Gambar halaman

Tobacco, and all preparations thereof, Coals, free. free.

Iron, free. Tea, free.

Grain and pulse of all sorts, 2 annas Coffee, free.

the Indian maand. Raw silk and silk chussum, free. Saltpetre, 2 rupees the Indian maund. Cotton wool, free.

Indigo, 3 rupees the Indian maund. Wool, free.

Lac dye and shellac, 4 per cent. ad val. Flax, free,

All country articles not. enumerated or Hemp, free.

named above, 3 per cent. ad valorem.


Deputy Secretary to the Government of India, Home Department.


MAY 22, 1862. I have the honor to inform you that, by an order of his excellency the governor general in council, it has been decided that the term “piece goods, tained in the tariff act of April 23, 1862, copies of which I transmitted to you in my despatch No. 12, of 1862, applies to all goods which are imported in lengths or pieces, of whatever material composed, and not restricted to manufactures of cotton, as heretofore.

Comparative statement showing the exports from Bombay for the years 1859, 1860, 1861, and 1862.


Buffalo hides.

Cow hides.

Goat skins.

Sbeep skins.




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Bales. Bales


Bage. Bales. Cuts.

2, 291

Bags. Bags 914

224 901


1, 168


Bags, 1,000 P.

526 B.

Bags. Frailes.


40, 070 467

167, 005 1, 427

401 48, 557 1, 427 401 48, 557 750

59, 705





3,871 1,035 1,035







10, 200

3, 740 25, 940
1, 820

27, 150 60, 500 1,820 27, 150 60, 500

74 53 53


1, 191 1, 191

12 12


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Total for 1859
Total for 1860........................
Total for 1861
January 1 to December 12, 1891.
January 1 to December 12, 1862.


Total for 1859..............................
Total for 1860...........
Total for 1861
January 1 to December 1, 1861...........
January 1 to December 1, 1862.................


492, 393
958, 064
889, 498
873, 252

1,065, 291
1,065, 456

923, 942 830, 049 528, 105

347, 808
123, 819
102, 120
49, 718

Cuts. Bales.
623, 808 82,794
344, 171 55, 075
171, 724 51, 686
174, 258 47, 296
147, 430 52,977



15, 894
2, 451
3, 466

Cuts. Crots.
25, 545 42, 545
37, 357 15,488
38, 770 7, 235
37, 135 5, 136

237 33, 885

Crots. Cuts. Cuts. 4, 192 14, 131 22, 991 3, 630

80, 323
3,784 23, 734 | 31, 491
3,399 22, 605 50, 162
3, 158 15,901 | 41, 454

4, 281
9, 348
9, 284
13, 984

72, 661
40, 887
41, 446
30, 728

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Comparative statement showing the total imports of American goods into Bom.

bay for the years 1859, 1860, 1861, and 1862.

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Comparative statement showing the total imports, fc.-Continued.

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DECEMBER 31, 1861. Summary statement showing the value of imports at the port of Barbadoes from

the United States during each of the quarters of the year ended September 30, 1861, together with the number of arrivals of American vessels and their tonnage.

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Statement showing the value of the exports from Barbadoes to the United States

during each of the quarters of the year ended September 30, 1861. Quarter ended December 31, 1860...

$56, 541 Quarter ended March 31, 1861...

190, 635 Quarter ended June 30, 1861..

36, 030 Quarter ended September 30, 1861.

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39, 100


322, 306

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November 28, 1862. In accordance with instructions to me in your circular No. 17, dated July 31, 1862, I have transmitted to his excellency the governor a copy of the 22d section of the act of Congress entitled “ An act increasing temporarily the duties on imports, and for other purposes ;" also a copy of the regulations of the Secretary of the Treasury relative thereto, and have this day obtained his reply from the colonial secretary of the island, a copy of which I purpose transmitting herewith. I also enclose a copy of the last trade act of the island, and a prices current and shipping list of the 28th instant.

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Barbadoes, November 28, 1862. Sir: I am directed by the governor to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of the 24th instant, stating that you had been instructed by the government of the United States to communicate to his excellency a copy of the 22d section of an act of Congress “increasing temporarily the duties on imports, and for other purposes," and also a copy of the regulations of the Secretary of the United States Treasury, with reference thereto, and to ascertain from him “if the privilege of purchasing supplies from the public warehouses,” duty free, "is now or will be extended to the vessels-of-war of the United States in this port.”

In reply to your inquiry, I am commanded to acquaint you that, under ordinary circumstances, the commanders or pursers of United States vessels-of-war are at liberty, equally with all other persons, to purchase goods from the bonding warehouses, but that his excellency has not the power to accord to any persons whatever privileges undefined by the act regulating the trade of the island. I have the honor to be, sir, your obedient servant,


Colonial Secretary. EDWARD TROWBRIDGE, Esq.,

Consul for the United States of America.


AN ACT to amend and continue the acts relating to the trade of this island. (23d March,


Whereas the act of this island of the 23d of July, 1852, entitled “ An act to regulate the trade of this island," and the other acts subsequently passed for amending same, will expire on the 31st of March, in the present year; and whereas it is deemed expedient to amend and continue said acts as herein provided : Be it therefore enacted by the governor, council, and assembly of this island, and by the authority of the same, as follows:

1. By the 2d clause of said act of the 230 July, 1852, it is provided that the master of every vessel arriving at this island shall come directly to the customhouse and make such report as is therein required. Instead, however, of such master being required to repair directly at the custom-house and make such report, it shall be lawful for him to do so within 24 hours after the arrival of his vessel; but should he omit to do so within the said 24 hours, he shall incur a penalty not exceeding £10, to be recovered on the complaint of the comptroller, as in the case of servants’ wages, before a police magistrate of the city of Bridgetown, and paid into the public treasury for the uses of the island.

II. By the 7th clause of said act importers of goods are allowed 20 days after the arrival of the importing vessel to make due entry inwards of such goods, and landing the same. It is expedient to shorten the time thus allowed to importers of goods. Therefore such importers shall, instead of 20, have only 3 days, after the entry of the vessel importing such goods, to comply with the requirements of the said 7th clause of said act.

III. By the 16th clause of said act importers of goods warehousing the same are required to give bond, with two sufficient sureties, for the due warehousing of such goods and the disposal thereof, and it is expedient to amend said clause; therefore, so much of said clause as relates to mere warehousing of goods in respect of two sufficient sureties being required to join the importer in bond, shall be repealed, and it shall be lawful to take the bond of the importer alone in reference to the mere warehousing of the goods, but not further or otherwise.

IV. Instead of a separate bond to be given, as provided in the 22d clause of said act, for every particular lot of goods exported from the warehouse, the owner of such goods may, at the time of warehousing the same, or at any time thereafter, give a general bond to cover all exportations of the goods so warehoused, with two sufficient securities, conditioned as provided in said 22d clause.

V. The 19th clause of said act is hereby repealed, and the following substituted in lieu thereof: “No goods shall be warehoused unless the duties thereon amount to twenty shillings, nor shall any goods be taken out of the warehouse for home consumption unless the duties thereon amount to ten shillings, nor for exportation unless the duties thereon would, iť entered for home consumption, have amounted to ten shillings: Provided, always, That the foregoing restrictions shall not apply to remainders of warehoused goods. And it shall be lawful for the comptroller, under such regulations as he shall see fit, to permit moderate samples to be taken of any goods so warehoused, without entry and without payment of duty, except as the same shall eventually become payable, as on a deficiency of the original quantity; but bricks, tiles, slates, lumber, shingles, staves, wood hoops, and dried or salted fish, shall not be warehoused.

VI. The 24th clause of said act, allowing the drawback of duties on the exportation of wine, is hereby repealed.

VII. Any officer of the customs employed out of the regular office hours in discharging goods imported in mail steamers shall on every occasion be allowed and paid, in addition to his salary, the sum of £1 for such service: Prorided, That when such mail steamer arrive after 6 o'clock in the evening, and the officer has to perform the duty of discharging at night, he shall receive the further sum of £1 in addition for each night's service : And provided, also, That when the officer is out at night in expectation of an overdue steamer he shall receive such latter sum for each night on which he is so out on duty, whether the said steamer arrive or not, which allowances shall be included in the incidental expenses of the department.

VIII. All vessels in which is imported coal for the use of steam vessels-ofwar belonging to any foreign government shall be free and exempt from all tonnage and other fees : Provided, That such vessels import no other cargo whatever, nor take on board any goods or merchandise, and that proof be given to the comptroller of the customs that the coals so imported are solely for the use of such steam vessels, and that they are to be deposited in a depot to be appropriated exclusively for that purpose: Provided, That it shall be lawful for the governor in council, on any occasion when it shall seem fit to them, to suspend the operation of this clause.

IX. The act of the 26th of March, 1856, entitled “An act to continue and amend the acts to regulate the trade of this island” is hereby repealed.

X. The table of duties of customs inwards, and the table of exemptions annexed to said act of the 23d of July, 1852, are hereby repealed; and the following table of duties of customs inwards, and the table of exemptions to this act annexed, are hereby substituted for same, and shall be taken as forming part of said act.

XI. Said act of the 23d of July, 1852, and the act of the 2d of March, 1853, entitled "An act to amend the act regulating the trade of this island," together

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