The Boston Medical and Surgical Journal, Volume 100

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Cupples, Upham & Company, 1879
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Halaman 67 - Agriculture, the general designs and duties of which shall be to acquire and diffuse among the people of the United States useful information on subjects connected with agriculture in the most general and comprehensive sense of that word, and to procure, propagate, and distribute among the people new and valuable seeds and plants.
Halaman 280 - INDEX MEDICUS.— A Monthly Classified Record of the Current Medical Literature of the World.
Halaman 412 - Act, shall be ten dollars per diem each, and reasonable expenses, and of one medical officer of the Army, one medical officer of the Navy, one medical officer of the Marine Hospital Service, -and one officer from the Department of Justice, to be detailed by the Secretaries of the several Departments, and the Attorney-General, respectively, and the officers so detailed shall receive no compensation.
Halaman 528 - It shall be the duty of every member of the Association, who proposes to present a paper or report to any one of the Sections, to either forward the paper, or a title indicative of its contents and its length, to the Chairman of the Committee of Arrangements at least one month before the annual meeting at which the paper or report is to be read.
Halaman 6 - The New England Journal of Medicine and Surgery and the Collateral Branches of Science.
Halaman 140 - An Atlas of Human Anatomy : illustrating most of the ordinary Dissections ; and many not usually practised by the Student. By RICKMAN J.
Halaman 660 - ... albuminuria is more often and more largely present, though in both conditions some albumen in the urine is more frequently present than absent. The most marked division indicated by the facts before the committee is that between membranous and non-membranous laryngitis.
Halaman 99 - ... ligature round the mouth of an ordinary tumbler, so as to leave a cup-shaped depression of flannel within the tumbler to about half its depth. In the flannel cup so constructed pieces of ice may be preserved many hours, all the longer if a piece of flannel from four to five inches square be used as a loose cover to the ice-cup.
Halaman 488 - A Treatise on the Diseases of Infancy and Childhood. By J. LEWIS SMITH, MD, Clinical Professor of Diseases of Children in the Bellevue Hospital Medical College, New York.
Halaman 412 - States, or at foreign ports, as they may deem best, to aid in the execution of this act and the promotion of its objects. SEC. 2. The duties of the National Board of Health shall be to obtain information upon all matters affecting the public health, to advise the several departments of the government, the executives of the several States, and the Commissioners of the District of Columbia, on all questions submitted by them, or whenever in the opinioa of the board such advice may tend to the preservation...

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