Ottawa--making a Capital

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Jeff Keshen, Nicole St-Onge
University of Ottawa Press, 2001 - 502 halaman

Twenty-four never-before published essays on the history of Ottawa, nineteen of which are in English (five in French), brings together professional historians, archaeologists, archivists and leading popular historians whose work reveals the rich tapestry of the city. Pre-contact society, French-Canadian voyageurs, the early civil service, the first labour organisers and Jewish peddlers are among the many fascinating characters covered. Readers will also learn about the origins of local street names, the Great Fire of 1900, Ottawa's multicultural past, the demise of its streetcar system, Ottawa's transformation during the Second World War and the significance of federal government architecture. Construire une capitale - Ottawa - Making a Capital is an indispensable collection for those interested in local history and the history of the Canada's capital.


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Les racines de la communautéRoots of the Community
Ottawa EmergentLessor dOttawa
La population dOttawaThe Peopling of Ottawa
The Modernizing CityLa ville se modernise
La capitale en vitrineA Capital on Display
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Halaman 8 - Donald H. Akenson, The Irish in Ontario: A Study in Rural History (Montreal and Kingston: McGill-Queen's University Press, 1984).

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Jeff Keshen is a professor in the Department of History at the University of Ottawa.

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