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the Elastic Power of the Air being augmented, produces


Sec. XXXIII. The Seventh Experiment ; the Dimi-

nution or Weakening of the Air will produce the
Same Effect.

Sect. XXXIV. The Eighth Experiment, of producing

Wind by Cold.

Seat. XXXV. The Ninth Experiment ; of Wind pro-

duced by Warmth.

Sea. XXXVI. The Tenth Experiment; Wind pro-

duced by the Suspension or Cellation of Warmth.

Sec. XXXVII. The Eleventh Experiment ; Wind

produced by the Motion of the Air upwards.

Sed. XXXVIII. Convictions from what has been re-

presented about the Air in general.

Se&. XXXIX. Convictions from the Meteors in par-


Sect. I. Without Water every Thing would die with


Se&. II. Convictions from thence.
Sect. III. Without Water ever living Creature would

likewise die of Hunger.
Sect. IV. Experiments proving that Plants consist for

the most part of nothing but Water.
Se&. V. It is not here consider'd, whether Water be a

fimple or compound Body.

Se&. VI. Convictions from the foregoing Observations.

Se&. VII. An Experiment to shew that Water is

chang'd into Earth.

Sect. VIII. Other Experiments proving the same.

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