Annual Report of the Town Officers ... and the Town Records

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Halaman 339 - ... to take account from time to time of all parents and masters and of their children, concerning their calling and employment of their children, especially of their ability to read and understand the principles of religion and the capital laws of this country...
Halaman 5 - Hereof fail not, and make due return of this warrant with your doings thereon to the Town Clerk, at the time and place of meeting as aforesaid.
Halaman 340 - The universal education of youth is essential to the well-being of the state. 2. The obligation to furnish this education rests primarily upon the parent. 3. The state has a right to enforce this obligation. 4. The state may fix a standard which shall determine the kind of education, and the minimum amount.
Halaman 61 - Greeting: In the name of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, you are hereby required, forthwith, to warn the inhabitants of ward No.
Halaman 151 - ... no laborer, workman, or mechanic in the employ of the contractor, subcontractor, or other person doing or contracting to do the whole or part of the work contemplated by the contract, shall be permitted or required to work more than eight hours in any one calendar day except in cases of extraordinary emergency caused by fire, flood, or danger to life or property.
Halaman 260 - SECTION 1. Should any midwife or nurse having charge of an infant in this State, notice that one or both eyes of such infant are inflamed or reddened, at any time within two weeks after its birth, it shall be the duty of such midwife or nurse...
Halaman 340 - Educate the people" was the first admonition addressed by Penn to the colony which he founded. "Educate the people" was the legacy of Washington to the nation which he had saved.
Halaman 260 - ... to the board of health of the city or town in which the parents of the infant reside, the fact that such inflammation, swelling and redness of the eyes and unnatural discharge exist.
Halaman 261 - ... public health, he shall immediately give notice thereof in writing, over his own signature, to the selectmen or board of health of the town ; and if he refuses or neglects to give such notice he shall forfeit for each offence not less than fifty nor more than two hundred dollars.
Halaman 376 - Ah ! it was good for us to be there. For, unknown to us, were made therein three tabernacles ; one for us, and one for our schoolmaster, and one for Him that is the Friend of all children, and the Master of all schoolmasters.

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