Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures Should be Reviewed and Revised: Report

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The Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures describe the federal government's position on how tests should be used in making employment decisions which are consistent with federal equal employment opportunity (EEO) laws. This review was made because GAO believes that the guidelines: (1) are important to EEO enforcement; and (2) have been publicly criticized by some of their users. The objective of the review was to determine whether those responsible for administering the guidelines and those who used them were experiencing any problems in their application. In the opinion of GAO, the importance of the guidelines to EEO enforcement is not at issue. On the basis of the preponderance of views and experience expressed to GAO, it believes that the guidelines can have a major role in ensuring compliance with the spirit and intent of federal EEO laws. While revisions to the guidelines' technical provisions could be postponed until after the new American Psychological Association (APA) standards are published, beginning the review now could prevent unnecessary delay between issuance of those standards and any revisions.

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Halaman 3 - Council shall have the responsibility for developing and implementing agreements, policies and practices designed to maximize effort, promote efficiency, and eliminate conflict, competition, duplication and inconsistency among the operations, functions and jurisdictions of the various departments, agencies and branches of the Federal Government responsible for the implementation and enforcement of equal employment opportunity legislation, orders, and policies.
Halaman 1 - These guidelines apply to tests and other selection procedures which are used as a basis for any employment decision. Employment decisions include but are not limited to hiring, promotion, demotion, membership (for example, in a labor organization), referral, retention, and licensing and certification, to the extent that licensing and certification may be covered by Federal equal employment opportunity law.
Halaman 8 - ... other tests or selection devices, without a similarly undesirable racial effect, would also serve the employer's legitimate interest in "efficient and trusi worthy workmanship." Id., at 801. Such a showing would be evidence that the employer was using its tests merely as a "pretext
Halaman 9 - Be practical in character and as far as possible relate to matters that fairly test the relative capacity and fitness of candidates for the jobs to be...
Halaman 2 - ... practice for an employer to give and to act upon the results of any professionally developed ability test provided that such test, its administration or action upon the result* is not designed, intended or used to discriminate because of race, color, religion, sex or national origin.
Halaman 3 - TASKFORCE. — The Attorney General, jointly with the Chairman of the Commission on Civil Rights and the Chairman of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, shall establish a taskforce to review each report of the Comptroller General transmitted under subsection (j)(l).
Halaman 15 - Commission shall, where feasible (a) develop uniform standards, guidelines, and policies defining the nature of employment discrimination on the ground of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age or handicap under all Federal statutes, Executive orders, regulations, and policies which require equal employment opportunity; * (b) develop uniform standards and procedures for investigations and compliance reviews to be conducted by Federal...
Halaman 32 - The Honorable Charles A. Bowsher Comptroller General of the United States General Accounting Office Washington, DC 20548 Dear Mr. Bowsher...
Halaman 19 - American Psychological Association, Division of Industrial-Organizational Psychology. Principles for the validation and use of personnel selection procedures (Second Edition).
Halaman 7 - The precise definition of the term "applicant" depends upon the user's recruitment and selection procedures. The concept of an applicant is that of a person who has indicated an interest in being considered for hiring, promotion, or other employment opportunities. This interest might be expressed by completing an application form, or might be expressed orally, depending upon the employer's practice. The term "candidate...

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