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my soul be avenged on such a na- women shall bake your bread in one tion as this? A wonderful and horrible thing is committed in the land ; the prophets prophesy falsely, and

2. It resists the strongest obligation. the priests bear rule by their means; Isa. 1: 2. Hear, 0 heavens! and and my people love to have it so; give ear, O earth, for the Lord hath and what will ye do in the end spoken. I have nourished and thereof?

brought up children, and they have LUKE 16: 31. If they hear not rebelled against me. The ox knowMoses and the prophets; neither eth his owner, and the ass his maswould they be persuaded, though ter's crib; but Israel doth not know; one rose from the dead.

my people doth not consider. Lev. 26:14. But if ye will not heark- 5: 1. Now will I sing to my en unto me, and will not do all these well-beloved a song to my beloved commandments; and if ye shall de- touching his vineyard. My wellspise my statutes, or if your soul beloved hath a vineyard in a very ahhor my judgments, so that ye will fruitful hill: and he fenced it and not do all my cominandments; but gathered out the stones thereof, and that ye break my covenant: I also planted it with the choicest vine, will do this unto you ; I will even and built a tower in the midst of it, appoint over you terror, consump- and also made a wine-press therein: tion, and the burning ague, that and he looked that it should bring shall consume the eyes, and cause forth grapes, and it brought forth sorrow of heart: and ye shall sow wild grapes. And nows. O inhabityour seed in vain, for your enemies ants of Jerusalem, and men of Jushall eat it. And I will set my face dah, judge, I pray you, betwixt me against you, and ye shall be slain and my vineyard. What could have before your enemies: they that hate been done more to my vineyard, you shall reign over you ; and ye that I have not done to it? Whereshall flee when none pursueth you. fore, when I looked that it should And if ye will not yet for all this bring forth grapes, brought it forth hearken unto me, then I will punish wild grapes and now, go to ; I you seven times more for your sins. will tell you what I will do to my And I will break the pride of your vineyard : I will take away the power; and I will make your heaven hedge thereof, and it shall be eaten as iron, and your earth as brass : up; and break down the wall thereand your strength shall be spent in of, and it shall be trodden down: vain; for your land shall not yield and I will lay it waste: it shall not her increase, neither shall the trees be pruned, nor digged ; for the vineof the land yield their fruits. And yard of the LORD of hosts is the if ye walk contrary unto me, and house of Israel, and the men of Juwill not hearken unto me; I will dah his pleasant plant; and he lookbring seven times more plagues upon ed for judgment, but behold oppresyou according to your sins. I will sion; for righteousness, but behold also send wild beasts among you, a cry. Woe unto them that join which shall rob you of your child- house to house, that lay field to field, ren, and destroy your cattle, and till there be no place, that they may make

you few in number; and your be placed alone in the midst of the bigh ways shall be desolate. And if earth! ye will not be reformed by me by 49; 14. But Zion said, the LORD these things, but will walk contrary hath forsaken me, and 'my LORD unto me ; then will I also walk con- hath forgotten me. Can a woman trary unto you, and will punish you forget her sucking child, that she yet seven times for your sins. And should not have compassion on the I will bring a sword upon you, that son of her womb? yea, they may shall avenge the quarrel of my forget, yet will I not forget thee. covenant: and when ye are gathered Behold, I have graven thee upon the together within your cities, I will palms of my hands; thy walls are send the pestilence among you ; and continually before me. ye shall be delivered into the hand of the enemy.

And when I have T 54: 5. For thy Maker is thy husbroken the staff of your bread, ten band; the LORD of hosts is his name; and thy Redeemer the Holy One of the law of sin, which is in my memIsrael; the God of the whole earth bers. — 12. The law is holy; and shall be called. For the Lord hath the commandment holy and just and called thee as a woman forsaken good. - 14. For we know that the and grieved in spirit, and a wife of law is spiritual; but I am carnal, youth, when thou wast refused, saith sold under sin. For that which I thy God.

do, I allow not; for what I would, Jer. 3: 14. Turn, O backsliding that do I not; but what I hate, that children, saith the Lord; for I am do I. For I know that in me, that is married unto you: and I will take in my flesh, dwelleth no good thing. you one of a city, and two of a fam- John 15 : 22. If I had not come ily, and I will bring you to Zion : and spoken unto them they had not and I will give you pastors accord- had sin: but now have they no cloak ing to mine heart, which shall feed for their sin. He that hateth me you with knowledge and under- hateth my Father also. If I had standing.

not done among them the works 31: 3. The Lord hath appeared which no other man did, they had of old unto me, saying, Yea, I have not had sin. loved thee with an everlasting love: Ex. 8: 15. But when Pharaoh therefore with loving kindness have saw that there was respite, he harI drawn thee. Again I will build dened his heart, and hearkened not thee, and thou shalt be built, О vir- unto them; as the Lord had said. gin of Israel: thou shalt again be adorned with thy tabrets.

4. It is unremitting and impenitent. Rom. 5:8. God commendeth his love towards us, in that, while we Isa. 22: 12. And in that day did were yet sinners, Christ died for us. the Lord God of hosts call to weep

John 15: 13. Greater love hath ing, and to mourning, and to baldno man than this, that a man layness, and to girding with sackcloth: down his life for his friends.

and behold joy and gladness, slay1 Cor. 6: 19. Ye are not your own; | ing oxen, and killing sheep, eating for yeare bought with a price; there- | flesh, and drinking wine: let us eat fore glorify God, in your body and and drink ; for to-morrow we shall in your spirit, which are God's. die. And it was revealed in mine

2 Pet. 2:1. For there were false ears by the Lord of hosts, surely prophets also among the people, this iniquity shall not be purged even as there shall be false teachiers from you till ye die, saith the LORD among you.... denying the LORD God of hosts. that bought them, and bringing upon Jer, 8: 5. Why then is this peothemselves swift destruction.

ple of Jerusalem slidden back by a Acts 20:28. Feed the church of perpetual backsliding ? They hold God... which he hath purchased fast deceit, they refuse to return. I with his own blood.

hearkened and heard, but they spake

not aright: no man repented him of 3. It resists conviction.

his wickedness, saying, What have

I done ? Every one turned to his John 3: 18. He that believeth not course, as the horse rusheth into the is condemned already, because he battle. bath not believed in the name of Eccl. 8: 11. Because sentence the only begotten Son of God. And against an evil work is not executed this is the condemnation; that light speedily; therefore the hearts of has come into the world, and men the sons of men are fully set in them loved darkness rather than light, be- to do evil. cause their deeds are evil. For ev- Isa. 26: 10. Let favor be shown ery one that doeth evil hateth the to the wicked ; yet will he not learn light, neither cometh to the light, righteousness: in the land of unlest his deeds should be reproved. righteousness will he deal unjustly,

Rom. 7: 22. I delight in the law and will not behold the majesty of of God, after the inward man; but the LORD. I see another law in my members, Ps. 58: 3. The wicked are eswarring against the law of my inind, tranged from the womb; they go and bringing me into captivity to l astray as soon as they be born,

like the deara adderehat stoppera a Mart. 1969. The Chiet priesto

speaking lies. Their poison is like with words of hatred; and fought

poison of a serpent; they are against me without a cause. her ear: that will not hearken to and elders and all the council sought the voice of the charmer, charming false witness against Jesus, to put never so wisely.

him to death, but found none. Prov. 1: 24. I have called and ye LUKE 23: 14. I, having examined refused; I stretched out my hand him before you, have found no fault and no man regarded.

in this inan touching those things Ps. 50: 21. These things hast thou whereof ye accuse him, done, and I kept silence; thouMat. 27: 18. He knew that for thoughtest I was altogether such an envy they had delivered him. one as thyself; but I will reprove John 8: 46. Which of you conthee, and set them in order before vinceth me of sin? And if I say thine eyes. Now consider this, ye the truth, why do ye not believe that forget God.

me? LUKE 16: 15. Ye are they which Jer. 2: 5. What iniquity have justify yourselves before men; but your fathers found in me, that they God knoweth your hearts.

are gone far from me, and have Rom. 2: 5. After thy hard and im- walked after vanity? penitent heart thou treasurest up 2 Chron. 19: 7. There is no inwrath against the day of wrath. iquity with the Lord.

Mar. 11: 21. Woe unto thee Cho- DEUT. 32: 4. A God of truth withrazin! Woe unto the Bethsaida! out iniquity, just and right is he. for if the mighty works, which were

Ps. 19: 8. The statutes of the done in you had been done in 'Tyre LORD are right, rejoicing the heart; and Sidon, they would have re- the cornmandments of the LORD are pented long ago in sackcloth and pure, enlightening the eyes ; the ashes.

judgments of the Lord are true and Rev. 2: 21. I gave her space to righteous altogether. repent of her fornication, but she Deut. 10: 12. And now, Israel, repented not.

what doth the LORD thy God require Isa. 1:5. Why should ye be stricks of thee, but to fear the LORD thy en any more? Ye will revolt yet God, to walk in all his ways, and to more and more.

love him, and to serve the Lord thy Amos 4:6. I have given you clean- God, with all thy heart and with all ness of teeth in all your cities, and thy soul; to keep the commandwant of bread in all your places, yet ments of the Lord, and his statutes have ye not returned unto me...I which I command thee this day for have withholden the rain from you, thy good. yet, &c. .. I have smitten you with Acts 3: 14, Ye denied the Holy blasting and mildew ... I have sent One and the just : and desired a among you the pestilence... I have

a murderer to be released unto you; overthrown some of you as God and killed the Prince of life. overthrew Sodom and Gomorrah, Ps. 145: 17. The Lord is holy in and ye were as a firebrand plucked all his works. out of the fire; yet have ye not re

Job 34: 10. Far be it from God, turned unto me, saith the LORD. that he should do wickedness; and

from the Almighty, that he should 5. It is unfounded and unjust.

commit iniquity. 12. God will not

do wickedly..--- 23. He will not lay John 15:25, They hated me with- upon man more than right.

LAM, 3: 38. Out of the mouth of Ps. 35: 19. Let not them that are the Most High proceedeth not evil mine enemies wrongfully rejoice

and good. over' ine ; neither let them wink

MAT, 11: 30. My yoke is easy, with the eye that hate me without a and my burden light. cause, For they speak not peace; but they devise deceitful matters 6. It is in the highest degree ungrateful. against them that are quiet in the land.

Ps. 109; 4. For my love they are 109: 3. They compassed me about mine adversaries .... they have re

out a cause.

warded me evil for good, and hatred I Kings 18: 21. How long halt ye for my love.

between two opinions? If the LORD 35: 11. False witnesses did rise be God, follow him ; if Baal, follow up: they laid to my charge things him. that I knew not. They rewarded Prov. 1: 28. Then shall they call me evil for good.

upon me, but I will not answer ; John 10: 32. Jesus answered they shall seek me early, but shall them, Many good works have I not find me: for that they hated shown you from my Father: for knowledge, and did not choose the which of those works do yé stone me? | fear of the Lord.

JER. 2: 31. Have I been a wilder- John 5: 40. Ye will not come unto ness unto Israel?

me that ye might have life. Isa. 53: 4. He hath borne our Job 21:13. They spend their days griefs, and carried our sorrows... in wealth, and in a moment go down He was wounded for our transgres- to the grave; therefore they say unsions; he was bruised for our in- to God, Depart from us ; for we deiquities ; the chastisement of our sire not the knowledge of thy ways. peace was upon him, and with his Isa. 65: 12. Because when I callstripes are we healed. — 3. He was ed ye did not answer; when I spake despised and rejected of men. ye did not hear ; but did evil before

Rom. 2: 4. Despisest thou the mine eyes, and did choose that riches of God's goodness, and for- wherein I delighted not; therefore, bearance, and long-suffering, not thus saith the Lory, Behold my serknowing that the goodness of God vants shall eat, but ye shall be hunleadeth thee to repentance? gry, &c. (This quality is implied

LUKE 23; 34. Father, forgive them; in every representation of sinful acfor they know not what they do, tion, and human guilt.)

Deut, 32: 6. Do ye thus requite the LORD, O foolish people and unwise? Is he not thy Father that

8. It occasions total insensibility to the

claims of God. hath bought thee? Hath he not made thee, and established thee ? - 18. Of the Rock that begat thee, ened who were dead in trespasses

Eph. 2: 1. And you hath he quickthou art unmindful, and hast forgot- and sins, wherein in time past ye ten God that formed thee.

Zech. 9; 17. How great is his walked, according to the course of goodness! how great is his bounty !

this world ... the spirit that now Mal. 1: 2, I have loved you, saith worketh in the children of disobethe Lord. — 6. A son bonoreth his dience; among whom also we had father, and a servant his master: if

our conversation in times past, in then I' be a father, where is my hon- the lusts of our flesh, fulfilling the or; and if I be a master, where is desires of the flesh and of the mind. my fear, saith the Lord of hosts?

JOHN 3: 7. Ye must be born again.

1:12. As many as received him, 7. It is voluntary.

to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name ;

which were Deut. 30: 15. See, I have set be born, not of blood, nor of the will of fore thee this day life and good; the fesh, nor of the will of man,

but death and evil. - 19. I call heaven

of God. and earth to l'ecord this day against

Col. 2: 19. You, being dead in you; that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing :

your sins, and the uncircumcision of therefore choose life, that both thou your flesh, hath he quickened, to

gether with him, having forgiven and thy seed may live. 11: 26. Behold, I set before

all trespass.

Eph. 2: 4. God, who is rich in this day, a blessing and a curse ; a blessing if ye obey the voice of the mercy for his great love wherewith Lord your God,... and a curse if ye in trespasses and sins, hath quicken

he loved us, even when we were dead will not obey. Josh. 24. 15. Choose ye this day

ed us together with Christ. whom ye will serve. - 22. Ye have chosen you the LORD.

are not lawful for us to observe, 9. Produces misrepresentation, persecu- being Romans. tion and mobs.

17: 5. But the Jews which be1 Kings 18:17. And it came to

lieved not, moved with envy, took pass, when Ahab saw Elijah, that unto them certain lewd fellows of Ahab said unto him, Artothou he the baser sort, and gathered a comthat troubleth Israel? And he an- pany, and set all the city on an upswered, I have not troubled Israel : roar, and assaulted the house of Jabut thou, and thy father's house, in son, and sought to bring them out that ye have forsaken the command

to the people. ments of the Lord, and thou hast

19: 24. A certain man named Defollowed Baalim.

metrius, a silversmith, which made 19:1. And Ahab told Jezebel all silver shrines for Diana, brought that Elijah had done, and withal how no small gain unto the craftsmen ; he had slain all the prophets with whom he called together, with the the sword. · Then Jezebel sent a

workmen of like occupation, and messenger unto Elijah, saying, so said, Sirs, ye know that by this craft let the gods do to me, and more also, we have our wealth. Moreover ye if I make not thy life as the life of see and hear that not alone at Epheone of them by to-morrow about this sus, but almost throughout all Asia, time.

this Paul hath persuaded and turned 2 Kings 6: 31. Then he said, God away much people, saying, That do so and more also to me, if the they be no gods which are made with head of Elisha, the son of Shaphat, hands. So that not only this our shall stand on him this day.

craft is in danger to be set at naught, LUKE 7: 31. Whereunto shall I but also that the temple of the great liken the men of this generation ? goddess Diana should be despised, and to what are they like? They and her magnificence should be deare like unto children sitting in the stroyed ... and the whole city was market place, and calling one to filled with confusion. — 32. Some, another, and saying ; we have piped therefore, cried one thing and some unto you, and ye have not danced'; we another ; for the assembly was conhave mourned to you and ye have fused ; and the more part knew not not wept. For John the Baptist wherefore they were come together. eame neither eating bread nor drink- ... All therefore, for about the space ing wine, and ye say he hath a devil. of two hours, cried out, Great is DiThe Son of man is come eating and ana of the Ephesians. drinking; and ye say, behold a gluttonous man and a wine bibber ; a friend of publicans and sinners. MAT.12: 24. This fellow doth not

§ 4. DISPOSITION TOWARDS MEN. cast out devils but by Beelzebub the prince of the devils.

(Thou shalt love thy neighbor as 27: 19. He knew that for envy

thyself.) they had delivered him. – 20. The chief priests and elders persuaded | I. Suprenie selfishness seen in the transthe multitude, that they should ask

actions of life. Barabbas and destroy Jesus. LUKE 23: 2. They began to ac

Prov. 20:10. Divers weights and cuse him, saying, We found this fel- divers measures, both of them alike low perverting the nation, and for- are an abomination unto the Lord. bidding to give tribute to Cæsar, say- 14. It is naught, it is naught saith ing, That he himself is Christ a king. the buyer. But when he is gone his

way, then he boasteth. T-Acts 16:19. When her masters Ps. 94: 5. They break in pieces saw that the hope of their gains was thy people, and afflict thy heritage. gone, they caught Paul and Silas, They slay the widow and the stranand drew them into the market-place ger, and murder the fatherless. Yet unto the rulers, and brought them to they say, The Lord shall not see... the magistrates, saying, 'T'hese men, They gather themselves together being Jews, do exceedingly trouble against the soul of the righteous, and our city; and teach customs which condemn the innocent blood.

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