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The School of Mines, at Butte. 1
The Agricultural College of the State of Montana, at Eoze-

The State Normal School, at Dillon. 3
The Montana Deaf and Dumb Asylum, at Boulder. 4

State Superintendent of Public Instruction. The State Superintendent of Public Instruction is secretary and the executive officer of the State Board of Education.

He is required to gather and preserve literature of all kinds pertaining to educational subjects, and to turn the same over to his successor, with the reports, statements, records and archives of his office.

In his duty of general supervision of the public schools of the state is included :

The furnishing of all printed matter to school officers in the state of the nature of registers, records, statements, notices and blanks for returns required of them, lists of books and rules for school libraries, etc.

The preparation of questions and making of rules for examination of applicants for teachers' county certificates.

The prescribing of rules and regulations for the holding of teachers' institutes.

The advising of county superintendents, deciding appeals from their decisions and general oversight of the enforcement of the school laws of the state.

The printing of the school laws at least once in four years, and furnishing them to school officers in the state.

The assisting in teachers' institutes, and in other ways laboring to stimulate interest in public education.

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The submitting of a report covering all the educational interests of the state to the Governor on or before the first day of December preceding the bi-ennial session of the Legislative Assembly.

The apportioning of the state school fund annually among the several counties of the state, in proportion to the number of children of school age. 1

County Superintendent of Schools.-In each organized county of the state a County Superintendent is elected for a term of two years.

He must be a citizen of the United States, a resident of the county in which he is chosen for at least one year preceding his election, hold a certificate of the highest county grade and have had twelve months successful experience in teaching in the public schools of the state. He shall also take the oath or affirmation of office, and give an official bond in the sum of $10,000, subject to the approval of the Commissioners of his county.

In his duty of supervision he must visit every school in his county at least once and direct the teacher in regard to school matters, and see that the school laws and directions of the State Superintendent are fully carried out. He decides all matters in controversy under the school law, which arise in his county or are appealed to him, apportions all school moneys among the various school districts. He presides over all teachers' institutes held in his county, and selects persons to instruct therein from the list of teachers commissioned by the State Board of Education. He grants certificates of the 1st, 2d, and 3d grades in accordance with rules pre

a year, advise

Political Code, 31,700, et seg.

scribed by the State Superintendent, and reports annually to the State Superintendent concerning educational matters in his county. 1

City Superintendent of Schools.-In any district of more than 5,000 inhabitants, a City Superintendent of schools may be chosen. He must hold a state certificate of the highest grade, or be a graduate of some reputable college or normal school, and have taught in the public schools at least five years.

His duties, salary and tenure of office are be prescribed by the trustees of the school district. ?

School District. The unit of the school system of Montana is the school district. This is a division of the county, and its boundaries are determined in accordance with public sentiment. For the purpose of forming a new district, a petition signed by the parents or guardians of at least ten school census children must be presented to the County Superintendent. This petition must describe the boundaries, and give the names of all children of school age in the proposed new district. The County Superintendent must then fix a date for hearing the petition, and give notice thereof at least ten days before the date. On the day fixed he shall proceed to hear the petition, and, if he deem it advisable, shall make an order establishing the district. From this order an appeal may be taken by any three resident taxpayers of the new district within thirty days. This appeal must be to the County Commissioners, and their decision is final.

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But no school district can be created between the first day of March and the first day of September.

In changing boundaries of districts and consolidating districts a practically similar process is followed.

Every district must maintain a school, free to all children of school age in the district, for at least three months in every year.

All the teachers employed in the schools of the district must hold legal certificates of fitness for the occupation of teaching in full force and effect. The text books used must be such as are prescribed by the Legislative Assembly. 1

School Trustees.—The schools in each district are managed by a board of School Trustees. In districts of less than 500 inhabitants there are three Trustees; in districts of between 500 and 1,000 inhabitants, five Trustees; and in districts of over 1,000 inhabitants, seven Trustees. The term of office is three


but the terms are so arranged that one-third of the board is changed every year.

School Election. The Trustees are chosen at the regular school election held on the first Saturday in April of each year.

Vacancies occurring during the year are filled by appointment for the unexpired part

year by the County Superintendent of Schools. All arrangements respecting the school elections are made by the Trustees. The Judges are chosen from

of the

'Political Code, $1,750, et seq.

their number. The votes are canvassed and certificates of election issued to the successful candidates by them.

The Trustees have full control of the school property and school interests of the district subject to the laws of the state and may adopt any rules for their own guidance or for the government of the schools under their supervision not inconsistent with law or the rules prescribed by the State Superintendent of Public Instruction. They engage and pay all the employes of the school district, and disburse all the school money, but receive no compensation for their services. They report to the County Superintendent on or before the first day of October in each year and whenever so instructed report directly to the Superintendent of Public Instruction. 1

Institutes. — The County Superintendent, in any county containing five or more school districts, is required to hold a teachers' institute each year.

2 In counties of less than five districts he may hold such an institute with the permission of the Superintendent of Public Instruction. Two or more counties may unite in holding a joint institute.

An institute must continue at least five, but not more than ten days. All teachers employed in the public schools must attend such institutes as are held in the county.

Certificates. On the third Fridays in February,


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