... the existence of which I am so far from questioning (as philosophers are used to do), that I establish it, I think, upon evident principles. Now, it seems very easy...
Halaman 161 - I had no inclination to trouble the -world with large volumes. What I have done was rather with a view of giving hints to thinking men, who have leisure and curiosity to go to the bottom of things, and pursue them in their own minds.
Halaman 52 - Indian scholars and missionaries, where he most exorbitantly proposeth a whole hundred pounds a year for himself, forty pounds for a fellow, and ten for a student.
Halaman 7 - Rector take special care, as of the moral behaviour of the Students at all times, so with industry to instruct and ground them well in Theoretical Divinity ; and to that end, shall neither by himself, nor by any other person whomsoever, allow them to be instructed and grounded in any other system, or synopsis, of Divinity, than such as the said Trustees do order and appoint...
Halaman 52 - He is an absolute philosopher with regard to money, titles, and power; and, for three years past, has been struck with a notion of founding a university at Bermudas, by a charter from the crown.
Halaman 164 - Newhaven hath had a very good effect in reconciling several to the church. I find also by a letter from Mr. Clap that learning continues to make notable advances in your College. This gives me great satisfaction.

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