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see any more of this interesting and unfortunate young man during my stay at Dover. Highly wrought and generous enthusiasm acting upon an unbroken will, had caused him to view his errors in such strong light, and enacted the penance he so austerely performed, contrary to the wishes of the affectionate woman he had neglected and injured. A few months back I received a letter from his steward, informing me that his master had been found seated on the steps of the Millbank Penitentiary, cold and dead, a victim to remorse and the severities of his self-inflicted expiation.

My recital being ended, the eyes of my auditors confessed the interest they had felt for Raymond and poor Mary; but as a punishment for having clouded their former happiness, they enjoined me to tell another story of a more pleasant cast. The evening being far advanced, and my pleading old age and exhaustion, they kindly suffered me to defer it until our next meeting al fresco; which indulgence I trust my gentle readers will also grant, nor refuse, at some future period, to participate in some further tales told under leafy boughs by an








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